5 CBD Myths Veterans Should Know


It’s always hard to escape whatever the latest health craze is. People just can’t seem to shut up about that one thing they believe will change your life. The latest on a long series of health trends are CBD products. These are being promoted by celebrities, healthcare professionals, and snake oil salesmen alike, many of whom see veterans as a potential market for CBD. But what is real and what is a myth when it comes to CBD? Let’s take a look at some common CBD myths that need to be dismissed.

Myth #1 – CBD is a miracle cure

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate several functions in your body. Through the ECS, CBD can potentially affect your sleep, appetite, pain levels, and immune system response. CBD is also a psychoactive substance with calming properties.

All of that means that there is a very limited range for what CBD can do in your body. Studies are being conducted to identify how CBD can be used to treat everything from arthritis to cancer, but there are things the substance won’t do even in the best-case scenario. It won’t help with weight loss or muscle gain, and it probably won’t help with any virus or infectious diseases. CBD’s effects on the immune system is to reduce inflammation throughout the body; it does not appear to boost the strength of your immune system.

Myth #2 – CBD is not psychoactive

Many sources mistakenly say that CBD is not psychoactive, or not a psychotropic substance. That’s a mistake. A psychoactive substance is defined as “a chemical substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior.”

CBD, with its calming properties, definitely fits the bill. Caffeine, THC, and alcohol are also psychoactive substances. The difference is that, unlike THC and alcohol, CBD is not an intoxicating substance. It does not alter your perception of reality or affects your decision making. It just alters your mood. Just like coffee makes you more alert, CBD makes you more relaxed.

Myth #3 – CBD has no side effects

That’s just a plain lie. There are plenty of side effects associated with CBD, and they are well understood. CBD may cause drowsiness, diarrhea, constipation, changes in appetite, dry mouth, and an overall sense of fatigue. Not everyone who takes the substance will experience side effects, but being aware of them is critical. If you start to experience these symptoms, you might want to lower your dosage.

The substance may also lead to an increase in liver toxicity, and the long term effects of CBD use are not well-understood. We have data from marijuana users, but not from people who used CBD in isolation for years. Which means there may be more risks we are not aware of.

Myth #4 – Anyone can take CBD

This is perhaps the most harmful myth on this list. No, not everyone can take CBD. If you are taking prescription medications, you may not be able to safely take CBD. The substance is known to interact with several different drugs, including some types of arthritis and anxiety medication. Consult your doctor before you mix CBD with any other medication.

Myth #5 – All CBD products contain CBD

That should not be a myth, but it is. In 2019, FOX 11 bought dozens of CBD products and had them tested by an independent lab. They found that only one of the products contained the amount of CBD advertised on the label. Several products either contained the wrong amount or no CBD at all. Many products were also contaminated with heavy metals, fungus, and other forms of pollution.

If you are going to try CBD, make sure you buy it from a seller that has their products independently tested, like Cibdol does.


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