…by Jonas E. Alexis

Linda Carpenter is like any average person in this world. She works hard to build and run her own business, which took nearly forty years. She is a mother who tries to raise a decent family, and she doesn’t step onto people’s toes. She stays out of politics, and she respects everyone. Carpenter and her husband, Scott, have been well revered in the community, and the city knows that.

But last Tuesday she witnessed something she wasn’t expecting: her entire furniture store was set ablaze after the Jacob Blake debacle. “It’s all gone … we didn’t do nothing to nobody,” Carpenter lamented. “I don’t think it’s justifiable for anyone to destroy anybody else’s property.”[1]

It was later announced: “Everything in the store was taken and the place was destroyed. For a business that was struggling to get back to normal and pushing through these hard times we will not be able to come back from this. The damage to our building and the cost to replace the exterior damage and to top it off to replace everything stolen is going to be catastrophic … at this point we will be closing down completely.”[2]

Ladies and gentlemen, use your common sense and brain. Did Linda Carpenter deserve this? And who was there cleaning up the mess? Local residents. Who was there reporting on this essentially deplorable behavior? The New York Times? The Washington Post? CNN? The entire mass social media?

No. They were nowhere to be found. They were more interested in inciting local black communities to violence and mayhem. I actually went to the New York Times and search for any article that would deal with the story. I found none! Nada.

Kamala Harris has just come out and declared:

We also see pain, hurt, and destruction in the aftermath of yet another Black man shot by police. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back in broad daylight in front of his three young sons. People are rightfully angry and exhausted. And after the murders of Breonna and George and Ahmaud and so many others, it’s no wonder people are taking to the streets. And I support them.”

But what about decent and loving people like Scott and Linda Carpenter? Do they deserve the wrath of those so-called protesters? If not, then why isn’t Harris talking about it? Why isn’t she telling violent protesters to go home and stay out of the public square? She knows all about Blake, but she cannot say a word about people who are being reduced to ashes?

She could have easily told protesters that they can protest without resorting to violence and mayhem. She could have made an impression on decent people in America by saying that people can respectfully talk about police brutality without sucker punching and brutally killing anyone and setting places on fire. But she has chosen to straggle on a political fence that has never been sympathetic to the average person who is trying to build a livelihood.

So sad. Listen to this:

“An elderly man’s jaw was broken in a sickening caught-on-camera attack as he tried to protect a store that was eventually torched during the Kenosha protests.”[3]

That man was 70 years old. Keith McCoy, the store owner, said: “We support the protest — we don’t support this shit, though.”[4]

No one with an ounce of common sense would support this “shit.”

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  1. “people can respectfully talk about police brutality without sucker punching and brutally killing anyone and setting places on fire”

    Violent protest happens when the peaceful protest goes unheard for half a century, the result of which was increased police brutality. The “COMPLY OR DIE” mentality is what got us here, and blaming the protestors is “completely missing the point”. You are right , it could have been easily avoided. The thing about any society is, when the law is brutal and the people have had enough, you will know. Fix it. The talk is over, and it is very simple. Bring your police to heel.

  2. Are the thugs who are burning and looting in Kenosha really connected with BLM? I’m thinking these protests were hijacked by someone or something with a totally different agenda, chaos and destruction. This is street theater. It’s being brought to you by the same entities that emerged in Minneapolis and Portland, only this time these attacks on ordinary people were timed to happen during the Republican convention. They’re meant to terrorize business and property owners, the whole country really, into voting for a “law and order” president. Don’t be taken in by this obviously contrived street violence. It’s 1933 in Berlin all over again, folks!

    • The denial of service attack that took place this morning to VT and other alternative news sites is proof enough that the PTB do not want these issues discussed out in the open.

  3. Compton: Let’s suppose some cops intervened and screwed up the bastards who blew up the place. Wouldn’t the New York Times be on the scene reporting this “heinous” crime? Wouldn’t they start talking about “racism”? Yes, there are corrupt cops out there. But no, not everyone one of them is corrupt. I knew a lot of those decent cops.

  4. Well, Antifa and BLM are Marxists. The burning of cities and towns is normal to them. What is not normal, is American politicians excusing them. The peaceful protesters should have learned by now, that all of their protests will be hijacked by thugs.

    • Of the protests I have watched on live stream, the overwhelming majority are every day Americans against police brutality and have no affiliation with BLM, and antifa is nearly non-existent. BLM is more of a mantra than a movement. But, people like labels.
      The mothers who gathered at the governors mansion in Minnesota, one by one telling their stories, have been doing this for decades. They were in tears seeing the support they finally had. The labels may be new, the issue is not at all new. The indigenous have been doing this for 400 years also. The people who whine about positive change are the problem.

    • Agreed, David: “People like labels.” And that is one of BLM’s major problems: People need policies, not labels or mantras. Like the “defund the police” mantra: As far as enacted policies, does that mean put less money in the police? Get rid of the police? Replace some or all of the police with different law enforcement? Replace some or all of the police with social workers or programs?

      And more importantly: How do any of those actually threaten the banker gangsters and their control of bad policies…?

  5. How anyone can describe these individuals as protesters boggles the mind. They are thugs and looters and should be dealt with as such. Apparently people that are able are leaving Chicago, New York, Portland, etc.

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