Is CBD Oil Addictive?


CBD became a must among people these days. But many of them are questioning themselves if CBD has side effects or can become addictive. Are you worried that you might develop an addiction to CBD oil? Don’t be! It’s a common question that consumers ask, but everyone must know that CBD does not have addiction potential.

Marijuana can indeed be addictive in most cases, but it’s a rare thing. Is there any possibility that CBD which is made from the Cannabis Sativa plant can be a threat to consumers? Short answer, no. CBD oil is not addictive. Here’s why:

Can Addiction Change the Function of the Brain?

What makes someone addicted to a substance? Addiction is a brain condition that makes someone seek for more of a specific substance, even though it might have harmful consequences. Repeatedly consuming a specific substance can change the function of the brain. For that reason, addiction is called a brain disease. Over time, not only it changes your brain’s function, but it can lead to several damages to your body and mental health, too.

A particular substance can be addictive due to your brain’s way of responding to it. Dopamine, the ”pleasure hormone” is responsible for producing feelings of happiness and euphoria. When specific substances are consumed, the brain releases this hormone called dopamine. These substances can stimulate you to repeat the action and that’s the moment when addiction appears. People enjoy these events, which are typically offering you the same good feeling as you are eating your favorite meal. But in time, the taste won’t be as tasty as it was in the beginning. So, you will increase the dosage until you reach the same feeling you first time felt.

Is CBD Addictive?

Before we agree on whether CBD is addictive or not, let’s do a quick recap about what CBD. Organic CBD Nugs is one of the most effective natural supplements on the market and people started to use it for treating several conditions. But is it true that CBD can be that beneficial? Over time, CBD has gained the attention of most companies across the world. This amazing product comes in many forms, including essential oils, tinctures, vape pens, creams, lotions, etc.

Not only it’s known for its health benefits, but people started using it for their pets. Also, CBD can increase your immune system’s levels and help you be more active. It can also treat insomnia, has anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s very beneficial to maintain your mental and physical health. To avoid developing these illnesses, you should consider using CBD products.

Is CBD addictive? First of all, everyone needs to understand that CBD oil is not addictive. Mostly because it contains a very small amount of THC. Have you ever heard of the term ”cannabis use disorder?”. People can become addicted to cannabis because it contains the active ingredient, THC. When consumed, THC goes straight to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. So, THC is responsible for creating an intoxicating effect.

What About CBD Oil that Contains THC?

The research found that CBD is not addictive, yet most people hardly believe it. Because CBD oil is made from a very small amount of THC, and a higher amount of CBD, it’s not addictive. And it also does not stimulates your brain’s receptors to release dopamine. Some researches show that CBD is not addictive at all, and it’s well-tolerated by people. 

Ok, but it still contains a small amount of THC. It’s true, but the amount it contains is close to zero. It is far from the amount needed to create a high feeling, or risk addiction. CBD can block THC from reaching the cannabinoid receptors, lowering its effects. Scientists revealed that CBD protects you from the negative effects of THC.

Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

Consuming CBD is considered a safe way to treat your conditions. CBD is non-toxic, even if consumed at high amounts. Like any other medicines, it could have side effects, but at a minimum level. The side effects could be manifested by dry mouth, low blood pressure, or dizziness. However, CBD has calming effects, as many people said they felt relaxed after using it.

There are no cases of a CBD overdose causing severe side effects. It is because CBD found in the cannabis plant doesn’t straightly interact with receptors in the brainstem. In 2011, studies have shown that even a large dosage of CBD is safe. Years after, the same studies have revealed that CBD is an excellent and safe product. 

However, even there are no serious side effects of CBD, if you consider starting using it, make sure you start with a small dose. If needed, you can increase it any time, but don’t exaggerate on the first use. In this case, you’ll see if it fits you.

Other Benefits of CBD

Another way CBD can be beneficial is because it can help with substance use disorders. When people get addicted to a specific substance, such as drugs and other vices, CBD can help people manage their addiction. As there are potential benefits to help people with drug addiction, it’s also essential for people to understand that the effects are limited. In terms of the effectiveness of CBD, it’s important to speak to your doctor and determine whether you could use CBD, depending on the condition you’re suffering from. 

Studies have also shown that CBD works as a treatment for treating symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders, social phobia, mild to moderate depression. So, if there are high chances of treating one of the conditions mentioned above, why not give it a try? CBD consumers claim that their quality of life improved significantly since they started using it. People with mental health disorders, or any other mental and physical condition could use the information above and decide whether they could start a cure with CBD oil. For your safety, make sure you ask for medical advice before. 


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