CBD for Anxiety & PTSD: What You Should Know 


More than 20% of the veterans who fought in the middle east are now battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues face difficulties in adjusting to normal life and, in many situations, end up on the street, addicted to drugs, or even end up committing suicide.

Studies have shown that many deaths are a result of over-prescription of opioids and other medications that are prescribed to vets when they are injured. Most of them battle combat-related chronic pain, making their life quite difficult. Medical experts tend to prescribe opioids to relieve some of the chronic pain, which triggers side effects like mood swings, stress, and sleep disorders. 

CBD for PTSD and Anxiety for Veterans 

A study released in 2016 showed that 66.000 veterans received treatment for opioid addiction. CBD or Cannabidiol alleviates pain, enhances mood, reduces inflammation, and is an efficient remedy for a wide range of ailments, both mental and physical. 

Cannabidiol more likely can be an alternative for an opioid for the military best with PTSD and other depressive symptoms. Even so, CBD has already shown optimistic results for these symptoms. 

Symptoms of PTSD 

  • Reliving past events and memories
  • Mood swings and changes in personality 
  • Avoiding places, people, or certain situations from feeling anxious 
  • Excessive anger, profanity, yelling, or general over-reacting 
  • Extra sensitive or frightened easily by sounds
  • An overwhelming feeling of responsibility and guilt 
  • Lack of joyfulness 

The mental health benefits of Cannabidiol are already acclaimed, but few know that CBD can work wonders for physical conditions as well. Studies have shown other conditions plaguing veterans that Cannabidiol can help to relive, out of which: 


Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that many people, including veterans, can struggle with. Cannabidiol can help relieve some of the physical pain, and those in need rely on opioid alternatives. 

Cigarette addiction 

Because tobacco withdrawal develops within several days, many veterans battle unbearable headaches, irritability, increased appetite and anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. 

The point is that CBD can regulate the sleep/wake cycle pain, satiety, and pain. Given that, Cannabidiol can relieve some of the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, helping veterans get through this period without too much hassle. 


Lack of sleep can be extremely strenuous on our body, both physically and mentally. Ingesting CBD oil or smoking CBD buds can give those suffering from insomnia the rest they so badly need. 

How Can CBD Help Treat PTSD? 

CBD can regulate our central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) through the network of nerve receptor cells that are distributed through the body. As such, it can help with the most common symptoms associated with PTSD, such as impulse behaviors, fears, anxiety, mood, and more. Cannabidiol is well-known for bringing relief to those debilitating symptoms: 

  • Blocks Mood Receptors Block Reconsolidation Memory 
  • Regulate Sleep Hormones 
  • Help with Pain Receptors 

According to the Arthritis Foundation, a considerable number of individuals with chronic conditions are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and stress issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Arthritis Foundation, which is one of the numerous advocacy groups demanding an expedited study and regulation of CBD. 

Because the interest in CBD is peaking, the organization issued a CBD guide to help newcomers navigate education, dosage, and safe CBD shopping. 

Up to 80% of the members use or are considering using CBD, according to a 2019 study. Some, but not all, study partakers reported a noticeable sleep improvement, pain relief, and anxiety reduction. 

Those battling chronic pain often experience higher anxiety and stress levels, so it’s no wonder that the American Academy of Pain Medicine is one of the organizations that advocates for CBD research and regulations. 

Another 2019 study, this time on PTSD, has suggested that CBD has beneficial properties worth further research, especially tamping down the fight-or-flight response, as well as potentially minimizing sleep disorders and nightmares related to PTSD. CBD compounds acting on the endocannabinoid system may reduce the symptoms that someone with PTSD experiences after a memory extinction process. 

How does CBD work? 

Rather than working at a level of symptoms, Cannabidiol operates at the epicenter of balance, our homeostatic system. Our central nervous system consists of cells covered by endocannabinoid receptors- when CBD connects to these receptors, it can send a message through them, journeying down into the nucleus of the cell to eventually reach our chromosomes. 

These chromosomes are responsible for everything our body does, for instance, signaling molecules that are in charge of our psychology, from neurotransmitters that run through our nervous system or the cytokines that run our immune system. Our receptors are precisely designed to bind with CBD. 

Cannabidiol can modify the transcription of genes that produce signaling molecules to naturally reduce inflammation in our immune system and central nervous system. Alas, it has the means to promote homeostasis across a different system in our body. 

How long does it take to work?

Depending on the person’s body type, gender, and weight, it can take up to 20-40 minutes for CBD to take effect. The method of ingesting CBD, either through topical, edibles, or oils, will also determine how long the product takes effect. 

For instance, placing a CBD oil under the tongue allows the supplement to get into the bloodstream much quicker. The guideline states to place a few CBD drops under the tongue, hold it for 2 minutes, then swallow. 

Because CBD contains no “THC,” the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, no “high” sensation will be experienced. 

CBD products’ taste will vary by brand, so it takes some trials to find the right product for you. The good news is that there are plenty of flavors and varieties to suit any taste need, from fruity and mint flavors to more earthy specialties. Note that you should contact a medical professional if you’re under any prescribed medications to ensure CBD won’t interfere with other medications.


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