Well done the IDF! You always know when the Good Guys are winning – the UN, the Egyptians and the MSM start calling for a ceasefire. Arab terrorist groups will always give you a hudna, or ceasefire, if they need breathing space.

Looks to me like Jerusalem have wised up, not a moment too soon. The time for a ceasefire will come when all of Israel’s perfectly proper military objectives have been met.

The conflict was started by Hamas, backed by Egypt and the half-crazed ayatollahs, if that is not a tautology with respect, in Iran. In addition to launching unguided rockets against Israel Hamas stirred things up amongst Israel’s Arab population. This is in turn stirred up young right-wing Israelis, some of whom went out looking for Arabs to beat up.

I don’t condone the beating-up of Arabs, even Egyptians, but Hamas should have known that there was likely to be a response. I doubt that young Israelis have forgotten the shameful kidnap and murder of three young teenagers in 2014, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah, on the orders of Hamas.

Naftali Frenkel

The IDF have effectively decapitated Hamas, although sadly they weren’t able to decapitate the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case. Israeli strikes have been carefully targeted and based on precise intelligence. Much of the credit for this goes to those nice people Shin Bet.

The intelligence will have taken years to gather. It’s been an outstanding intelligence success, which will further enhance Shin Bet’s already excellent reputation. These guys aren’t the FBI – they’re serious counter-intelligence professionals, no offense to the Fibbies intended.

Maybe the UK should consider sending Cabinet Office officials to Israel for interrogation by Shin Bet after the capture of the Cabinet Office for Britain. Shin Bet have an honorable record when it comes to the treatment of suspects in custody.

They show an appropriate level of regard for suspects’ rights, but they don’t make a fetish of it. I suspect that they’d enjoy interrogating Cabinet Office officials, apart from the smell. (I should explain that back to back operations are not unknown in the Intelligence Community – friendly agencies will undertake operations for an ally in exchange for future cooperation.)

Civilian casualties

There have been the usual silly war crimes allegations of course. A wittering, twittering woman from the UN was banging on about supposed Israeli war crimes on Sky News on Thursday, for example. This nonsense usually turns on civilian casualties, but there are four points to be made:

  • Hamas’s rockets are about as reliable as a V-1. Some of the casualties are almost certainly due to terrorist rockets falling short, in which case no blame attaches to the IDF.
  • Islamic terrorist organisations have a proven track record of murdering Moslem civilians in order lay the blame on the IDF.
  • Hamas figures for ‘children’ almost certainly include youths aged from 14 to 17, some of whom may have been terrorists, and
  • Hamas’s policy of using civilians as human shields means that some civilian casualties are inevitable. The duty on the IDF under international humanitarian law is to take all reasonable steps to minimise casualties, not to avoid them altogether. Put another way international law does not permit the use of human shields.
Bomber Harris

Palestinian civilian casualties have in fact been light to moderate, if anything at the lower end of expectations for an urban counter-terrorist operation involving artillery and air strikes.

At the end of the day, as that great man Bomber Harris used to say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Civilian casualties to date have been acceptable and given the professionalism of the IDF and its commitment to careful targeting there is no reason why this state of affairs should not continue. Palestinian complaints should be lodged in Hamas’s complaints box, assuming they have one.

Mossad’s hold over Biden

Looks like the boys do indeed have that dossier on election rigging, as I have been speculating for some months now. Although the Biden regime is hostile to Israel, to the extent that Biden appointed the hysterical anti-Israel nutter, no offense intended, Hady Amr, as his envoy to the Middle East, the regime’s response has been muted.

Any leverage Biden had is clearly being countered by powerful intelligence on him in return. Jerusalem has a clear run. My analysis is that Mossad are playing a blinder. Well done them!

Declaring war on Egypt

One of the few disappointments of the operation so far, apart from the failure to decapitate the Cabinet Secretary, no offense intended, has been the lack of dead Egyptians. Hamas is an Egyptian-sponsored terrorist organisation and the launching of unguided rockets in indiscriminate attacks upon Israel was an Act of War by the Egyptian Arab Republic against the State of Israel.

Under international law Israel would be fully justified in declaring war on Egypt, and possibly Iran as well. Strategically such a move would sensibly only be undertaken with assurances of Allied support, as in 1956. The logical ally is Great Britain. We love bombing Cairo and hate the Egyptians. We also want our canal back, which the idiot Gippos, no offense intended (I should explain, dear readers, that ‘Gippo’ is a term of endearment in my country for Egyptians) recently allowed to be blocked.

Camp David Accords

As in 1956 the IDF could mount an armored thrust across the Sinai Desert, trapping the Gippos in a pincer movement, whilst the RAF fanned Egyptian Air Force bases from Akrotiri in Cyprus. Israel could annex both the Sinai and the Gaza Strip, thereby reversing the disastrous 1978 Camp David Accords. (For the benefit of younger readers the Accords were part of a plan by President Jimmy Carter to bring decades of war to the Middle East, in which ambition sadly he was successful.)

RAF Akrotiri

There would be dead Egyptians everywhere of course, which might discourage other terrorist-sponsoring states from using terrorist proxies to attack the democracies. King Fuad II could assume his rightful role as King of Egypt and the Sudan (which might involve strafing a few Sudanese of course, and possibly a Second Battle of Omdurman).

Naturally such a bold plan, involving as it does strategic thinking, would require a new British government, since the present one is incapable of strategic thought, no offense intended. However we need a new government anyway, as the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is a house-trained idiot, no offense intended, who takes his orders from the Cabinet Secretary. (Of course we need a new Cabinet Secretary as well – if we do engage the Egyptians in battle the old one could be sent to ‘rejoin his regiment’ and shot by a reliable NCO reporting to the Intelligence Corps, or dropped out of a helicopter over the Med, in the usual way.)

In the meantime the British government is confining itself to silly calls for a premature ceasefire in order to relieve the pressure on Hamas. The pro-Hamas UN, the EU and the equally odious Biden regime, no offense intended, are all doing the same thing, terrified by the prospect of Israeli citizens being able to live in peace.

The Covid inquiry

Boris has finally caved into pressure for a Covid inquiry. Opinion is split between those who want a farce, in other words an inquiry chaired by a PUI (Person of Utmost Integrity) or a complete farce, in other words an inquiry chaired by a High Court or Court of Appeal judge. Whoever chairs it, the inquiry will proceed upon tramlines (known officially as terms of reference) decided upon in advance by the Cabinet Office.

It will not be able to query official scientific advice (coming from a group of nutters, no offense intended, called SAGE), will not examine how the NHS could have saved tens of thousands of lives by using effective treatments and above will be forced to proceed on the absurd assumption that Covid is a nationally occurring illness.

I should explain that in Britain the results of official inquiries are usually agreed in advance with the Cabinet Office. Typically only tame judges are appointed to chair inquiries, that is to say judges who’ve been around to see Miss Whiplash without telling the wife, or are gay and in the closet, or who have had their gambling debts paid off.

Sir Nicholas Pumfrey

The British judiciary are also still suffering from the chilling effect of the brutal assassination by Germany’s GO2 of Lord Justice Pumfrey, a gay Court of Appeal judge, on Christmas Eve 2007. (Jerry had been hacking Sir Nicholas’s computer and were upset by the draft of one of his judgments in a very large intellectual property case.) There is no known case of a judge getting at the truth in a public inquiry.

Lord Cohen

One of the most corrupt judges to have held an inquiry since the war was Lord Cohen. A deeply unpleasant man, no offense intended, he covered up the murders by the DVD of Captain Alan Gibson DFC, his passengers and crew, on board De Havilland Comet Yoke Peter on January 10th 1954.

Cohen was conspicuously unfair to De Havilland, preventing them from seeing a critical (and bogus) RAE report until the very end of the inquiry. The lies in the Cohen Report are still being recycled today.

Of course when and if Boris and Simon Case go there could be a real inquiry! That would be entertaining and would set a new precedent.


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  1. This British Bugger (who are primarily responsible for the suffering of the Palestine people in the first place) always reminds me of a mentally unhinged lunatic just out of an asylum. His brain is full of yellow … instead of grey matter. This Shrimps belongs to the heydays of British Colonial expansion and should be teleported there ASAP. He just pollutes the air he breaths!

  2. Shrimpton never disappoints. The same old, same old. Tell us, Mr Shrimpbrain, where are the pictures of Israel lately in the news? Why, there are none, are there? At least we know they have the same tact as MBS…deny they are losing, while making believe they are winning. From the Dimona impact , til now…no pictures. Sometimes no pictures speak louder than lies. Show us your sea platform that is not destroyed. HAHAHA. Soon they will no longer be able to broadcast anything without showing the fires across Israel. Then their entire house of cards will fall…as is KSA.

  3. “King Fuad II could assume his rightful role as King of Egypt and the Sudan…” Now there is an interesting idea.

  4. Thanks for giving the space for this agent of the War Banking Usurors failed Empire, no offense intended, to spew their nonsense.
    We need to know Our Enemy.


  5. This article is vomit-inducing due to the amount of BIG LIES STATED. Such as
    “The conflict was started by Hamas.” Which is one of the many Radical Zionist big lies.

    The conflict was started By Radicalized Zionist Terrorists with their Death To Arabs chant. This was done to coincide with the forcible expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in this latest round of Israeli Ethnic cleansing. And of course, not mentioned was the raid on Al Aqsa on the holiest month and holiest day of the year for Muslims.

    This would be like if some foreign power held Israelies at gunpoint with tear gas during their holiest day of the year at the temple mount, cleared the area, and top of that blamed helpless Israelites for being cleared from their holy place. Which of course didn’t happen to Israelies. It happened to Palestinians.

    There is no shame by the writer for spouting falsehoods.

    The investigator was Israel. Their Terrorist affiliates such as the radicalized Zionist wing and fifth column Israel supremacists in Israeli society by those radicalized in the Jewish diaspora and whose allegiance and sympathies are to the Israeli state.

    This instigation was perfectly timed by Radicalized Zionist Terrorists to PURPOSEFULLY create conflict with the Palestinians and victim blame them through Hamas, for said instigations, terror, violence, and false flags by Radicalized Zionists Terrorists.

  6. Though unpleasant, it is always good to get the take from an elitist racist (x) spy, No offense intended, from one of the most corrupt and deadly nations the world has known, to try to gain some understanding of the strained facts’ on the ground. Thanks for your enlightening thoughts Mr Shrimpton there are some twisted tales out there for sure.

    • You have to ask yourself why does Gordon keep this crazy dude around, for entertainment value?

    • He’s kept for counterbalance so to speak and if you’ve noticed one of his “writeups” every few weeks is enough for an entire month of counter weight !

      Here is an eye rainy inn comedian putting the “balanced view” of the media in a funny perspective …


  7. Meanwhile, back in the real world, no international flights out of Tel Aviv, no oil tankers docking in Haifa, gas exports halted, stock market crashed, and over a hundred million dollars of infrastructure damage. Among the endless salvo of rocket fire from Gaza today, seven Badr-3 rockets were launched towards West Jerusalem, 60km away from Gaza. One was intercepted, the other six found their targets. The Knesset was holding a session yesterday, which was abruptly ended due to rockets landing nearby. Zionist MPs had to be evacuated from the building. Yes, Shrimpy, the “good guys” are sure winning.

  8. Israel is always the instigator, and only attacks weak opponents; unless they are working a false flag instigation. Cowardice and deception has created a monster.

  9. Taking the Zionists side on this one? Imagine some armed neighbors knocking on your door at 3 am and telling you that you have 10 minutes to gather your belongings and leave YOUR house so it can be destroyed so a settlement can be built. You’re ok with the Mike?

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