As the World Gears Up for the Vaccine Rollout, Here Are a Few Lessons We Can Learn from Military Caregivers and Combat Veterans amidst the Pandemic

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Millions of prayers have been answered as vaccines to deal with the deadly coronavirus are being rolled out across the planet. Towards the fag end of 2019, humanity had to face a challenge that they had never faced before in this scale and magnitude. While the planet was gearing up for the New Year festivities, a fatal virus started wreaking havoc and soon assumed the shape of a global pandemic. No one knew how to deal with the health crisis, and a million lives were claimed in the blink of an eye. The global economy soon came down on its knees, stock markets crashed, and people lost their sources of livelihood. The COVID-19 pandemic not only claimed lives but also shook the economy, sabotaged people’s mental health and brought the world to a halt.

Now, a year after the pandemic, and tireless efforts by scientists and researchers, a few vaccines seem to work well in dealing with the virus and promise to immunize people all around the world. But the fight is far from over. There are several moving parts to the affair, and the efficacy of the vaccines is yet to be put to an acid test.

Having said that, while we spend our time exploring the best free spins online casino in Canada, and wait for the vaccines in the hope of a world free from the clutches of this seemingly invincible virus, let us reflect upon the ways in which our frontline workers have saved humanity and instilled hope amidst the pandemic.

In this article, we shall try to acknowledge the lessons we learnt from military caregivers and veterans, especially in America, amidst the pandemic and hope to carry them further as we move towards better days, and a COVID-19 free world.

Life of Military Caregivers and Combat Veterans amidst the Pandemic:

The COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. Many Americans started feeling that they have been transported to a post-apocalyptic movie. However, life for military caregivers was a little different than just living the life of a science-fiction film. Heightened anxiety, a fugue state of mind and ambiguity became a part of their lives.

As such, the pandemic that we are living through provides a chance for American civilians to understand what military caregivers go through and the uncertainties enveloping combat veterans and military families. Military families and veterans have learned to live with uncertainties and ambiguities. They have learned that it is not possible for them to control the situation. The only thing that they can do is learn to control the way they react to the situation.

Having said that, let us now look into the lessons we can learn from military caregivers amidst the pandemic.

What Can We Learn from Military Caregivers and Combat Veterans?

As we have already mentioned earlier in the article, the life of U.S. combat veterans and military caregivers have always been shrouded in uncertainties and ambiguities. They have lived this life of sacrifice and anxiety far too long and therefore, have been prepared to embrace the new life during the outbreak. The traumas that they have lived through and the losses they have dealt with, have hardened them and prepared them to deal with similar situations due to the outbreak. Therefore, there are several things that one can learn from their lives.

Embracing the Ambiguity

Military caregivers and veterans teach us that uncertainties shall always envelop our lives. No matter how prepared you think you are to deal with any scenario, there shall always be surprises and not ones that shall always bode well for you. Their lives teach us to embrace the ambiguities and uncertainties and hold on to whatever knowledge we have at our disposal.

Mitigating Risks

The lives of veterans and military caregivers teach us that there are always ways to mitigate risks no matter how difficult a situation might look. We need to be extra vigilant towards people with comorbidities and severe health issues.

Controlling Our Response to Situations

It is true that we cannot always control the situation we find ourselves in; at least that is what veterans and military caregivers have to say. But we can always control our response and reaction to the situation. Understanding the nerve of the situation and reacting accordingly provides a lot of control over the situation, and can abate the severity of the same.

Reconnecting with Friends and Family

One final golden lesson that we can all learn from military caregivers and veterans is that it is never a bad time to reconnect with family and friends. There are multiple ways to do so, and visiting each other does not have to be the only way. People serving in the military do not always get the chance to visit their friends and families. Video calls, phone calls and personalized letters can just do the trick.

The Takeaway:

There are several things that we can learn from the experienced lives of combat veterans and military caregivers. Their lives have been the ones peppered with sacrifices, hardships, loss and grievances. This pandemic has devastated our lives and weakened our will to put up a fight. But the life lessons imparted by the war veterans and caregivers can help us regain our determination and brave the tough times that still lie ahead of us.


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