Yup, that’s what the media and Democrats are doing to the American public. They have told so many lies about Donald Trump and his administration since his election, they don’t know how to report the truth.

They so want to destroy the Trump Presidency, they will tell any story even if it is an outright lie if they can stretch it into making Trump or anyone in his administration look bad.  

The media never reports a Covid19 figure without prefacing it first with exaggerated death toll figures and I have never seen the report about the 99% of the virus victims who have survived. Their plan obviously is to usescare-mongering to intimidate and terrorize the elderly into believing that they are going to die and have, since day one, been trying to get Americans to believe those initial ridiculous estimates that 81% of Americans will contract Covid19 and that 2.2 million people are destined to die!

The media has joined with the Democrats, to grab power by telling us how to run our lives because they know far better than us, how we should live. They have even stolen about a trillion dollars from the taxpayers to handout to their cronies and left-wing pork-barrel projects under the pretense the money would be going to individuals and small businesses trying to survive this bogus mandated economic crisis they themselves created.

Those on the left are proud that have us sitting-up and rolling over like puppy dogs, obeying everything they tell us even if it violated our individual rights under the U.S. Constitution . . . stay at home, don’t go to school, don’t go to work, cancel all the sports seasons.

And a dozen other rules which people follow though nobody can prove what they are telling us to do even works.   The BS these people have spread have so frightened the citizens of our country, people are frozen in place with no ability to act, or to even understand the facts that are being spread about Covid19, like a truckload of steer manure. Most of the “information” you hear and see in the media is being bandied like pure unadulterated steer manure! It is time we discuss the “pandemic” situation like adults and tell the politicians “enough is enough”!

I was on a talk show a week ago and it featured a panel of local politicos. I guess I was asked to sit-in because I have a medical research background, and not afraid to express my opinions. I do not profess to be an expert in infectious diseases, as my expertise is in the area of pediatric cancers, mainly in biological response modifiers (BRM’s), which are substances that modify immune responses.

BRM’s can be produced either (endogenous) naturally within the body or (exogenous) by the pharmaceutical companies as drugs, and be used by healthcare providers to either enhance or suppress an immune response to specific illnesses. I understand cancer however, and the steps we take in medical research are pretty much standard when looking to finding cures and treatments for the diseases we face every day.

Although I am retired these days, when I first heard about Covid19, the Wuhan Virus (so call me a racist, and yes, I love to eat Chinese food!), my first thoughts,  like many of my cohorts from my days in cancer, asked a simple question about those who had contracted the disease . . .  how many had survived, not just how many have died.

Several of the experts I knew in the field (before it was declared a “pandemic” by the World Health Organization), though it was strange that nobody cared about the survival number, only those who were thought to have died. My next questions were focused on whether or not the deaths were presumed to be Covid19 related, or were the deaths certified by autopsy or through an antibody test of the deceased.  I could never get a straight answer to those questions. The figures were never openly reported, so I asked, “why not”.

The bothersome point of all the figures floating around, the media seems fixated on only those who have been presumed to have died as a result of Covid19 with no reference to possible comorbidity from other factors such as diabetes, cardiac problems, cancer, COPD, a long history of nicotine use, or being overweight and other such trivial issues. I believe the media thinks we are all stupid and that just because they tell us something it doesn’t make it the truth. I don’t see many of them with “Dr.” in front of their names.

I also believe by now most of us with a brain understands the media’s goal is to make the pandemic far worse than it is, so they can taint President Trump. Just listening to the Press briefing questions from the reporters, makes me want to wrap my head in duct tape so when it explodes I don’t get brain matter all over our new carpet. Are there no serious press corps members anymore?

I found it interesting as well, how the various nations around the globe responded to the pandemic in their own manner; each with varying degrees of success. While the media chose to grab headlines with the projections of massive numbers of deaths made by talking heads, the estimates have been proven to be exaggerated on many levels, and even the governors like Cuomo ordered tens of thousands of ventilators, hospital equipment, portable hospitals, even the USNS Comfort Hospital Ship (with the USDNS Mercy on standby) all of which were never needed. Talk about hitting the panic button! Democrat governance at its best!

It seems the media have a vested interest in making the situation far worse than many healthcare professionals believed it really is. For example, early estimates pegged the potential number of deaths would exceed more than 2.2 million Americans. According to Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN)  magazine, COVID-19 was predicted to infect 81% of the U.S. population and cause 2.2 million deaths in the U.S. alone.

A point that I feel I am compelled to make is the panic that has been raised in my own state of North Carolina, neatly laid at the front porch of our governor, Roy Cooper, another Democrat governor who gobbled it up. Through the incessant barrage by the news media, which wails day and night that we are all gonna die because of Covi19, each person actually believes he/she will be the next one to kick the bucket.

Here are our state numbers to throw cold water on the fear that has gripped Carolinians:

  • The number of cases reported 10,509. Number believed to have died 387. Not all those who have died had autopsies or antibody tests done to actually determine the true number who have died by the virus. Looking at other causes of death in North Carolina, cancer killed about 3200, ischemic heart disease about 3100, regular flu about 340, drug overdoses 420, respiratory disease about 920 over the same period. Is it any wonder I am skeptical over the media-inspired panic that has set it? For the case of Covid19, we have a government that has instituted policies that are destroying our businesses and our economy.
  • Based on the total population of North Carolina (10,490,000), that would mean that .0000036% (387 people) have died because of Covid19 and that that .001% of the population (10,509 people), contracted Covid19, but have lived so far.
  • Let’s take the wacko news reporting a step further looking at the lunacy of the media. Can you believe they are now inferring that Covid19 is racist? A story in the Milwaukee Intelligencer and repeated by other media, in an attempt to taint as many people as possible with racism I guess, was to relate Covid19 to the fact that more blacks have been diagnosed with the virus that Whites.

The absurdity of relating this virus to “race” is about as stupid as the media has shown themselves to be over to the course of many years. There are disparities between races involving diseases like cancer as well.

Among women ages 40-50, African-American women have a higher incidence of breast cancer than white women and the highest death rate, but Asian women have lower rates than either Whites or Blacks. I guess cancer in racist too. This can be attributed to many factors including lack of health insurance to pay for screening, or simply genetic differences. Enough of the race crap!

Part two this week coming in a couple of days.


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  1. Speaking about BRM’s would you not say that those with the ability to produce biological response modifiers — “which are substances that modify immune responses. BRM’s can be produced either (endogenous) naturally within the body or (exogenous)”, “drugs to either enhance or suppress an immune response to specific illnesses.”– are those who better equipped to fight and win the cancer game? People with that intrinsic endogenous capability are the majority of those who recover from CA. And it is enhanced with positive outlook. You say, “I understand cancer however, and the steps we take in medical research are pretty much standard when looking to finding cures and treatments for the diseases we face every day. I say you mostly failed. Prevention should be the #1 priority in healthcare. You missed the boat when you threw your hat onto the Pharmaceutical rack..et. Two things most of us understand, the news pushes propaganda. Trump is propaganda. The propaganda of the news is that of ‘the hidden hand’. Propaganda of Trump is to line his, his relatives and those he uses pockets. (I would have said Trumps friends but I have yet to see anyone in his circle that could be termed friend.) Your pretty much standard approach to medical research pretty much sucks. No offense intended. It just is not working.

    • I am no mathmatician, can’t even spell the science, but I think your numbers are off by a decimal point as well on those North Carolina stats.

  2. “Wuhan Virus” .. ? ..
    .. oh! .. you mean the USBioVirus. planting Pompeo propaganda seeds is never a good strategy if you want to be taken seriously.

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