The Malice Merchants and the Immortal Array


by Mike Kay, First published on 19 December 2021

The damage currently being inflicted upon mankind is not some simple state of soul loss, but something far more sinister.

As Above, so below
As below, so above
-The Emerald Tablet

Excerpt: The formula was to be a new religion focused on divine punishment, and spiritual reward for endless toil. A widespread theft of land, and reduction of free citizens to landless peasants, was the hallmark of the new political face of the empire; also known as feudalism. The emperor, now head of both church and state, wielded absolute power within its borders. From this cooking, vat emerged a dark age that lasted over 1,000 years. This matrix of absolute power featured a multi-pronged attack upon the European people, one that continues in slightly altered form to this day.

[ Editor’s Note: Avowed followers of religions often search for universal themes so they can make sense of their world and tie together diverse world views, for the purpose of holding the center. It’s a human condition to want to seek consensus on ideas. To this end, I am posting a rather involved stream of consciousness by Mike Kay, an occasional contributor to Jack Heart, for your enjoyment. You might have to read it in parts, as I did. Start it before lunch and finish it after lunch. That sort of thing. Erica P. Wissinger ]

The science of emanation is an old one, spanning back to before the emergence of the written word. Megaliths spread across Europe follow the unfolding of light and sound and time. This competency is echoed in the rock art found within and around such structures. Unfortunately, much of this knowledge has been lost to modern man, and as we shall discover, this is hardly by mistake. Modern man, led by a global trend towards the rejection of everything human, is actually arrogant in his lack of any useful theory of creation.

The inability of science to accurately address the conditions of life and manifestation, together with its own retreat from the public sphere, has left modern man to grapple with the unhappy predictions of Mikhail Bakunin.

Mr. Bakunin wrote that society, in this case, our own, is doomed to be diminished and stifled by the application of science it can neither use nor understand. Such a state condemns mankind to a death spiral into “the lowest orders of idiocy”. No less a figure than science’s favorite TV prophet, Carl Sagan, restated Mr. Bakunin’s prediction for, you guessed it, the TV audience by agreeing with the prediction of a descent into stupidity and doom.

One might ask, with the end of science and reason, and their capacity to address fundamental issues, as delineated in our previous piece Reality Shift, where do we go from here? After all, the exposing of the manifest of science as something beyond inadequate leaves quite a void. The next natural candidate still left standing in the implosion that once was society is, of course, religion…..

Emanation is a science because it is a model by which repeatable and immeasurable phenomena are made known.

We can perhaps best understand emanation as a flow from the source, THE flow from the source.

The flow always carries with it the desire to return, and it is this desire that forms the foundation of all true mysticism, from this time to all time. Metaphorically, emanation is a series of immense waterfalls, each one after the other, carrying the flow away from the source, the steps, further and farther into the depths of darkest matter.

Thus, there is nothing in this sphere of manifestation that is truly cut off, abandoned in some inescapable nightmare to exist purely by itself, without cause or correspondence to a greater reality. There is no equilibrium, there is no closed circuit, and there is no life devoid of the divine imperative. The source is, in effect, an unknowable flow, which contains all possibility, all potential for manifestation.

This manifestation is directly centered on the most independent life form in the pool of DNA, mankind. …

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[ Editor’s Afterword: As people reach out to others with holiday cheer, if or when that cheer is rebuffed, it can be difficult for the sender. The divine spirit of Christ, as presented to biblical readers, never spread hate or negative thoughts in the face of rejection. To become like Him entails following in that tradition, even at this season. ]


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  1. The divine spirit of Christ, as presented to biblical readers, still exists in a small but growing “remnant” of traditional Catholics independent of apostate Rome (the papacy, founded by Christ upon Peter “the Rock,” and continued in his successors, was usurped at the 1958 papal conclave by the traditional enemies of Christ and their subordinate assets). There is strong evidence of a nuclear threat against the Vatican leading to its takeover in the online article, “Grave Reasons of State: The Atomic Bomb and the Eclipse of the Church.”

  2. Of course, religion…
    and number.
    The number 70.
    70 “soul”(s) went into Egypt, 70 elders of Israel saw the God of Israel on Mt. Sinai, 70 nations and languages were disbursed from the Tower of Babel, to be overseen by 70 members of the Sanhedrin. Israel was subject to 70 years of exile in Babylon.

    AYIN (ע) is the sixteenth letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet. It has the numerical value of 70.
    Symbolically, 70 has to do with “a greater purpose”, and how that “purpose is manifest on every single level of reality.”
    The ancient pictograph for AYIN resembles an “eye” and represents “to see,”
    -the all seeing eye of God.
    The Manifestation of Divine Providence in The Development of Man and of History.
    And its Completion.

    Omicron corresponds to the letter Ayin.

    There is also
    The Freemasonic
    Eye of Providence-
    on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.
    And on the $1 bill.

    A/RES/70/1 – Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    “disunity entered the world in the form of the number 70, the ultimate unity also takes the form of 70.”

  3. Lots of good thoughts, nice stuff. We are coming to a mix of available stuff to solidify a unified theory. Sheldrakes morphic fields, chemistry and periodicity, along with basic biology, will get us there. In 1900 there was 2 billion. WW2 killed 60 million. Covid has killed 5 million out of 7.7 billion. As an organism, humans have the least independence of any species at this time. We take forever to gestate, and then 2 solid years of complete dependence, which gives way to at least another 10 years of partial dependence, before we are physically even capable of being independent but only if you live in the Blue Lagoon. Once the aging process starts, another 10 to 20 years of dependence sets in. Our cities are completely dependent on outside food sources, and heat for winter. Their lives hang in the balance of the necessity and willingness of rural workers. We are pathetically dependent on one another and many other species to sustain the diversity of our favored sustenance.

    • Take the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal on the planet. Mom plops out an egg, which incubates without outside food, for 30 days, and the chicks fledge in 42 days after hatching on average. That is solo flight from egg in 72 days on average. That is serious independence for an animal. Within one to two more months, they are completely dependent and can roam anywhere they like, and find abundant food sources nearly anywhere. Recently, it was discovered Condors may produce fertile eggs without breeding,.. which means even more independence potential for raptors. This is the archetype of Oct 2 – 12,(Falcon) and while not the complete archetype used to create Jesus, (the days are the other) tons of direct references make it the precise decan. He tells his parents to kiss off at 12, claims he is here to teach the proper year, and wanders around like a hitchhiker from the 70’s, then, ties his fate to a tree. Other examples born during the same decan, Ghandi, Thich Nhat Hanh, The worlds oldest working astronomical clock in Prague, Elmer Sperry, (father of modern navigation tech), Desmond Tutu, Jesse Jackson, John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Arthur Clokey (brought clay to life), Alberto Giacometti, Thor Heyerdahl, Neils Bohr, and last but not least Susan Sarandon, and Sigourney Weaver. Just to name a few.

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