5 Tips on How to Bet on a Winning Horse


If you are starting your career in horse racing betting, picking a winning horse can be quite tricky if you don’t know how to analyze the horse’s statistics and track record. Most of the time, racegoers will resort to picking their winning horse based on the names and the silk color of the horse jockey. While these are essential factors in picking a winning horse, they are just two of the many factors you have to consider to ensure winning.

There are many legitimate strategies and telltale signs on how to pick your winning horse. While some are credible, most of them are based on the experiences of a veteran bettor. We’re not saying they’re not credible or have weak strategies, but it is still a better option to properly research for tips from credible sources and look up each horse’s career.

Picking winning horses is called handicapping. It is considered an art and is done by predicting the winning horse based on the available statistics and resources. While it is considered more of an art than science, this doesn’t mean you can’t be successful and leave your chances to luck. That said, here are some tips on how to bet on a winning horse.

Positioning, Track, and Distancing Factors

To start your research, try looking at the statistics available for the horse. For example, see if the horse has proven to be efficient at a certain distance or if the horse is untested. Also, try to take a look at the horse’s winning percentage. It is an excellent way to know if the horse has a good chance of winning the race.

Of course, basing your prediction on the winning percentage alone is not enough. If the information is available, try to look at how a horse does in a particular turf. For example, is the horse adept at running in a polymer track, grass, or dirt? 

You can also try looking up the horse’s position in the starting line. In a sprint race, a horse placed in the outside posts has a significant chance of winning. Meanwhile, a route race often favors horses in the inside posts.

Pedigree of the Horse

A significant factor you should consider before picking a horse is its pedigree. It is also a good starting point to research for beginners out there. A horse’s pedigree is a massive factor in multiple aspects. It can tell you about the horse’s stamina and how quickly they’ll reach the end of their stamina. 

It will also tell you how a specific horse will do on a particular track. Most horses do their best on a track they’re fond of, while others like to run in the mud. That said, the weather conditions the race will happen is also an essential factor. You can see how the horses do by checking their previous results. 


Looking at the horse in person can also help determine how it will do on the race track. The horse’s current physical wellbeing, temperament, and overall condition can be seen as they parade to the paddock. Generally, a horse that seems to be agitated, sweating, or irritated is a bad sign. On the other hand, a calm and composed horse tends to do better on the race track.

Consider the Value

All of the bettors want their money to be used in their maximum potential. That said, betting on horses that are sure to win but are placed with a small value is often avoided. 

For example, if you think your winning horse will win the next race but is placed on a minimal value by bookmakers from 2020 Preakness betting, you might want to avoid betting on it just yet and wait for its value to be increased. The horse might win, but the money you will win will be insubstantial. 

Picking a winning horse is fun in itself, but picking it at the right moment, where its value is highest, is making the most out of your money.

Handicap Mark

Another thing you should look at in the race form is the horse’s handicap mark. When the handicap mark is reached, the horse tends to struggle more against horses that are generally younger and fit. 

However, their handicap mark will often decrease over time, meaning they will get back to being more competitive against other horses. The horse’s handicap mark can also be seen in the race form. You could also look at the horse’s previous races to see how they will do in the current race.


Picking a winning horse can be challenging for beginners. However, with the right research and meticulous planning, bettors can win more often than not. But picking a winning horse isn’t enough. You also have to look at the horse’s value if you want to make the most of your money. That said, picking the winning horse with a significant value should be the priority for all bettors.


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