The Top 10 Fitness Exercises for Military Soldiers


Being fit and healthy is a mandatory requirement among military soldiers. Rigid physical activities are performed both by newbies and tenured armed personnel. Being in the military, you will never know when you will need to go into action.

Most of the time, a soldier is sent to an active event where being in tip-top shape becomes an utmost advantage. Keeping up with such a hectic routine calls for a regular exercise, just so each and every single one of them is ready for anything.

Health experts called out vibration machine weight loss before and after use stories. Whether you are hoping to get enlisted in the military or you are currently a member of the armed forces, you can live by a few fitness exercises such as the below-suggested choices:

  1. Push-ups

A typical punishment among soldiers is a number of push-ups. Before the day begins, during a roll call, or after an event took place – whenever there is something worth correcting or penalizing, the soldiers get called out to do a series of pushups. This only shows how ready military personnel is for times like these. It strengthens the muscles in the arms and biceps.

  1. Duckwalk

As if a duck, soldiers perform this exercise by sitting on their arms while the same arms are holding the back of the legs and moving from one place forward. All together at once, a group of military men does this to test and enhance their patience and the capacity to hold that position for a longer period of time. The position holder is just half-sitting so it requires a good load of stamina to survive.

  1. Lunges

Front, back, or side lunges during exercise prepare a soldier for a rigorous combat scenario. This exercise focuses on the legs. The more burning feeling a soldier experiences while doing this type of exercise, the better. It enables the body to adapt to lower post situations where the legs and the knees will be highly active.

  1. Sit-ups

While this exercise routine may seem easy, it actually solidifies the lower back part of the body. Bending the body regularly is making it flexible for possible long-standing watch or battleground tests. Prolonged sit-ups can be taxing but it surely results in a stronger core and stress-free muscular system.

  1. Squat Thrusts

Keeping those feet strongly grounded as one is shifting from a standing to a push-up position and vice versa, is normally tolerable, even among those who are new in a military squadron. Squatting and thrusting alternatively is a light exercise, considering this will only be performed a few times. Otherwise, overdoing it can as well be painful.

  1. Swimming

Balancing the breathing patterns and the quadrupeds while afloat in the water is a good form of exercise among soldiers in order to maintain a fit lifestyle. Doing it once or twice a day can ensure a heavy day is smoothly tackled in a military circle of life. Holding up to the pressure of calm water or even a wave, whichever is your choice, would help a soldier’s sense of readiness to battle the rest of the day’s work challenge.

  1. Hiking

When a soldier is out in the field to perform a regular exercise, there would basically be enough space to go up and down. However, when enclosed in an indoor exercise room, a vibration machine can help. It will shake up the whole body as if one is on a long hike while on it.

  1. Running

Moving from one place to another in a time occasion is enough to perform the military exercise to get fit. In order to achieve a healthy success while in the uniformed men services, one may look for options to acquire exercise machines such as vibration plates to keep them doing. Otherwise, a good hiking location will be a great idea.

  1. Brisk-walking

Sweating up by brisk walking can be performed before and after a military soldier’s day start and ends. Being inactive services like this one means having to endure long hours of sitting, standing, and who knows what else. For a start, right after waking up, a soldier can run around really quick and stop after a certain period of time. This will test the capacity to discipline oneself while at the same time, challenging the body’s capacity to endure physical stress.

  1. Jogging

You need not explore difficult exercise routines in order to achieve a fit and healthier body. You can simply jog around the location or even jog in place. Time yourself while you do the same thing each and every day. The moment it has become a habit, you might not feel as if you are exercising as you will surely be doing it next to the rest of the things you do on a regular basis. You will never think of it as an exercise at all.


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