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JEA: An interesting read about Vladimir Putin and his Orthodox faith.

…by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

Military and police careers were, as in all societies, attractive to patriots and nationalists, though it had to be a “Soviet” rather than a specifically Russian nationalism. However, he does say that he was secretly baptized by his mother at 18 months in Petersburg at the Cathedral of the Martyrs Alexandria and Antonia of Rome. From this, it is safe to say that Putin was secretly taught the faith from a young age.

According to his mother, it was the day of St. Michael and all the Angels, so it had to be November 21st. Putin’s views are, in his own words, to be internal, and never the subject of a show. The cross that his mother gave him at the Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem he wears always. In his house many years ago, a fire broke out from the heating unit of the sauna malfunctioning. Worried that the cross, which he had left near his bed, was gone forever, one of the workmen found it perfectly intact in the midst of all the rubble.

Putin stated on Larry King that he sees this event as a miracle and a “revelation.” His personal commitment to Orthodoxy never wavered afterward. Normally he goes to obscure, rural churches to spend the holidays, wishing to avoid the cameras and distractions of the major cities. His natural constituency is the Orthodox population, who, as polls have stated since the mid-1990s, trust the patriarch more than anyone else in Russia, even more than Putin himself.

Unlike Slobodan Milosevic, Putin is clearly comfortable and at home in an Orthodox setting, and his ritual movements are smooth and comfortable, not jerky and artificial as might be expected for a hypocritical display. Milosevic was noted for his awkwardness in Orthodox churches in the 1990s, suggesting he had no experience in them. The only time he seemed slightly stiff is when, upon kissing an icon, the background noise was of hundreds of cameras taking pictures.

Putin is far superior to the church to Peter the Great and many others. Non-Orthodox monarchs in Russian history include Peter I, who was a materialist Freemason. His successor, the mockery “Catherine I,” was a former prostitute from Germany taken as war booty by Peter. She was placed on the throne in mockery, similar to the French Revolutionaries placing a prostitute on the throne of the Bishop of Paris during the terror. Lord Biron, a Freemason who ruled while the two “Empress Annas” tried on outfits), Peter III who was a Lutheran, was soon murdered by, Catherine II, a Deist and vehemently anti-Orthodox and anti-Russian. Alexander, I dabbled in the occult, while Alexander II was generally secular. At the same time, these and other monarchs placed atheists and masons at heads of the synod on a regular basis. Putin is far more Orthodox than those monarchs.

Putin’s concern with ecumenism with Rome is puzzling. His constituency is Orthodox and nationalist. He has only to lose with this policy. Yet, no one else on earth right now has done more to strengthen and spread Orthodox than Putin and the Moscow Patriarchate. On February 13, 2012, Putin condemned the Red Army in the Russian Civil War. In 2012, 65,000 gathered at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow to defend the church against Pussy Riot and other attacks on it. This is the new Russia.

Back in 2001, Izvestia interviewed Putin’s spiritual father, the Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov) of the Sretensky Monastery. This was December of 2001, probably prior to anyone really knowing too much about his policy agenda. The Archimandrite stated:

“Putin is really an Orthodox Christian really, and not nominally. He confesses, receives communion and is aware of his responsibility before God for the ministry entrusted to him from on high and for his immortal soul.

“The burden and severity of the problems he is undertaking to solve and his responsibility for these are truly enormous. Anyone who really loves Russia and wishes her well can only pray for Vladimir whom the Providence of God sent to deliver Russia.”

The Archimandrite was himself sent to prison by the old KGB and had members of his family perish because of them. Thus, Putin’s background in this organization did not initially endear him to the President. However, he soon was convinced of Putin’s Orthodox mind. In his book, the Archimandrite writes:

“Combining the modern Russian state with past forms, Putin has undertaken a huge effort to connect it to the heavens. The construction of churches, the reconstruction of destroyed parishes, monasteries and the revival of Russian shrines has become an urgent matter for Putin.

“For the dark, soulless landscape that was imposed on Russia after 1991 – one dominated by nihilism, anger, and nonsense mercantile scams – Russia was in a condition completely unsuitable for any future development. Anything built in this context, any laboratory or university, immediately plunged into the abyss of a toxic lifestyle.

“The restoration of churches and monasteries is truly the creation of huge sewage treatment plants which are to filter and process the fetid waste of the 1990s. It is the construction of spiritual filters through which passes the poisoned spirit of the Russian people.”

In his visit to Valaam, Putin stated that “without Orthodoxy, there would be no Russia.”

On the website of the Valaam monastery, they speak of the sincerity of the President’s faith. They state that visiting the northern shrines was a “turning point” for Putin and began a sincere conversion. He ensured that there was a minimum of meetings and no talk of politics. On August 16th of 2001, Putin first began his pilgrimage and acted like an “ordinary believer.” He walked the three kilometers to the main monastery to St. Nicholas’ skete. He then decreed that the island of Anzer be granted officially to the church and more specifically, the monastery of Solovki.

On the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Rus under St. Vladimir, Putin stated:

“Today, when people are again looking for moral support, millions of our fellow citizens see their Russian Orthodox religion as a beacon.

“Trust the wise pastoral words of the Russian Orthodox Church. Her selfless, educational and social service demand respect. Her public authority and peacekeeping efforts aimed at strengthening the harmony and stability of Russia, as well as her efforts to restore the historical ties among peoples, and especially with our compatriots abroad, has been her legacy.

“It is also important that a new level of state-church relations has developed.

“We act as genuine partners and as co-workers in solving the most pressing domestic and international challenges in the implementation of joint ventures for the benefit of our country and people.”

On the 90th anniversary of the restoration of the Patriarchate, Putin stated:

“The Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church helped the people survive the agony of the 20th century. It helped defend the faith, to unite the flock and to save not just the church, but the ideas of Christianity. And later, already in a revival of religious life, the Church has helped continue his tireless service.

“And today, we appreciate the desire of the Russian Orthodox Church to return the ideals and values to Russian society that for centuries were our spiritual landmarks (Putin, 2007).”

It is common to condemn Putin for being a “KGB agent.” the truth is that the security services of any nation attract nationalists. Few doctrinaire Marxists existed in the USSR. This is the exclusive domain of capitalist universities. Putin has condemned Marxism and communism. He has stated that the fall of the USSR was a great “catastrophe.” Indeed it was: Solzhenitsyn said the same. The destruction of the Soviet economy in a few years and its liquidation into the bank accounts of a few Jewish oligarchs is well known. The USSR was preferable to the 1990s in Russia. The life expectancy of the Russian male went down to under 60 years.

To be a career man of any kind in the USSR, one had to join the party. Spouting a few slogans that no one believed is a minor price to pay for the ability to feed one’s family. Putin clearly (albeit secretly) rejected the party’s atheism. He was and is a Russian nationalist. My book, Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin (TBR Press, 2012) shows this at great length. I’ve translated some speeches and writings that have not seen the light of day in the west. The revelations of Putin’s secret baptism make sense out of his post-soviet career and ideological development.

First published on February 20, 2022.

(NB: Readers should buy directly from The Barnes Review (the publisher of this book) due to the fact that Amazon and other retailers are deliberately charging outrageously high prices for it).


The Ghost of Christopher Hitchens, a noted Religious Philosopher who has debated the existence of God with the world’s great theocrats, eerily warns about Vladimir Putin (10 years ago)

These are segments from Hitch’s speech “Axis of Evil” given on March 8th, 2005 at the University of Western Ontario. The speech mainly focused on the dictatorships of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. In these clips, however, the Russian regime, ruled by Vladimir Putin (then, and still now), is mentioned. The similarities between these small, tribal, theocratic regimes and that of Putin’s Russia are hauntingly similar. Considering this speech was also over a decade ago, Hitch’s comments on Putin and Russian indignation are strikingly prophetic.


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  1. Andrew Armavir (Russia)…

    What I suggest is, that all religious allegory comes fron the minds of drugged Gnostics that have the power to create false gods in men’s minds… Thusly, the so call 10 laws are just something the Jews use against goyim degenerates… Just like it says in the Rabbinic Babylonian Talmud… lie to goyim if it means protecting Jewish intrest… 2 percent of the population has 90 percent of the power to influence all governments with their London banking chief and his goyim sycophants who have been brainwashed and conditioned by the luxuries they can have serving the draconian Ashkenazy Khazarian Jewish pretenders that relish traditional traditions…from child hood to adults that have been in bondage to the Jewish Pharisees and the order of Gnostic Allegorical mythologies… The premise of Gnostic myth is all about sun worship the Solar myth, then the astrological Steller Gnostic myths that are created in their minds! Purely phantasy and the progressive allegories of Steller worship of the equinoxes and time changed gods of progressive functions of our universe and our planet! Also, the myth of the hereafter that says you die as a sinner your likely to end up in the burning pit… Or with 77 virgins that are illusory at best and the conjure of evangelicals who take you money for nothing and their chicks for free! Go to war and die for the false hereafter and be called a patriot by those in power to control all the outcomes of any war…!!!

  2. All the world leaders know that religion is a big hoax of astrologically an allegory of Steller and Solar Myth… The case of “no religion too” This keeps the sheeple in the catacombs of mythological and evangelical falsehoods… Putin, if anything is a crypto Christian, dressed next to an orthodox Christian priest. It’s all Propaganda and false advertising… Tell me that any advertising ever meets up with the expectations given to lure in the stupid consumers of Zionist mechanism… AKA.. Propaganda… The goy have been trained to think like the Jewish money lenders as front men for the International Merchants of money and death by military extravagance. Military extravagance: Generals, AKA… “Lifers” all need their power of authority condensed into trillions of Free Fiat Money controlled by the IMF… and the London City within a city Rothschild worldwide international banking industry. They own the Pentagon and both house of congress!!! As well, many financed corporations that control the aristocratic oligarch’s worldly destinations of money laundering that keep them from paying taxes to any degree less the congressional giveaways that keep these coops of corporate power in power! The AIPAC-ADL lobbies and the Jewish influence that resides in the committees that allow special interest to control our foreign policy, money for arms like the Jew Diane Feinstein’s husband sell F16’s to the Israeli government for 10 cents on the dollar… Traitors that trade arms for money!

    • What you suggest, – to cancel the common human laws? 10 basic laws according to the Bible – who created smth better? As i see, they had pervert brain to create L/G/B/T… Strange achievement.


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  4. Among the world leaders trained by Klaus Schwab (W6rld Ec6nomic F6rm) are Merkel, Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Trudeau, but also Putin. And what does the Rabbi say? The Jews own in Russia EVERYTHING …

  5. …Kether, the Ancient of Days, comes into being through air, fire, water, earth but at the level of Kether. It is in a very high dimension that is extremely subtle; physically, we cannot see it; it is in the seventh or zero dimension. From that root archetype, everything emerges and elaborates into different combinations of these four vibrations. Really, that is what they are.”
    Extract from
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  6. Supposedly the queen reptile of england turned her head into a snake in front of Putin to threaten him. Sounds like they know exactly whats going on with the Bokshevik khazarians sactificing millions to Molek.

  7. orthodox priest served in the Russian Penalty Batallions / Carried guns/battle wearing black tuniks.. generally there is no “outside” written records during this time period.. its reffernced in Strafffbat and apparently/then approved by the battle line NKVD officers… that would B an interesting topix – outside of these present day bshops pissing in each others boots

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