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Pink diamond engagement rings are feminine and chic. They are a trendy twist on traditional engagement rings. If you’re ready to pop the question, nothing says “I love you” more than a pink diamond ring. Here you will find some important information about pink diamonds to help you choose a unique engagement ring for your special someone.

Where do pink diamonds come from

Pink diamonds are extremely rare as they only hail from specific locations. Throughout history, pink diamonds have only been found in southern India, Brazil, and only sporadically in Russia and Africa. In more recent decades it has also been found in Australia, but even so, it is still rare to find.

What makes the pink colour

No one is entirely sure how pink diamonds are formed. Scientists theorize that it occurs due to a seismic shock in the earth which changes the molecular structure of the diamond. Volcanic activity can be the cause of the shock which can drive the diamonds to the surface.

How to pick 

When picking a diamond you want to look for the four C’s:

  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight

These 4 clear-cut properties will help you find the perfect diamond.


Colour is the most important when it comes to pink diamonds. When it comes to colour, experts determine the value of the diamond based on the hue, tone, and saturation.  Since pink diamonds are so rare, the various elements of the colour can be a big factor in its value.

So what exactly are hue, tone, and saturation? The primary and secondary colours found in the diamond make up the hue. For example, the hues of pink diamonds range from pink with a hint of brown to pink with a hint purple. The secondary hues include brown, orange, and purple. The tone means how dark the colour is. The distribution of the colour is saturation.

The various colours found in the depth of these precious gems are a rare find, making each pink diamond unique in its own right.


The cut of the diamond is the shape that it is cut into. Different cuts reflect light differently, so each cut has its own beauty. There are many styles to choose from like the classic round brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion cut, and oval cut – just to name a few. For more options of pink diamond engagement rings – click here.


In order to grade the clarity of a diamond, diamonds are placed under a loupe which allows for 10x magnification. This helps detect any inclusions, or small imperfections, on the surface of the gem or inside. The fewer inclusions the diamond has, the more valuable and pure it is. Since it is theorized that pink diamonds rise to the surface as a cause of pressure in the Earth, pink diamonds are more likely to have inclusions as a result of the pressure in its formation.

Therefore, most pink diamonds will have low-grade clarity, because of its tendency to have inclusions, finding a high clarity diamond is extremely rare. The value of a pink diamond with high clarity is enormous.

Carat weight 

The carat weight is the mass of the stone. This system of weighing a diamond provides the most precise measurements possible. The more carats the diamond has, the more valuable it will be.

Take away 

Pink diamond jewellery makes the perfect gift for your forever soulmate. When buying a ring, it’s important to keep in mind the principles that determine the value of the ring. Jewellery companies, like Astteria, will provide utmost customer service to help you choose the perfect gift click here

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