By Jack Heart & Orage

“Have you thought of Al-Lāt and al-ʻUzzā

Manāt, the third, the other? “(28).  These are the exalted gharāniq, whose intercession is hoped for.

To most Westerners, The Satanic Verses conjure up images of Neolithic cavemen clamoring in the streets of Europe and the Middle East for the head of Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, the author of the 1988 novel of said title. There was that decrepit old man in a bathrobe Ayatollah Khomeini, looking ridiculously theatrical and issuing a fatwa, calling for Rushdie’s assassination and the British responding by giving Rushdie police protection and eventually knighting him. For the first time in centuries, Westerners got to witness first hand all that is truly ugly about Islam.

What Westerners were not told us what the furor was all about. With his title, Rushdie was alluding to what is now considered a heretical Islamic concession to polytheism, made by the Prophet himself and known by scholars to be as old as the Qur’an itself. The Satanic Verses consist of three lines. Surah fifty-three, verse nineteen and twenty, which implore the Faithful to think upon the three great goddesses of yore.

After that and this is documentable through Persian historian Al Tabari on down to the time the Qur’an first appeared, Muhammad, is reputed to have said: “These are the exalted gharāniq, whose intercession is hoped for…”

Gharāniq is Arabic for crane, as in the cranes surrounding the swastika depicted on the Samarra bowl in the picture we began this essay with. Respectively al-ʻUzzā and Al-Lāt correspond to Athtart and her fearsome sister Anat in the Baal Cycle, earlier Ishtar and later the Punic goddess Tanit. Manāt, as the oldest of the three sister goddesses worshiped in Mecca at the time, corresponds to Aṯiratu in the Baal Cycle, the consort of Anu in Sumer.

Muhammad was delivering his revelations in Mecca to a rather unenthusiastic audience, particularly the merchants who ran the yearly bazaar around the Ka’bah where all the Arab tribes annually met to intermingle and trade. Perhaps overwhelmed with the importance of impressing them he uttered those fateful verses, paying homage to their three great goddesses. It worked and many of them converted on the spot, prostrating themselves on the ground to the revelations of their new Prophet.

But perhaps in the first-ever appearance of Satan and “the Devil made me do it,” Gabriel later appeared to Muhammad, chastising him for speaking words that were not of the god of Abraham. It was soon worked out between Muhammad and his invisible Gabriel that it was that nasty new kid on the block Satan who put the Verses of Cranes, which is what the Satanic Verses were originally called, into Muhammad’s mouth. All was forgiven and Muhammad soon recanted, changing the wording that came after verse nineteen and twenty to its present-day form.

The Sura in which the verses appear is called An-Najm or the Star. It is the fifty-third Sura of the Qur’an. Verses one to eighteen of An-Najm are acknowledged by Islamic scholars to be among the oldest in the Qur’an, vouching for the antiquity of verses nineteen and twenty, if not the integrity.

Verse twenty is followed by a misogynistic tirade that concludes with there are no female angels in Verse twenty-seven. There is a hardy endorsement of the Old Testament in Verses thirty-six and thirty-seven, which is a dead giveaway that what follows the Satanic Verses, is a later addendum. The original Qur’an was written before the eleventh century.

The narrator of An-Najm then promises, as the Lord of Sirius, to raise the dead and bring about the Second Kingdom in Verses forty-seven and forty-nine…

I am writing this essay in Long Beach, New York. There are more real Jews here than in Israel. Right down the block is a Hasidic school and every morning, except Saturday, roundabout seven these young men stream by the front yard hastening to class. Wearing all black, from their shoes to their modified cowboy hats, they are almost all tall and slender and walk straight placing one foot in front of the other like a young man should, seemingly immune to the cold in their thin black overcoats. If you are out there with them they look you right in the eye and bid you good morning like they really mean it.

One can’t help but love these kids who seem to be a throwback to a bygone era when American kids all grew up tall and straight but there is a problem. They think they are Arabs with red hair, freckles, and pale white skin. As they see it they are Baal’s chosen people; Yahweh is one of Baal’s titles, dispersed from the land of Canaan long ago to share the fate of their Shekinah (World Soul) in never-ending exile.

In spite of the work of their own geneticists, like Schlomo Sand, who place their origins in an area above the Black Sea, in spite of what their own reflections in the mirror tell them, this absurd premise that they are Semitic is the guiding principle through all the days of their lives. Like all religions, this is what has been inculcated into their hearts since they were old enough to speak. They believe it so ardently that they have successfully petitioned the world to appropriate Arab land in order that they may return to “their homeland,” it’s called right of return.

It all might have been just one more theological fantasy to wile away the fleeting time allotted to human existence, but there is another group that shares their fantasy. All across America devalued farms and outsourced manufacturing have left a wasteland where all hope of a future is lost. All that’s left now for rural Americans is their eternal reward and in order to gain that reward, because Christians read from the same ‘good book’ that the Jews do, they must return Baal’s chosen people to the place of their birth.

If it involves murdering an entire world to do so that is what they are prepared to do. In fact all the better! Because at the End of Days their god, Jesus “a Jewish carpenter,” will come swooping in on a cloud to whisk them off to paradise. The human race is going on a hundred years of warfare in the Middle East, with events there now threatening to escalate into an apocalyptic war that will end life on earth as we know it.

Archeologists have scoured the appropriated land for as long as there has been a war in the Middle East, but outside of the Dead Sea Scrolls, found by yet another lost Sheppard boy, they have been unable to find one shred of evidence that the good book of the Jews and Christians existed before the eleventh century in Russia.

Known for their blockbuster bestseller Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, arguably the greatest biblical researchers of the twentieth century, wrote another lesser-known book titled The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception…

It chronicles how the Dead Sea Scrolls were supposedly “found in caves near Jerusalem in 1947, only to be kept a tightly held secret for nearly fifty more years, until the Huntington Library unleashed a storm of controversy in 1991 by releasing copies of the Scrolls. In this gripping investigation authors, Baigent and Leigh set out to discover how a small coterie of orthodox biblical scholars gained control over the Scrolls, allowing access to no outsiders and issuing a strict “consensus” interpretation…” (29)

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a complete fraud, a hoax perpetrated in order to deflect attention from the Gnostic roots of the Abrahamic religions which were revealed with the discovery of The Nag Hammadi Tracts a couple of years earlier. The scrolls are a collection of fragments that could very well be used Phoenician toilet paper and were most likely tentatively pasted together in the basement of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1946…

The Torah and therefore the Old Testament too, along with most of the Talmud and Tanakh are all “rabbinical lies that poisoned an entire world. Lies so effective that as Friedrich Nietzsche notes in On the Genealogy of Morality: A Polemic: “the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.”(30)

The truth is they made it all up. The only Jews native to the Middle East are either descended from Donmeh Turks, whom tenth-century Persian geographer Hudud al-‘Alam referred to as “Turkic Pechenegs,” or Slavic slaves brought to the Middle East by “Khazarian Pechenegs.”(31)

Long before the inadvertent father of Zionism, Avraham Firkowicz, prowled the graveyards of the Crimea in the early ninetieth century changing the dates on tombstones by a thousand years so they would fit the fables of the Exodus, Jews have been forging a fraudulent history for themselves. There is a whole new crop of Russian Jewish scholars who will be the first ones to tell you.

For centuries, on an industrial scale, Jews have been manufacturing “manuscripts, colophons, tomb inscriptions, as well as forged chronicles and “folklore” texts.” Forever, there is the signature modus operandi of presenting their fictitious works as “ancient. The authors created heroic epos (e.g. the Russian historians) or figures of great sages (e.g. the Jewish scholars).” (32)

By the time the Arab traveler, for which the movie The 13th. Warrior is based, Ahmad ibn Fadlan wrote in his travelogue that “the Khazars and their king are all Jews…” there had to have been at least a Torah. But the Zuqnin Chronicle, written in Syriac obviously at an earlier date than the travelogue, calls the Khazars a race without a god and says that they were in fact Magians.

Based primarily on archaeological evidence left by the Magyars, a rival Khazar tribe driven westward into Hungry by the Pechenegs, the traditional religion of the typical Khazarian clansman appears to have been Tengrism. The religion behind the Swastika; Tengrism incorporates elements of shamanism, animism, totems and ancestor worship. In Tengrism, the idea is to live an upright life and in doing so, one maintains a balance between the three worlds of the Tree of Life and their own three souls.

Both the Norse Eddas and Jewish Qabalah are forms of Tengrism, whose narratives revolve around a Tree of Life. There are nine worlds on the Norse Yggdrasil, ten in the Sepher Yetzirah of the Qabalah but the ten is a zero in a closed-loop going back to one. Both have a place in the highest heaven called Gimil and both are predestined to be destroyed by an immutable force; which the Norse called Lǽvateinn and the Jews; Leviathan.

This combined with the archeological facts after a hundred years of extensive digging in the land once known as Canaan, there were no ancient Hebrews, makes it a foregone conclusion that the Qabalah existed among the ‘Jews’ before the Exodus was a twinkle in a Russian Rabbi’s eye.

The Qabalah is the source of all Judeo-Christian eschatology and in it, there is no such entity as Satan, not even close. Aleister Crowley, the foremost expert on Qabalah who ever lived, was forever trying to develop his unified field theory on religion. In Table IV in his Table of Correspondences, he gives as, spelled in Hebrew, the Qabalistic equivalent of Satan or Moloch; Samael and his consort Isheth Zenunim. (33)

This is why most Jews today, Conservative, Orthodox or Reform will tell you; to them, Satan is just a litigator, a kind of District Attorney who prosecutes man before god. In Hebrew שָׂטָן (Śāṭān) means the accuser or adversary. He is not barred from heaven, nor does he tempt or torment humans, in fact, in the Book of Job, he and god appear to be drinking buddies.

Some scholars have equated Satan with the Angra Mainyu or Ahriman of Zarathustrianism. But none can produce a linguistic progression even remotely plausible as to how Angra Mainyu or Ahriman came to be pronounced as Satan. They can be summarily dismissed.

The irrefutable fact is the word Satan is derived from an Aramaic word Shayāṭīn a word that has its roots in the word š-ṭ-n, meaning distant or astray. Long before Islam, the Shayāṭīn were invisible malevolent entities that roamed the earth in search of human victims. Islamic scholars generally agree; unlike the Djinn the Shayāṭīn are immortal and have no Faith. They are completely evil and will only cease to exist when their leader ceases to exist. (34)

Like the Synoptic Gospels, the Qur’an traces its roots back to before the Abrahamic religions were conjured forth in Dark Age monasteries. By the time the thirteenth century rolled around they had already been making it up as they went along for over two centuries. Frederick II was the best friend Christians, Muslims and Jews ever had. He knew exactly what he was talking about when he said: “the three greatest frauds ever perpetrated on the human race were Jesus, Mohammad, and Moses.” (35)

Steeped in Sufism and Manichaeism, the hundred and fourteen Suras of the Qur’an numerically correspond to the hundred and fourteen verses in the Secret Gospel of Thomas, a Gnostic text which through the Nag Hammadi codices can be carbon-dated back at least fifteen hundred years. That’s five hundred years more than the “old” testament. Scholars agree, even the Oxymorons. The sayings attributed to Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels are sourced to the Secret Gospel of Thomas.

In the Qur’an Shayṭān and the Shayāṭīn are mentioned eighty-eight times. They teach Magick to Solomon and steal secrets from heaven. They are the opponents of god and at times, such as the case with the Satanic Verses, appear to be more than a match for him.


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First published 13 March 2020, Jack Heart


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