How CBD Oil Could Help With PTSD


CBD oils and tinctures are all-natural ways to address a health crisis. For veterans and individuals suffering from PTSD, CBD could be a better answer than doesn’t release a lot of unnecessary chemicals into the body. The products are natural and don’t present serious side effects. Examining how CBD oil could help with PTSD shows patients how it could help them.

Lowers Anxiety Levels

Individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder will experience heightened anxiety levels. Their anxiety can become overwhelming and prevent them from completing normal everyday tasks. For veterans, the anxiety comes from adjusting to life after wartime. It is often difficult to make this adjustment in normal circumstances, but when the individual has PTSD, the process can be terrifying. The individual may hide away from their loved ones, and they could shut themselves off from society because of their anxiety and it’s stronghold on them. Veterans and others with PTSD can review their options from Veritas Farms and find a different way to treat their anxiety.

Combats Depression and Reduces the Frequency

Depression is another symptom of PTSD that becomes uncontrollable for the individual. They will lose interest in things that once mattered to them, and the individual may withdraw from their loved ones. They may also put on an act to hide their sadness from loved ones while feeling overwhelmed and trapped. CBD can provide help with depression and increase serotonin levels. This lowers the frequency of the debilitative state and makes the individual feel more upbeat.

Helps Eliminate Insomnia

Insomnia becomes a serious problem for anyone with PTSD, and the individuals could have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. A lack of sleep causes serious health problems for the individual and could present an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Some veterans with PTSD will try to avoid sleep because of negative outcomes. However, they must rest or the effects could lead to additional psychological symptoms.

Reduces the Frequency of Nightmares and Flashbacks

Nightmares, flashbacks, and night terrors are common for anyone with PTSD. The conditions can trick the individual into believing they are experiencing their trauma again, and they feel overwhelmed and stuck at the moment. These experiences can cause elevated heart rates and strokes for individuals with existing cardiovascular disease. With PTSD, these events aren’t predictable and could increase stress for the individual. CBD oil can lower the frequency of these experiences and help the individual cope with their illness effectively.

Decreased Engagement of Fight or Flight Instincts

With PTSD, the individual experiences an increase in their fight-or-flight instincts. When placed in a stressful situation, these instincts will kick in, and the individual will try to escape the situation. When this happens, they could become combative if anyone tries to stop them. This could increase the risk of injuries and place them and others at risk. CBD oils can keep the individual calmer and reduce the engagement of these instincts. It could help them avoid serious problems and keep them safer.

CBD oils and tinctures have shown great promise in treating post-traumatic stress disorder and improving the quality of life for veterans and patients with the condition. CBD increases serotonin levels and makes the individual calmer and happier. This helps the individual with their anxiety and depression. It can also lower the frequency of nightmares and flashbacks. Reviewing the advantages of taking CBD for PTSD shows patients a better treatment option.


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