Jack Heart: Post-Apocalyptic Nutrition, also with Mario Rolando, “Principles”


First published July 25, 2020

A man has to know his limitations and I know mine. I’m not a dietician or a nutritionist, but because we write with sincerity so lacking in both the mainstream and alternative media where everyone has an agenda, we have drawn a cadre of followers whose expertise spans the gamut of the human condition.

They say 30% of Americans are overweight, I say more like about 60% including myself. I asked one of our readers who is an expert on such matters what I could do about it, because at 61 starving oneself may be far more dangerous than carrying around a few extra pounds.

Since we hear COVID kills fat people, we would like to share his reply with our readers, whom we consider our family…

You all need to start facing some facts, this here is what’s called an Apocalypse in Greek. Only a fool would think anything is ever going to be the same again. Every religious text ever written told you this was coming.

Technically apocalypse, although it does carry connotations of biblical destruction, means Revelation. I don’t know how many are going to survive to learn the revelation’s secret, but if I had my way, it wouldn’t be too many, that’s for sure. 

Accepting the predicate of the “black goo” is unavoidable at this point. Common sense is an anachronism as we lurch around in our masks in a ship crewed by devils. We are infected, and we will not make port until we purge the pathogen. Oil cleanups are a bitch, and Google has infected most of the world with their greasy slime. But as predicted by the Georgia Guide-stones, there will be some who survive this. 

The guide stones were composed by what Aleister Crowley called “Rascally Rosicrucians.” I call them other things far less flattering. Crowley has broken all their spells and replaced them with his own, but Crowley’s most influential book is The Book of Lies. Orage and I haven’t lied to you yet, and never will. We’re going to put up our own guide stones right here in cyber-space in hope that like everything else we have thus far covered, it will work itself into the collective consciousness. 

One merely just has to visit the local Walmart to observe firsthand the evolutionary decline of the human form. Man may well have been created in god’s image, but for most after nineteen, it’s all down hill till they look like they have been created in the image of a rotten fruit. Good genetics are imperative but, after that, maintaining vigorous good health is contingent on a few other things, one of those being diet. 

We would like to introduce Mario Rolando​ as our in-house dietician and nutritionist. This one is for free, but in the future, they will be published only on our Patreon page. Mario is also on Facebook and available, at a fee of course, only Orage & I work for free, for consultations. Have a read. I am sure you will be as impressed as I was… 

Mario Rolando: On The Principles of Nutrition

Throughout generations we’ve been fed food which for all intents and purposes is deficient in minerals at best and poisonous at worst. “Problems of old age” have been normalized, one of the reasons people are so afraid of old age is because associated images of disease, constant pain, loss of memory, a weaker body, a cane or a wheelchair.

We are told these conditions are inevitable and that we should do things to prevent that from happening, like avoiding junk food, quit drinking, and quit smoking and hit the gym. While these things do help somewhat, we can still see millions of people who are diseased, fat, lazy, can’t sleep or are unable to rest. We even see cases of people who were the embodiment of what is typically considered Health contract weird diseases all of a sudden. Doctors are baffled and give out treatments which ease at first yet make things worse in the long run. Next thing you know even these people get the chemo, the insulin, or the hemodialysis.

I’ll tell you a very important fact you have to burn into your heads: The world at large has a seriously messed up problem of malnutrition. The images you see coming out from Africa are just the very extreme, but in the West malnutrition has become the norm and most of the time is being passed as healthy. It is one of the main reasons as to why despite all the so called progress and much better hygiene than other periods in history, we seem to be getting more and more diseases, chronic and acute all the same.

What about weight loss? We have people and so called nutritionists all over the world obsessed with calories, giving out diets which leave their clients unsatisfied, feeling hungry the whole time. On the surface it seems to work just fine, but it comes at a tremendous effort and next to insane regiments, eat a little bit and then hit the gym. No wonder people struggle to maintain it long term engaging in battles of restraint.

The real concern shouldn’t be calories, but the nutrients the body needs to keep functioning properly. What good is it to lose weight because we eat a little bit and then force our bodies to burn the fat it has a stored in an attempt to not drop dead?

The fact of the matter is our diet is composed of food which has been compromised in one way or another, from dirty chemicals or inorganic minerals which have no place in our bodies to foods which will wreck our insulin levels, there are some things which despite being edible will inevitably cause us harm.

So what’s one of the keys for health improvement and even efficient and sustainable weight loss? WHOLESOME FOODS.

Let’s begin at the basic foundation of it all: There are two types of minerals in nature, those which are inorganic and those which are organic. Inorganic minerals are those which come directly from the soil while Organic minerals are those which are found in living things like plants and animals. Our bodies are only capable of processing the Organic minerals while the Inorganic ones will inevitably poison our bodies or cause an accumulation of sediments in places like our joints.

Things like multivitamins and so called medicine are very high in inorganic minerals so their long term use brings more pain than relief. What about those meds that come from fully organic minerals you may ask? While they may be preferable to meds with inorganic minerals, we still have a big problem, it is not Wholesome, meaning the components which are deemed to be the active principles of a plant will be isolated and isolated compounds can and will cause damage long term. As far as I know, to this day no one knows (or at least no one has come forward to shed light) how the other compounds found in a plant serve as buffers rendering the plant harmless for humans.

Take aspirin for instance, is it well documented how it came about from isolating compounds found in Willow Bark, yet if anyone becomes a frequent user of Aspirin they risk things like strokes or gastrointestinal bleeding, whereas taking a Wholesome Willow Bark will never cause harm, not unless you start taking over exaggerated doses, yet a daily aspirin for long periods of time can give you even heart disease… yet it doesn’t stop at meds or multi vitamins, we also have them in supplements, protein shakes and worse of all in the Fortified Foods. That’s right when you eat anything which is fortified, you are effectively consuming inorganic minerals and thus harming your body. Only Plants are able to process inorganic minerals.

So what to do? Stick to Natural Law and try to consume Organic Minerals only which come exclusively from Wholesome Foods, never consume isolated compounds. So what kind of foods should I eat you may ask? Let’s explore the general principles which will provide benefits like losing weight and sustain your ideal weight long term, improve your health and even reverse diseases which are supposed to be impossible to reverse.

Simplifying the matter, our bodies can use two sources of fuel: Glucose and Fat, out of the two it is accepted even by the mainstream that Fat provides twice (at least) the amount of energy than Carbohydrates/Glucose does. So out of those two Fat is the more efficient source of fuel.

Yet we are told that all fats should be avoided or minimized when one wants to become healthier or lose weight. Low fat intake brings a lot of side effects which can only harm the body, things like inflammation, mental problems, cancer, etc.

The fact of the matter is that losing weight and excess body fat is overly complicated because people keep pumping insane levels of glucose/carbohydrates into their bodies, not only that but such intake contains very little to zero nutrients. Since the body has to put up with such excessive quantities it prioritizes the burning of glucose, if glucose starts to run out it proceeds to burn fat as a source of energy.

Yet in a culture where people consume such excess of carbs, then body seldom gets the chance to burn fat, as a consequence the very first symptom is excess weight and eventually obesity and along the way a body more prone to disease and a myriad of chronic conditions. One of the reasons why people crave sweet food so badly is because they usually have a deficiency in Potassium or Magnesium and many times they lack both.

The problem doesn’t stop at high carbs, on top of that one has to add things like fortified foods (inorganic minerals), food preservatives, additives and who knows what else… furthermore we have to add the probability of those foods having even fewer nutrients when they go through a heat process, so at the end we are eating products which are extremely high in glucose or carbs and which have very little nutritional value no matter what the label says.

Now, should we entirely avoid carbohydrates? No, even vegetables have carbohydrates and besides some exceptions they tend to possess lows carbs which then become even fewer if one considers the amount of fiber they contain. What we should avoid are foods which are extremely high in glucose which in turn are next to dead in terms of nutrients. When your body is able to burn glucose efficiently then it will start burning fat next.

So the very simplified “formula” is low carbs/low glucose and high fats & oils.

Now let’s get into what should be avoided.

Dairy of all kind, that includes yoghurt, even the so called natural one. Dairy has a myriad of problems, if we talk about the commercial products there are issues like Insulin Growth Hormone, which is used to force cows to produce more milk at faster rates, that hormone will inevitably end up in your body and in turn can cause a lot of problems to arise and even make pre-existing conditions way worse than before.

Then we have Lactose which is basically a kind of sugar, if anyone is in the habit of consuming dairy daily then that Lactose will accumulate and begin to cause insulin related issues; what about lactose-free milk? Even worse since most of them extract the natural Lactose and replace it with a synthetic one. The other problem with Dairy is Casein which is an adhesive so to simplify matters, the casein found in dairy will make the toxins in your body become stuck, making the process of elimination way harder than it should be; Casein is especially troublesome for people with Asthma.

If you can’t take the plunge, then take out milk completely and consume cheese and butter moderately, I said butter, avoid margarine like the plague because it’s even worse. Ideally if you still consume cheese and butter they should be organic. Goat cheese is preferable to cow cheese.

Salt of any kind or to be more precise, Sodium Chloride. Yeah this may be a tough one, but your body will welcome the change. The problem is that this is an inorganic mineral so besides the well-known side effects of excessive consumption, it can also form sediments in various parts of the body. If you must, then stick to sea salt and use is sparingly. You can get your organic sodium from other sources and if you get creative you may come up with superb substitutes of salt in terms of flavour and nutrition.

Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda. Despite what many may say about its benefits, they are only short term because this is an inorganic mineral, it has no place in our bodies. If you really have nothing else at hand then use it as a quick fix, but never rely on this thing for long term use, it can only poison when its use is prolonged. There are things which will do a much better job than Baking Soda which cause no harm, feed, and actually go to the cause of a problem.

Some of the worst things one can eat: Potatoes, Soybeans and Rice. Avoid them like the plague, oh but what about Brown Rice? Avoid it like the plague, Wild Rice? Same answer. These 3 things while edible have extremely high carbs even the ones which are not processed. So long term consumption will inevitably cause many problems.

What’s worse is that one of these or a combination of them are staples of many countries and have become the cultural standard of many cuisines around the world, these 3 foods also cause nutrient deficiencies which is one of the reasons why you’ll find fortified products, but we already know what happens when we eat fortified foods. Obviously you should also avoid by-products of these things.

No grains nor their by-products, so things like sorghum, corn, wheat, quinoa, amaranth, coffee, etc. In broad terms some of them contain gluten which do cause harm long term, it’s not just a hipster trend. What about whole grains? No; we have two types of whole grains: Those which are called whole because of marketing campaigns and those which are actual whole grains.

The commercial ones and their by-products besides being riddled with chemicals go through Dry Heat Processing which leaves whatever nutrients those grain may have possessed at very low levels, then depending on what by product you are consuming things go from worse to worst; suppose you are having bread which is made with flour which came out from a refinement process out of these dry heated grains and then to this bread you add things like sugar. You know effectively have consumed a time bomb, tasty as it may be.

What about Gluten Free Grains? While some grains do not contain Gluten from the get go and while it can be eliminated in things like wheat, they still contain other compounds which are harmful like Glyphosate if we talk commercial ones, but even if you eliminate glyphosate and gluten and their associated problems, that makes the carbs on grains go even higher so you will still end with multiple inflammatory conditions and put on weight and on top of this you also have to consider for how long things like wheat flour were stored for, it usually goes through a process of oxidation which reduces nutrients even further. So ideally one should be Grain-Free.

No canned food, besides all the issues I have previously described you have to add the fact the cans are made of aluminum which will inevitably detach particles with will enter into the food. Those particles are inorganic minerals and in the case of aluminum it can cause neurological diseases to name one of the issues.

You should also avoid processed juice, the stuff you find at supermarkets which passes as orange juice or any other type go through pasteurization which kills off many of the fruits’ nutrients, so you end up with very low minerals and a ton load of carbs, sugars, preservatives and what not.

You shouldn’t be eating refined sugar of any kind; it is one of the key components in poisoning the body and one of the causes for chronic disease, not to mention weight gain. Check out how many sugar canes are needed to come up with just a teaspoon of refined sugar.

You can check a video on how sugar is made, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you are eating some sort of construction material. If you must sweeten something, it is preferable that you use things like unpasteurized honeybee, Liqorice Root or even the damn juice directly from the sugar cane in moderation.

When excessive levels are present your immune system will also be compromised since it will be busy trying to eliminate it from the system, and if you keep eating more and more the strain on your body will reach insane levels. This one of the reasons why people can’t sustain weight loss long term.

You should also be careful with products which claim to have no sugar; while most of the time, it is true they don’t use refined sugar, they tend to use sweeteners which are even worse, like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, etc. and many times these sugar free products also mess with the metabolic rate.

If you are taking meds of any kind, then pepper of any kind should be avoided. Pepper by itself causes no harm and it is one of the best foods, but it has the capacity to amplify the effects of other foods and when it comes to meds it amplifies their side effects. So pepper only after cutting out meds and some time has passed where they have been eliminated from the body.

Eggs: I mean the commercial white ones you can find everywhere, take them long enough and don’t be surprised if you get cancer. A bit of research on how chickens are made to produce so many eggs should inevitably lead you to that conclusion.

Now let’s get into what one should eat.

Vegetables of any kind with the exception of those I mentioned before or those with high carbs like those orange pumpkins, but your greens should be the staple. These ideally should be eaten raw, no exceptions or steamed at the most. The more you heat veggies the more they lose their properties so if you are going to make some soup try to not let it boil.

You should be eating plenty of these veggies in terms of quantity and variety, some would argue 5 to 7 cups a day are what should be consumed, feel free to juice some of them if chewing is too much of a hassle. Legumes will be expanded in another paragraph, they are vegetables, but there are other factors to consider.

Fruits should be consumed occasionally and in season. Fruits do have nutrients, but they also contain fructose which in excess will cause problems for the liver. If we talk commercial fruit there is a problem there in the sense that they have been going through selective processes where they keep getting sweeter and sweeter, thus eating high quantities will prove troublesome.

As a general rule of thumb you always eat way more veggies than fruit. Although as far as I know there are 4 exceptions which can virtually be eaten “without limit”: Avocado, Lemon, Tomato and Coconut, as usual they have to be Wholesome. So if you are eating big bowls of fruit every day, you are doing it wrong and will also have trouble dropping weight.

Legumes should be consumed, but in small quantities since their nutrients are very concentrated, if we eat too much too often we risk problems like renal conditions or digestive ones.

A good measurement I’ve found from my personal experience and with clients is half a bowl one or two days a week at the most, one type or you can mix them. Now while Legumes are also considered vegetables, these are the exception for the way they should be consumed, if you eat them raw you will have trouble, the general recommendation is to soak them first and then cook them in water and a moderately high temperature. Sprouted are best.

Nuts are one of the best nutrient sources, but since they are very concentrated then only small quantities should be taken daily, I usually recommend 7 daily from a single type or a mix of them. Now nuts should ideally be free of salt (I mean the inorganic sodium) and should be germinated, if you manage to get them salt free and germinated (you can do it yourself) then have them daily. The ones I recommend the most are Walnuts, Pistachios –Which have the benefit of having a salty taste for those who find it hard to quit salt- and Almonds. Why sprouted? You get rid of the enzyme inhibitors and anti-nutrients that are present in them.

Eggs: Yeah not a mistake, you should be eating the eggs which come from properly fed chickens which are not being injected with who knows how many diseases, aren’t stressed and have a wide variety of food available to them. Eggs when properly laid, are one of the most complete nutrient sources you can find, just make sure they aren’t fertilised.

Oils and Fat, except those that came from the things you shouldn’t be eating. I can’t stress enough the paramount importance of fats and oils, if you are not consuming them in generous quantities then you are doing it very wrong especially since these changes will have your body use Fat for fuel.

The only exceptions to the rule are those which are by-products or extracted from the things you should not eat, aside from that you’d have to research a bit more for some of the oils, Safflower oil for example will wreck someone who suffers from Hypertension, but will be great for someone who is relatively healthy. Word to the Wise: Never ever fry your food, not even when using proper oils, frying kills nutrients regardless if you use healthy stuff or not.

Distilled Water: Ideally the only kind of water that should be getting into your body, avoid tap water like the plague. Distilled Water is free from inorganic minerals and one of the real functions of water in the body is to be a medium in which organic minerals become soluble and thus arte able to reach whatever part of the body they are needed at.

If you can’t get your hands on it, then I suppose bottled water is your best next option, although I’m not sure if that’s fluoridated in first world countries like their tap water, if they are then do everything to get distilled water or just make your own.

Red Meat, Chicken and Sea Food can still be eaten as long as they are not seasoned or eaten along with all the things you shouldn’t be putting in your body, but there are factors to consider: The ideal is to consume them organic; in the case of Red Meat you should be looking at grass or nut fed, chicken shouldn’t be given grains, I’m not really sure if they can process it just fine but even if that is the case those harmful things in grains will end up in your body and Sea Food ideally should come from the sea and not farms, although sea food may carry more risk of inorganic minerals.

Avoid these animals if they are being fed with inorganic minerals, the problem is that even some of the best cared for cattle is given inorganic minerals to fortify them, so do your due research into the product you are buying.

Now I’d have to put more research and experience into the whole thing when it comes to the subject of meat, all the commercial processes aside I didn’t develop any sentimentalism for those animals and I think cattle is their function, but some would argue that consuming their meat and thus their blood (even if organic) can have some messed up consequences, not out of sentimental non sense, but as a part of a Natural Process, but again I’d need more time and experience to relay a good enough report on my findings.

One thing is clear to me when it comes to chickens though: By virtue of Natural Law it is way more efficient to care for them and eat the eggs than to kill the chicken and eat it, a living healthy chicken will provide way more nutrients via their eggs than their meat, one could even establish an efficient system that considers Soil, Plants, Worms and Chickens.

As you may have deduced already, the ideal thing is to get these foods fully organic with no foreign chemicals or pesticides in them which also includes non GMO stuff.

Doing all these things as best as possible will yield great results and will also result in weight loss. Initially I recommend people to eat 3 times a day, the portions of their plates on the first and second meal should be generous and they should eat until they are satisfied, the third meal can be more relaxed, but then again it depends on the person.

What else is a great source of food and also medicine? If you paid attention to Jack’s and Orage pieces, then you did notice George Berkeley and his Miraculous Tar Water, now I never tried it but I’m sure it works the wonders attributed to it, but Tar Water is far from being the only thing out there capable of curing diseases, that kind of knowledge has been revealed to me.

I’ll just give the example of two herbs which you can use to aid you in providing nutrients as well as excellent aids in weight loss: Dandelion and Horsetail Grass. So if you are one of those who thinks Dandelion is a pest in your backyard and are actively pulling them out or pouring chemicals only to be left with grass which you cannot eat, then you are doing it very, very wrong.

I prefer to take them in tea or if you want to get more technical, I prefer decoctions because they save time and get more nutrients out of these plants. Always use a stainless steel pot to make your decoctions or infusions, ideally use Distilled Water.

Put the Wholesome Herb (no supermarket tea bags) into your pot, pour water, as soon as it boils decrease the intensity and simmer for 10 minutes although Horsetail may take up to 15 or 20 minutes since it is harder to draw out its nutrients, so I recommend chopping it into little pieces and cut them open, strain and enjoy.

Preferably no sweeteners or use unpasteurized honey bee or a bit of Liquorice Root. As for the dose imagine you are using 1 or 2 tea bags, drink twice or thrice a day alternating them for 6 days a week, on the seventh day you don’t take any teas at all.

The subject of herbs is rich, figuratively, and literally, but that will perhaps be another topic on its own for another time, but a lot can be accomplished by applying the right knowledge. As the fake, but truthful quote attributed to Hippocrates says: “Let thy Medicine be your Food and let your Food be thy Medicine”.

In general terms, I’ve been able to relieve and even cure some diseases, even those who are supposed to be degenerative with only means to slow them down or chronic ones which are supposed to be only manageable until something goes very wrong, in one of those instance a client of mine who had a severe case of Gout was told he needed to have hemodialysis pronto or risk death, I applied this knowledge and he’s fine now, never had to go through that annoying procedure.

For the members on this page, realize something very important: Jack and Orage have touched on 3 very important Natural Laws: Frequency, Energy and Vibration, you need only re-read their pieces and observe how they play an important role in Reality Crafting.

One of the reasons as to why food and its industry is so compromised at almost every conceivable level is because Food can and does affect Frequency, Energy and Vibration. Why do you think Hemp is illegal to possess, while Datura can be hoarded by ton if one wishes to do so? There’s a lot at stake and even if you think you live in a false world, a simulation created by whoever, realize that Natural Law permeates everything and as such, provides the tools for you to implement the necessary changes.

Jack Heart & Mario Rolando © 2020



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  1. Solid article. There are chelated minerals that are better absorbed without as much gastro irritation. Gundry has some interesting perspectives on vegetables and the Lectin family.

  2. Mario Rolando may be correct in effect but not in cause. Minerals are the same whether extracted from the soil or found in plants – a molecule of a substance cannot have its properties changed by a plant while still remaining the same molecule. If one source of a mineral is healthy and one not, it has to be due to other substances one is getting from eating plants containing the mineral and not where the mineral comes from.

    • “Things like multivitamins and so called medicine are very high in inorganic minerals so their long term use brings more pain than relief. What about those meds that come from fully organic minerals you may ask? While they may be preferable to meds with inorganic minerals, we still have a big problem, it is not Wholesome, meaning the components which are deemed to be the active principles of a plant will be isolated and isolated compounds can and will cause damage long term. As far as I know, to this day no one knows (or at least no one has come forward to shed light) how the other compounds found in a plant serve as buffers rendering the plant harmless for humans.”

      Worker always looking for the hair in the egg, but that’s good you keep authors honest. I don’t think you are taking the above paragraph into account as to what Mario is saying about buffers. While its true just like the song the molecule remains the same it’s a well known fact that vitamins in pill form are not synthesized in the body with the efficiency they are if they are ingested through food. Most VT readers are not afflicted with the transhuman plague, that a British friend of mine slickly dubbed Porton Down Syndrome, to its full extent where the agglutination is seen worshiping characters like Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo as living gods. It’s time to start watching what you eat. The sentient will need you. Mr. Dean also has extensive knowledge in this field which he has been sharing with me, he could just publish the emails he sent me last night and this morning and you will have another dietary piece. I’m going to take the liberty of publishing a link to Karen Hurds website, which he highly recommends, right here:


  3. Jack,

    Gotta laugh as you brought up the performance enhancing drug issues with sports as my sport is cycling and I have two friends whom I know are drug cheats whom both have leaky heart valves . They both have arithmia as both used a cocktail of PED’s as they did pro times in the time trial over 60. Drugs work however, at a price.

    Arnold had that heart valve issue and had surgery as did Mick Jaeger whom is on the juice. 77 year old men don’t have 3% body fat bodies.LOL

    I decided against all that and just did events for fun and to stay fit yet in my mid 60’s I can still out run a Peoples republic of Madison bike cop if Karen called one. LOL

  4. Aqui no Brasil, o tratamento de “modulação intestinal”, do professor Murilo Pereira, a que eu me submeti com êxito, em muito se aproxima do tratado no artigo. Como ele diz, “precisamos comer mais comida que estraga, que tem vida, que é a comida que estraga, a minimamente processada” (cf. 6min25 do vídeo no You Tube “Live – Murilo Pereira e Fernando Rocha”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77DH9kMlu-M, que permite legendas em outras línguas).

    • Correção: “precisamos comer mais comida de verdade, que tem vida…”, foi o que ele disse.

  5. I still can’t get over how the deliberate attack on the USA with the bioweapon COVID-19 is proceeding according to plan. That is the “elephant in the room” when it comes to America’s eating choices. The US economy is being deliberately reset and millions of Americans are unemployed, soon to be homeless and facing starvation. I’m sure Trump’s private Storm Troopers will be used to quell the coming food riots.

    We are not only dealing with the “powers that be” (PTB) deliberately culling the human herd of old people, the unemployable, and especially people of color, but we have the grim reality before us that food will be weaponized and only available to a select few on the planet. This a lot like what the USA did to plains Indians in the 19th Century, killing off the buffalo, their main food source, and giving them small-pox infested blankets to finish the job of exterminating all of them they could and putting the rest on reservations.

    These are dark times, folks. The PTB, or as Jesus called them, the Synagogue of Satan, is out to reduce the world’s human population dramatically and as Jack said in his reply below, “Yea it’s a given, it’s gonna happen, it’s happening now.” As a Christian I say, may heaven help us all.

  6. Cancer[with the exception of radiation poisoning is mycellium Fungus: see oncologist Dr Tulio Simoncini] cells consume 14 times the rate of sugar as does a healthy cell. It is processed sugar not fat which is the killer, you are spot on.

    • Simoncini is a fraudster and his cancer-fungus theory is pure bullshit designed to part the foolish from their money. Like Robert Young who I wrote about a couple of weeks back, Simoncini was injecting terminally ill cancer patients with bicarbonate of soda and charging them extortionate sums for doing so. He and Young are nothing more than modern versions of snake oil salesmen, scumbags who prey on sick people.

  7. New Biology has confirmed we are connected to the world thru micro RNA , plants relate to us at that level and send signals to us at the cellular level , changing our DNA so we can adapt and thrive over time . Yes ,physically and at the Heart of the matter , the Spiritual synthesis ,whatever you conceive it to be , All are One . The black goo Jack describes will be attracted to any energy one may deploy positively as it is inherently parasitic , particularly if the Rebis is invoked in ones effort to synthesize past lives . watch for the little demons at the portals, they are harmless . I daresay , you can trust your gut instinct , in food selection .

    • Some of us have full immunity Boonie, a Dine shaman told me you cannot alter the original DNA of the sun, its the best explanation I’ve heard so far and I’ve heard some, some even from out of town…

  8. I don’t know, Jack, with the bioweapon COVID-19 ravaging the USA, destroying its economy and putting millions of people out of work, the time is coming when those folks will be facing homelessness and starvation. They’ll be desperate for a continuation of the CARES Act and it looks right now like Congress is unwilling to extend benefits into next year. I’m guessing that when this all comes down, these folks will be eat pretty much anything that’s available and we’ll have to bring the troops home just to put down the food riots. This is, of course, all part of the diabolical plan of the so-called “powers that be” (PTB), or what Jesus called the “Synagogue of Satan”, who aim to destroy the USA as we know it.

    The PTB knew back in the second week of November last that the virus would be attacking Wuhan and warned Israel about it. They chose not to warn the USA about it and look what’s happening here, chaos and disorder, old folks and people of color dying in record numbers. Don’t tell me this wasn’t part of the plan all along, Jack. Culling the human herd is what these priority number one for these Satanists.

    • If you read our Paint it Blue pieces and the The Tookie Memorial Post part II, all three available right here on VT, you’ll Understand why they don’t really look at it as culling Tommy. But regardless of whether you look at it as self defense or a blatant act of mass murder, yea its a given, its gonna happen, its happening now. You raise the very same point I raised when I published this. Procuring the diet Mario is recommending here will require self sufficient gardens. We are trying to get a Master Gardener and agricultural expert to write something as a follow up…

    • John you are like the guy in the foxhole that gets shot before the battle as a safeguard against demoralizing the other guys. Chin up John and carry on, take a hint from the British who built the empire that way…

  9. The frakkin’ food pyramid is upside down. So, at 61, you want to stay healthy. Right off the bat, stay the hell out of the middle aisles in the supermarket. That’s where all the cheap carbs are. Get sugar, processed flour, vegetable oils, trans fats out of your diet. Macular degeneration was an extreme rarity before these came along.
    Also, at 61, you need more protein to fight off age-related sarcopenia(loss of muscle). The most touted formula I’ve seen is a gram of protein per kilogram of body daily. Do intermittent fasting, 8 hour eating window, 16 hours fasting. Hard at first but it gets ridiculously easy with practice. Remember, your sleep time is included in the fast. Good things happen…insulin levels drop, insulin sensitivity increases, inflammation markers decrease, blood pressure decreases. When you’re hungry good things are happening in your body. Consume more omega-3 fats, less omega-6( these cause chronic low grade inflammation and arthritis). Do a resistance workout before you break you fast; you’ll burn up to 2X the fat. Hydrate, maintain sodium, potassium, and magnesium levels. Walk every day. Shoot for between 5000-8000 steps. There’s probably a health app on your phone to count for you.

    • In 1977, I purchased the book “Guytons Medical Physiology.” In the chapters on endocrinology, it is stated that testosterone can be described as a “youth hormone,” for its anabolic effect on skeletal muscle. The book Anabolic Therapy In Modern Medicine by William N. Taylor, M.D. , is primarily about using steroid analogs for treating and prevention of Sarcopenia. A few years ago there were pharma commercials bring blasted on cable T.V. advertising “Low T.” Men were being prompted to request Rx from M.D.’s for testosterone in which the product being sold was the Methyl-Testosterone analog. What the willing fools didn’t know was that this product is unstable can be converted to Estrogen, which can induce red blood cells to adhere and produce blood clots. After a few years of this, the advertisements changed to the pretty woman asking the fools if they know anyone who had a heart attack, a stroke, or DIED from prescribed MT, to call the toll free number for Mr. Attorney for a civil lawsuit.
      Why did Pharma push MT for hormone replacement therapy? There are 6 or 7 anabolic steroid analogs that are “stabilized” and can not. will not, be biochemically converted to Estrogen. Was it all planned? It’s like “whoops, its all poison after all, so forget about that.”

    • The thing I don’t like about TRT therapy is that you become slave to it. Your body loses the ability to produce its own testosterone, so you have to keep taking it until you expire or run out of money to pay for it. Also, as you say, your body converts much of it to estrogen. That should be one of the first strategies for low T; an estrogen blocker such as 3,3′-Diindolylmethane, found naturally in cruciferous vegetables or as a DIM supplement. One has to remember that many manmade chemicals mimic estrogen in the body also. Vitamins A and D are crucial as well as zinc. Consume whey protein, do resistance training. Concentrate on less weight. Forget about reps and focus on time under tension. Add fenugreek to salads. It’s been shown to promote T levels. Also, take 9-10 grams of boron a day. It creates more free testosterone from sex hormone binding globulin.

    • The only testosterone the male body turns to estrogen is that in excess of what it uses. Therefore, the dose of testosterone needs to be tailored to the individual.

      None of what you suggest will make any difference in most cases of low T as most cases are due to either a pituitary abnormality, usually a tumour, or hypogonadism; in both, the body isn’t capable of producing the T it requires and only TRT therapy will work.

      There is a huge difference between low T due to diet and lifestyle vs low T due to a medical condition such as a pituitary tumour or hypogonadism and the two should not be conflated; the latter requires TRT therapy.

    • Well maybe Mario will jump in, I’ve messaged him. Obviously, Ian knows this subject better than me, all I know is I like to eat meat, smoke cigarettes, and have a few drinks. In a pinch I can pass for mid-forties, but I am not half the man I used to be. When I worked security everybody was on steroids except me, never touched them and ain’t about to start now. A certain one time winner of the Mr. America title used to be always trying to get me to take testosterone, I never bit and I can’t say I have any regrets…

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