The Truth About Relationships with a Mature Military Person


If you have decided to enter a relationship with someone from the military, there are several things you need to consider before you’re in too deep. Everyone loves a man or woman in uniform.

They look amazing, and there’s something profoundly sexual about the fact that they are protecting the country and putting their lives on the line. It might be the power; it might be the uniform itself, the safety that’s associated with it.

Sure, there are several reliable ways of finding a partner being of specific origin, religion, or occupation. Some consider online dating to be the most convenient. Unlike many other services existing on the web, Oldcooldates allows you to set your preferences to find military men or women, as well as the age parameter and nationality. However, before diving deep into it, you should consider the fact that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies; some issues are bound to arise.

While online dating websites will allow you to connect with military people even if you are not from the military and can easily find eligible singles to date who are or have been part of the military, all relationships come with ups and downs.

He Always Has a High Level of Stress and Anxiousness

If you’re into mature military men, then they probably are already veterans and no longer serving. While technically you’d expect them to be calmer and not have to deal with as much stress and anxiety anymore, the reality is very different.

It’s been proven that many of those who served in the military, especially those who have been in areas of soaring conflict and have fought in Afghanistan and many other war zones, suffer from PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects both men and women, those who have fought for a short period or an extended one, who have been injured or have gotten away without wounds, those who have seen horrible things, lost friends and colleagues, or heard guns and cannons firing.

You must be prepared to help him cope with his PTSD and not judge him for it. He will be more anxious than most men who haven’t been in the army, but he will also be a lot more careful, caring, attentive, and faithful.

When you’re still in the getting to know one another phase, communicate and learn about his experiences in his army and find out how bad his PTSD is. If he says he doesn’t have any, then he most likely is in denial. Help him acknowledge it and get help.

Be Prepared to Be Far from Family or Each Other

After you’ve passed the dating websites part and have already become a couple, you need to prepare to relocate to be with him if he is still active and be apart from your family and friends for weeks on end.

If you do not desire to relocate or go on missions regularly, you must be ready not to see one another for extended periods.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but you must be prepared and decide before you reach this point in the relationship if you are the sort of person who can handle this.

Understand the Reasons for His Absence

While it might seem obvious, sometimes it won’t be apparent to you why he’s gone. Consciously, you accept that he needs to do his job and protect the country, but subconsciously you might be feeling sad, resentful, or lonely.

You must constantly reassure yourself that it’s for the greater good, that his sacrifice and your sacrifice are worth it and essential.

He is not elsewhere because he doesn’t love you and doesn’t desire to spend time with you. He does this to ensure that your life and all your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors are protected as well.

He does this to make a living that will allow you to lead a good life and never lack anything to support your family.


Starting a relationship with a military person is not going to be simple. If he is still active, you will worry about whether or not he will return and spend countless days apart from one another. If he is a veteran, a mature military man, he might have PTSD and even feel bad about being a veteran and not serving his country anymore, feeling useless.

It’s your job to support him and let him know that what he is doing is compulsory and essential. That is ok to be afraid, to be under pressure, and to have anxiety. That because he is a veteran now doesn’t mean his life was wasted in vain and that being retired is a gift.

You will have to make a lot of sacrifices. But they are all worth it because you will have the chance to date and even marry someone who is truly a hero. And they will love you, cherish you and treat you the way you deserve.

Starting a relationship with a military man and woman is a great idea, but be prepared for everything.


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