Discover New Ways to Make Coffee in 2022

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It’s safe to say coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Chances are you’re even enjoying a cup of coffee while reading this. Although we all love coffee, sometimes it gets a little boring brewing the same kinds of it, using the same methods over and over again. Drip coffee and pour-overs are undoubtedly delicious, and we all love visiting our favorite coffee shops for the atmosphere.

Still, both can become tiring for those looking to switch up their routine or find a more convenient way to get a caffeine fix. Luckily, there are plenty of methods to make coffee and keep things interesting. If you’re looking for something new to try in 2022, check out some of these popular methods!


For any coffee enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of an Aeropress. An Aeropress is a tool used to brew bold and flavorful cups of coffee said to have more body and flavor than a pour-over. Pour-over coffee tends to produce a ‘cleaner’ flavor, which sounds good, but ends up having less of the strong and bold flavors we’re looking for in our coffee. An Aeropress, which looks similar to a french press, brings out more body in the flavor without making your coffee too thick and filled with grounds. The Aeropress won’t save you time, but it will definitely make you a fine cup of coffee to enjoy in the morning!

Coffee Concentrate

One of the most significant innovations in the coffee industry has been the rise of coffee concentrate. You may already be in the know, and understand cold brew produces a cup with more caffeine and robust flavor than ordinary joe. In fact, cold brew is around twice as strong as regular coffee. To level up some more, coffee concentrate is even stronger than cold brew. Then there’s Jot, in a class of its own. Jot is a premium coffee concentrate 20x stronger than others on the market. This means with just one tablespoon of Jot you’re making the equivalent of a traditional cup of coffee.

It is very simple to use. You mix the coffee concentrate with either hot water, cold water, or your preferred milk product or milk substitute. You can create a beautiful, easy and flavorful coffee drink in a matter of minutes. Coffee concentrate will not only save you time but can spark a new level of excitement in your coffee routine.

Because it’s so simple to execute a barista-level cup of coffee at home, you’ll likely want to experiment until you hone in on your favorite way to prepare it. Maybe you make a different type of coffee for the morning jolt than you do for your afternoon pick-me-up. Experiment away, the creative possibilities are endless.

Canned Nitro Cold Brew

Many high-end coffee companies have started to sell their best-selling drinks in cans that you can refrigerate at home and take on the go. This will save you time, and the worry about not brewing your coffee strong enough, or adding the wrong ingredients as you rush to get out the door. Not many know this, but nitro cold brew is different from a regular cold brew. Nitro blends have added nitrogen to make it a little sweeter without adding any sugar. The nitrogen also makes it easy to store for longer in a can. The result is a smooth, cool beverage that delivers all the caffeine you’ll need throughout the day.

Pods and K-Cups

A slightly controversial method of brewing coffee, coffee pods and K-Cups, are still widely popular for their convenience. Environmentally friendly ethos has underscored  their wastefulness. Subsequently, some brands have made their coffee pods recyclable and even compostable. This method may be the perfect coffee solution for some, as long as you make sure whatever pods you buy are 100% compostable. With coffee, it’s easy to reduce our footprint by composting grounds from the brewing process, and there’s no reason to use pods to make that any different! 

At Home Espresso Machines

In decades past, owning an espresso machine meant you were either a coffee shop owner or too rich for your own good! Nowadays, these machines are much more accessible for consumers and make sense for coffee aficionados to own. In addition, many devices double as both an espresso maker and a coffee brewer, so the entire household can enjoy their preferred style of coffee every morning. If coffee is important to you, check out the options available for at-home espresso machines! 

Coffee Substitutes

There is a surge of brands in 2022 offering substitutes for morning coffee that easily blend with water and milk to deliver a hearty and comforting beverage that boosts your energy in the morning. These are typical mixable powders containing various recipes of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants designed to improve your mood and wake you up in the morning. These are great things to look into if you’re looking to decrease your caffeine intake but still want a grounding morning beverage to enjoy. Check out all of the coffee substitutes the marketplace has to offer today! You just might find your new favorite drink.

If you’re looking for a way to stay caffeinated without having to deal with the mess and hassle of brewing coffee every time, try checking out some quality coffee concentrates. These high percentage solutions can be mixed in hot or cold water, milk, and sweeteners to make your favorite drink right on the spot. Traditional coffee brewing methods are great and can make delicious cups of coffee.

Still, when we feel ourselves getting into a rut or feeling extra tired all the time, it can be a brilliant idea to mix it up and give ourselves something to be excited about. When considering whether this is a good option for you, think about the factors most important to you when making your morning cup of joe (convenience? taste?). And if either of those is at the top of your list, check out how easy it would be just by following these simple steps! These solutions brew a delicious cup of coffee that any coffee drinker will enjoy. Try coffee concentrate today!


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