…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

Many mothers are now realizing that Black Lives Matter, the ideological and violent movement which purports to fight against so-called racism, is a big monkey business which piggy-banks on moral and political crisis. For example, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a thorough Marxist, has been living a lavish lifestyle. She lives in a multi-million-dollar house, and she has her own private jet.[1]

Cullors admits in her book When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir: “I read, study, adding Mao, Marx and Lenin to my knowledge and hooks, Lorde and Walker. I focus on young people and produce spoken-word events.”[2] The New York Post tells us that she “was the protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview.”[3]

Mann actually believed that terrorism should be used to get things done. Mann was in fact arrested in 1969 “for participation in a direct action against the Harvard Center for International Affairs… Mann and 24 other Weathermen were charged with conspiracy to commit murder after two bullets were fired through a window of the police headquarters on November 8, 1969. Mann surrendered to the police on four counts stemming from the November 8 incident: conspiracy to commit murder, assault with intent to commit murder, promotion of anarchy, and threatening.”[4]

Mann was fighting against the police in 1969. 51 years later, BLM picked up Mann’s fight and projected it onto society. This again tells us that there is more to BLM than meets the eye and ear.

In any event, many mothers are now waking up and are now saying that BLM and its founder is like a Ponzi scheme. Because Cullors seems to have been caught red-handed, she has said that she is going to resign from the movement. One mother by the name of Samaria Rice declared:

“I don’t believe she is going anywhere. It’s all a facade. She’s only saying that to get the heat off her right now. Now she doesn’t have to show her accountability. She can just take the money and run.”[5]

Samaria Rice

Rice moved on to make this damning statement: “They are benefiting off the blood of our loved ones, and they won’t even talk to us.” Listen to this:

“In March Rice joined with Simpson, the mother of Richard Risher, to blast BLM for, as Simpson put it, ‘raising money in our dead sons’ names and giving us nothing in return.’ BLM’s Los Angeles chapter raised $5,000 for her son’s funeral, but Simpson claimed she never received any of it. “We never hired them to be the representatives in the fight for justice for our dead loved ones murdered by the police.

“The ‘activists’ have events in our cities and have not given us anything substantial for using our loved ones’ images and names on their flyers. We don’t want or need y’all parading in the streets accumulating donations, platforms, movie deals, etc. off the death of our loved ones, while the families and communities are left clueless and broken.”[6]

Mothers are far from alone here. Rashad Turner, a former BLM founder in St. Paul, Minnesota, has recently said: “In 2015, I was the founder of Black Lives Matter in St. Paul. I believed the organization stood for exactly what the name implies – Black lives do matter. However, after a year on the inside, I learned they had little concern for rebuilding Black families.”

Turner added that the movement wants to “disrupt the nuclear family structure. I was an insider in Black Lives Matter and I learned the ugly truth – the moratorium on charter schools does not support rebuilding the Black family. But it does create barriers to a better education for Black children.”

There you have it. If you still think that BLM is doing something good, then I leave you up to it.

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  1. Here in Baltimore the people marched for a organically brain damaged drug abuser who died in police custody but are too silent regarding the hundreds of other deaths in the city. Sure no one wants abuse but the gang wars and turf wars have to stop. Children have been caught in the crossfire and the violence has hurt business in the city; especially Black owned start ups. Heroin is rampant with some families having their third or fourth generation of sufferers. Many with all male relatives hurt or killed do to the violence inherent and the gang activity which is a must do. Most people in the Counties, (Baltimore cannot annex County land) avoid the city. BLM is not the movement to elevate the poor ; it just divides the middle class from the poor.

  2. Jack, I continue be amazed that so many on this site continue to be taken in by the racist ideology that claims Europeans were destined by God to displace indigenous people all around the world, rape them, pillage them, and in the case of the former American Confederacy, own them. The South shall rise again, and again, and again… If you don’t believe me, just ask any Native American, or any Palestinian.

  3. Get real, Jonas. That there are grifters connected with Black Lives Matter is nothing compared to the number of Christian Zionist grifters who use their influence in the ReTrumplican Party to throw billions at Israel to continue with the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Trump was their ticket to the Rapture. Need I say more?

  4. Is this an example of “By way of deception tho shalt do war” or are they just following “wise counsel”?

  5. The best thing Black Lives Matter could do now is go away, and take their nineteenth century Marxist nonsense with them. Marxism has never worked, ever, in any country it’s been instituted in and that is simply because Marx lacked any economic plan. Marx should have been thrown into the scrap heap of cultural faddism long ago, but the vindictive old viper has been very useful in creating dissension among the masses. So, he is kept alive by a vile group of Jewish academics who have hijacked the Wests educational institutions in the service of the very same Rent Seekers, to use David Ricardos label for them, Marxism purports to oppose. BLM is symptomatic of what an American “education” produces, idiots. BLM is the worst thing that could have ever happed to Blacks, and it was no accident. I’ve seen right through them since day one, but then again I read books, not by Marx and Engles either. The second you mouth the poisonous words of division; “White Privilege,” you loose the poor Whites all over this country who are just as subjected to the brutality of this corrupt and utterly useless police force as Blacks are. The idea was to win them over to our side, not turn them against us and deliver them to the republicans as BLM surely did. Patrisse Cullors is the greatest thing to happen to the elitists since sliced white bread, but then again I’m sure if you cut Cullors in half you will find out that she is White on the inside.

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