Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Your Money 2021 Buying Guide


Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Pool Vacuum Robot For Your Money In 2021

pool robotYour swimming pool can bring unmatched fun and entertainment during the hot summer days. However, owning a pool also means cumbersome maintenance to ensure it is safe for everyone to swim in. Nobody wants a pool that smells and looks nasty, but your pool will not clean itself. You have to be proactive with its upkeep, which can be time-consuming and involves a lot of scouring.

Fortunately, a pool vacuum robot can take care of all the hard work for you and dramatically reduce your cleaning time. So you will be able to enjoy a cool dip in no time instead of spending the entire day on your hands and knees scrubbing your heart out.

But these automatic cleaners are not created equally and there are features you want to consider. Understanding these things and doing a little research can help you choose the best robotic pool cleaner for your needs. Additionally, reading trustworthy robotic pool cleaner reviews of 2021 can narrow down your options.

What Makes A Robotic Pool Cleaner Better Than Other Automated Pool Cleaning Systems?

Pressure-side and Suction-side cleaners are the two other types of automatic pool cleaners that are widely used by pool owners. In most cases, they are great at what they do. Nonetheless, they do come with some setbacks, including clogging easily and problems with maintenance.

For instance, a suction-side pool cleaner relies mainly on your filtration system. That means that even if it’s the cheapest option you have, many things that can go wrong if you let it clean by itself, resulting in costly repairs.

On the other hand, a pool vacuum robot is entirely self-sufficient. It does not need your pool’s pump or filter system to function. Likewise, it will not require you to go through the hassle of installation. The smart device is quite capable and efficient at cleaning. It will maneuver horizontally to clean the bottom of your swimming pool. Meanwhile, its propellers help it drive vertically to suck or vacuum all residues sticking to the walls of your pool.

Although these cleaners operate with the help of an electric motor, they are very safe since they run on a moderately low voltage. In fact, a lot of robots run mostly on 24 volts through a GFCI outlet. Whenever this type of outlet detects even the slightest electrical imbalance, the power to your unit will be cut off to prevent any hazard. So when using these devices, getting electrocuted is the least of your worries.

Robotic pool cleaners may be more expensive than other types of pool cleaners, but they usually pay for themselves in the long run. Plus, you can’t put a price tag on the convenience they can provide you.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Pool Vacuum Robot

Pool Type

In-ground and above-ground pools are made from different materials, and not all robot pool vacuums can deal with both pool types. Above-ground robotic pool vacuums come with more flexible brushers. Therefore, they can handle softer vinyl floorings. Meanwhile, robotic pool cleaners made for in-ground pools have harsher brushes and are designed to scrub even concrete floors.

Using a robot with more rigid brushes for your above-ground swimming pool can damage its surfaces. So make sure to check the specification of the product first to make sure you’re getting the appropriate cleaner for the type of pool you have.


Pool Size

Another crucial factor you want to consider is the size of your pool. That’s because if it’s quite huge, the filters of some robots may clog up or have a sufficient range. Also, the cord length of all models is fixed. While it’s tempting to just buy the largest pool vacuum robot you can afford, it’s always a good idea to get the right size for your swimming pool.

Pool Size

Keep in mind that you still need to carry the machine from the storage to the pool. And you may find that extra weight to be a nuisance. So know your pool’s dimensions and pick a robot that matches that.


Weight Of The Robot

This may seem like not a big concern, but as mentioned above, heavier units can be difficult to carry and move around. This is especially true when you need to pull your device out of the water. You want your robotic pool vacuum to have just the right weight. Aside from ease of use, it will be able to perform its tasks in a balanced manner. You want it to be large enough so that it has ample force when pressing its brushes on surfaces to effectively clean your pool.



Swivel Cord

Robotic pool cleaners will twist and turn across your pool. To prevent damaging the power cord, opt for a robot with a swivel cord. This will enable your machine to do flips and turn underwater and not twist its cord.




Some models have the ability to learn every nook and cranny of your pool. They do this by first scanning your entire pool to know where the suctions, pump, and stairs are. Then, they will navigate across the pool without the need for you to lift a single finger.


Climbing Ability

It’s amazing to see how these devices maneuver around your pool. You’ll see them crawl quite intelligently, as well as climb the walls when necessary to make surface every inch of the surface is clean properly. However, not every model out there has the ability to climb up the sides of your pool. So you need to check the unit you’re eyeing this is a feature your want.


Although cleaning pool walls is not as vital as the bottom part, it still requires some scrubbing. Also, this feature is beneficial if your pool has stairs or an odd shape. A robotic pool cleaner with a climbing ability can take on this challenge much better than others.



The wheels of your pool cleaner should also be able to cope with the job of trawling about your pool while effectively cleaning it. Opting for a pool vacuum robot with a wider wheelbase is a good idea. It will give the machine more stability when it’s in the water. Additionally, its chances of getting knocked over are slim. Moreover, a 4-wheel drive robot with rubber wheels is better for maximum traction since it helps prevent the tires from slipping.



Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

There are many reasons why the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus from Maytronics® is one the best pool vacuum robots today. It’s lightweight at just under 20 pounds, so you won’t have trouble moving it around. On top of that, it comes with a quick water release system. That means when you move it from one place to the next, you won’t be carrying additional water weight.

Nautilus CC Plus

The Nautilus CC Plus is very convenient since it’s a drop-and-go model. You just need to place the unit in the pool water and it will do its chore without the need for any additional directions. Once you submerge it in the water, it will begin to vacuum, scrub, and fill every scum on the surfaces of your pool in a matter of 2.5 hours or so.

This robotic pool cleaner comes with dual scrubbing brushes and a top-load filter bag. Along with that its Cleverclean technology will ensure that its cords will not get tangled throughout its cleaning session.


Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is extremely efficient and highly convenient. It may be a bit on the heavier side at 37.2 pounds, but there’s no task big enough for this machine.

One of the features that make this pool vacuum robot very convenient is its built-in scheduling system. It gives you the option to choose from one, two, or three-day cycles, meaning your pool will always be clean without breaking your back. It even has a filter indicator that tells you when you need to clean the filter bag.

Dolphin Premier

In terms of performance, the Dolphin Premier is energy efficient. Hence, you’ll be able to cut down on your energy usage by as much as 80%. Meanwhile, its tangle-free, 360 rotation design means that tangling cords are the least of your worries. Similar to the Nautilus CC plus, this model also comes with dual scrubbing brushes that can lift debris and grime from surfaces with ease while leaving your pool sparkly clean.


Polaris 9450 Sport

Polaris® (Zodiac Pool Systems) packed the F9450 Sport with outstanding features, including a 4-wheel drive system, enabling it to traverse walls and climb up walls. It boasts the Polaris Sport’s Vortex Vacuum Technology that provides its consistent, powerful performance. That means it can clean a 50 ft in-ground pool in just 1.5 hours. Also, its unique pleated brush can scrub grim off of the line of your pool tiles with ease.

Polaris 9450

Furthermore, the programmable timer of the Polaris F9450 Sports lets you set it up for every day of the week. Along with that, you can customize the settings of your robot, from surface concentration to cleaning intensity. The pool cleaner also gives you the option to indicate the shape of your swimming pool to ensure its ActivMotion Sensor can come up with the most efficient cleaning path. Doing so can help lessen the possibility of the robot tangling its 60 ft power cord.

Another great feature of this 16-pound robot is its filter bag that can handle ultra-fine silt and sand. Maintaining it is easy as well. Simply shake the filter bag off and spray it down.


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