In some states, cannabis products are sold widely, for example, those provided by Delta Extrax. If you enjoy the recreational use of cannabis, you know that, as the body gets used to its use, the breezes get lighter, and getting high can be more difficult. So often you don’t even notice and the breeze has passed. Therefore, it is important to know how to increase the effect of marijuana, to ensure that relaxation is typical of the herb, without having to increase the amounts consumed.

Once you maximize the effects of cannabis, you don’t need to consume more weed to get high like before. But what to do to keep the breeze off? Thinking of helping you, we raised 4 tips that work and are for you to do at home. Come on!

How to increase the effect of cannabis: understand what makes you high

Before knowing how to potentiate the effects of marijuana, it is important to answer a question: do you know what makes you high? Even though cannabis is very popular, many herb lovers don’t know why it causes such a nice breeze. In the composition of marijuana, there is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as THC. This substance has psychoactive properties, which are responsible for causing the sensations of relaxation, munchies, and euphoria, well known by those who smoke marijuana.

This compound is what guarantees the effectiveness of the recreational use of marijuana, which is our focus today. When it comes to the medicinal use of the herb, we have to consider other actives such as cannabidiol. When THC enters the bloodstream and makes its way to the brain, it triggers the effects that make marijuana so popular among those who want to relax and enjoy a breeze.

Now that you better understand what makes you high when smoking cannabis, it’s time to know how to leverage the effects of the herb, so the breeze can be even more intense. Check out!

  1. Say goodbye to pressing

If there’s one thing that’s been talked about a lot, but that makes a huge difference in the effects of the herb’s carburetion, it’s the consumption of the most natural marijuana. The herb with greater purity brings the feeling of relaxation much more intense. When you consume cannabis blocks it is very likely that you are ingesting other chemicals, which can be very negative for your body. Also, with less marijuana in the press, the effects of THC can be more subtle. By consuming natural marijuana, you are more certain of what you are ingesting and ensure that your breeze is enhanced and much lighter. Not to mention that, after the breeze passes, you are much calmer and without that feeling heavy and that you haven’t slapped enough.

  1. The practice of physical exercises

Those who have already tested it approved: exercising before or after consuming cannabis makes the breeze stronger. The relationship between the two things is very simple and allows you to get high and still keep your health up to date. When we move our body, our bloodstream is faster. With more intense blood circulation, THC is better absorbed, so you enjoy the herb more, having more intense breezes. With more THC in your body and enhanced blood circulation, you can get more highs and enjoy the herb. Oh, and no need to run a marathon, no. About 30 minutes of exercise that stimulates the cardiovascular system is enough to emphasize the effects of cannabis.

  1. Marijuana in the stomach, not the lung

Another super tip to have stronger breezes is to eat marijuana or consume it in the form of Delta 9 gummies. This is because, inside the stomach, there is better absorption of the herb components, compared to carburetion. Even though it takes a little longer to start high, from 30 minutes to 2 hours, the breeze is much more intense and relaxing, in addition to preventing damage to the airways caused by the smoke. But take it easy, don’t put the herb in your mouth, and try to eat it straight. To send cannabis inside, you have several options for marijuana recipes. So, in addition to getting high, you can enjoy delicious dishes!

  1. Foods that help THC absorption

It’s quite possible that, while researching cannabis potentiation, you’ve come across the information that eating mango increases the effects of marijuana. Yes, that’s true, but it’s not just the sleeve…

Studies have shown that myrcene, a hydrocarbon, allows delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol molecules to enter our bodies more easily. Thus, the analgesic, recreational and psychoactive effects of the herb are prolonged and enhanced.


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