Did Asteroids Bring Ingredients for Life to Earth?

The asteroid, discovered in 1999, was named Bennu in 2013 by a third grade student who won a contest. (NASA/GSFC/University of Arizona)

OSIRIS-REx Mission To Obtain Samples From Asteroid Bennu

Health Editor’s Note: Asteroids do not change with wind and water which makes them primitive and closer to when the Solar System formed. Asteroid Bennu was chosen to be studied since it is rich in carbon-containing molecules and also because it formed early in the history of the solar system and it is fairly close to Earth.  Could asteroids that struck the Earth’s surface have brought organic molecules to Earth? The OSIRIS-REx mission is going to attempt to take a sample from Bennu, which will be analyzed, and give insight into the solar system billions of years ago…..Carol



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  1. Hello Carol, thank you for your answer. Cannot be debunked, but if everything is electric I come to different conclusions. The many pictures I’ve seen of the earth have all been edited.

    I hope you will look more of James True. for example

    #83 – Clowns in Space !! .. 103min.

    And the #84 is oke to..

  2. The Aperture of Flat Earth..

    First watch the video and then think about it and then say I’m not right in head, thank you…

    Consciousness is an aperture. Each of us chose a lens to perceive the world. None of us are more accurate than the other. We can only fathom light our mind is willing to absorb. Without this filter, we would freeze like the possum from information overload. What we fathom comfortably is what we accept in our minds. Some see more, some see less. There is no perfect lens. There is no perfect camera. Each is unique and offers a chance to see the world from a unique perspective. A place others insist must be wrong in order to strengthen their own canvas.

    I illustrate how Ken Wheeler shows this difference in aperture by creating the Flat Earth model using Globalism. He describes the flat plane perfectly using magnetism and electricity, but his aperture can’t see what I do. Both of us are using our senses to build a model of the world. Both of us are honoring our system of proof.



    • j vd valk, I am perfectly all right in the head, thank you. Have you ever looked at a view of earth from space…there are lots of those around. Does it look three dimensional or flat? To me it look like a fairly round sphere…..Seeing is believing. Amazing that people spend so much time on debunking what cannot be debunked….

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