The most popular proposition bets in Soccer Betting

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Football betting is not always a win, lose, or draw situation. Sometimes, you stumble on games where you can’t easily pick a winner or a loser.

When you find yourself in this kind of situation, playing a proposition bet might seem like the next reasonable thing to do.

What are proposition bets in football betting?

Proposition bets (props for short), also known as Specials, are bets on events that may or may not happen in a football match.

For example, the possibility of a particular player scoring a goal, a certain number of goals being scored in a half, or a certain player getting red-carded, etc.

As you can imagine, these precarious possibilities can become suddenly innumerable in a football match. And that’s what makes the props market such a popular market.

For example, while a match might offer the likelihood of only a few players scoring, another match might be filled with players known to score lots of goals, which means that bettors can bet on as many props as possible.

A good example of a game that is likely to produce a lot of props is a game between a team like Manchester City and PSG. In this kind of game, you can bet on Specials like Mbappe, Neymar, Di Maria, Aguero, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Foden, or Sterling to score a goal.

Interestingly, props are not just limited to individual players scoring goals. There are many other props you can explore in football betting. In fact, in a single match, you can have up to see 30, 40, or even more props.

However, the number of props you find per game will depend on the flexibility and kindness of your bookmaker, which is why we recommend registering with a bookmaker agent like Sbobet88 so that you can have access to an innumerable number of props per game.

The most popular props bet in football betting

Player Based Football Props

These props involve picking which player will meet certain specified criteria. For example:

  • Which player will score the most goals?
  • Which player will score the first goal?
  • Which player will score the last goal?
  • Which player will get booked first?
  • Which player will be the man of the match?

Besides these, there are other player-based props that just involve a straight yes/no bet. For example,

  • Will Luis Suarez score a goal?
  • Will Troy Deeney get red-carded?
  • Will Kurt Zouma score a header?
  • Will Neymar get injured?

As you can imagine, the greater the flexibility of a betting website, the more props you’ll likely come across. So, when choosing a betting website, choose wisely. Naturally, we’d recommend you register with Sbobet88 – which is the best Indonesia Sports betting website – because they offer loads of player-based props.

Goal-Based Soccer Props

This prop involves betting on goal-specific situations. For example:

  • First team to score: That is, who amongst the two competing teams will score the first goal?
  • Time of first goal: That is, at what time of the game will the first goal be scored? 13 minutes, 64 minutes, or 90 minutes?
  • Odd or even goals: That is, will the game finish with an odd or an even number of goals. A 2-1 result is odd, while a 2-2 result is even.
  • Goals in both halves: That is, will both halves of the game produce goals?
  • Half with most goals: That is, which half will produce the highest number of goals?

Here is what a typical wager for the prop “First team to Score” looks like:

Surprised to see a third option with “No Goal?” Don’t be? Remember, it is possible for the game to end in a draw – that is, where neither Man United nor Liverpool will score a goal.

Other “In-Game” Props

As you know, there are many other possibilities that may arise in a football match but don’t fall into the two categories we mentioned. For these possibilities, we love to refer to them as “Other Props,” and here are some examples:

  • Over/under total corners: That is, predict whether the total number of corners to be played in the game will be higher or lower than specific targets. E.g., Over/Under 9.5 corners.

In the above example, if you pick over 9.5 corners, it means you’re predicting that the game will produce at least 10 corners in total.

  • Over/under team corners: Same as the previous one. Only that, instead of total corners, we’ll be counting the corners played by each team.
  • Over/under total cards: What is the total number of cards (red and yellow) you think the game will produce?
  • Winning margin: by how many goals do you think the winning team will win by?
  • Penalty to be awarded: will the game produce a penalty situation or not? It is a simple Yes/No prop situation.
  • Method of victory: will the game end in normal regular time (90 minutes), or will the winner win in extra time, or will a penalty shoot-out decide the winner. This kind of prop often appears in tournaments.

On a final note

  • Props are great because they give you the freedom to bet on what you’re most confident in. However, you need to be careful because props are still “bets.” And with every bet comes a degree of risk.
  • Always remember there are so many props or specials to bet on, so don’t pressure yourself into picking a prop you aren’t confident in. It’s better to bet on Cristiano Ronaldo scoring in a game than to bet on the total number of corners a game will produce.


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