The War on the Sacred

Those who want to be gods cannot stand the real ones


First published 14 May 2022 on Jack Heart Blogspot

Note: Yuval Noah Harari, in spite of the MSM hype, is not an intelligent man. It’s unfortunate that he does not have to answer men like Harry Vox or Mike Kay and be exposed for what he is, a simpleton with a mega media platform. I’m willing to wager he doesn’t even know what the sacred is as defined by intellectual giant Mircea Eliade. In Russia, they have not forgotten the sacred, which is why they are now locked in a death match with a West that has chosen Harari as its prophet and eternal existence in the profane for a future.  — Jack

by Mike Kay

It was the 1990s, and a writer I knew planning a trip to northwestern Russia. He had been corresponding with a Russian mystic whom we will call Yuri. My writer friend was fascinated with the rituals and ceremonies Yuri led, in the rural community where he lived. He was quite convinced he had unearthed heretofore hidden elements of indigenous Slavic shamanism and was intellectually convinced he could write about his new discovery. Shamanism is of course a Siberian word, whose best interpreter was Mircea Eliade. In essence, shamanism is a spiritual path very much concerned with the health and well-being of the community it served.

His time with Yuri lasted a month, which proved very eventful. During the course of that month, he avoided a fight with a very unhappy ex-KGB agent in St. Petersburg, managed to get used to the simplicity of Russian food, developed an understanding of the depth of the love Russians have for Ballet, and participated in the most amazing ceremony of his life.

All of it occurred just after the fall of the Soviet Union. The west was still ramping up its’ genocide machine, which at its peak, would remove about 200,000 Russians annually from life. Food was never abundant. Often, dinner was boiled turnips or potatoes. The lucky ones might add eggs and cheese.

Yuri took the people of his community to the Great Tree. The Great Tree was interwoven with a small cave, and its enormous bare roots allowed just enough space for an adult to fit through. This sacred tree was deep in the forest, where the sounds of modern civilization were few and less powerful than the songs of insects and birds. There, the people formed a procession that took them through the cave and the huge system of roots. The people were instructed to focus upon God’s love, the interrelationship of all things, and to pass through the darkness to be reborn.

The ceremony was intended to please those great spiritual forces that could blight as easily as bless, to secure a strong relationship with the land, a good harvest, and healthy and fecund livestock.

My writer friend never put together his Russian experience. He never wrote that book, or even an article. Over time it sat forgotten as he went off to live more or less permanently with the Maya of Mesoamerica, where he still resides today. As an American, he could easily place Indians comfortably into a natural sacred setting, but he just couldn’t quite wrap his head around the idea that modern white people could just as easily participate with the sacred, outside of any modern religious milieu.

It wasn’t that he thought Yuri was anything but genuine. My friend described him as a giant of a man, with a shock of wild fair hair, composed of childlike innocence that he simply couldn’t place. Yuri was simply as genuine as it gets. The real issue, of course, was not with Yuri at all. My friend, as a sophisticated and rather intellectual Euro-American, simply could not imagine that white people could find anything sacred outside of the church. In fact, what this really meant was that he had no concept of the sacred at all. It was all well and good to assign some sacred value to church services, like the ones where they pass the very large plate to be heaped up with Federal Reserve notes. Yet my friend had never experienced white people interacting directly with sacred aspects of the natural world. He had no format with which to interpret Yuri’s ceremony. It simply remained as something completely incongruous with everything he knew.

Western and especially American expectations have long been shaped by a theme in literature, education, and entertainment that they are inherently spiritually dead, evil people. The only people with any true spirituality come prepackaged with suitable amounts of spiritual knowledge, and these prepackaged saints are never white. Thus, the dominant western thought, both popularly and intellectually, allows ample room for evil, but forever seeks to sever any notion of the sacred from the Euro-American mind.

American history is rife with examples of wanton destruction, inhumanity, epic wars, reckless oligarchic expansion, and the enshrining of parasites, such as the private central bank that plays along with America of the time.

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  1. At one point everyone on earth had access to certain knowledge. It is basic universal understanding of our reality and the schedule it follows. The degree to which the energies are personalized or given identity, may vary, but the information does not change. That is why it is considered sacred. What has happened, is two of these cultures, personalized their version and set out to destroy everyone else’s copies. Attributing a persona to the energies is akin to saying ‘the spirit of carbon’, or the entity of ‘phosphorous’. Waveforms or solitons that affect consciousness, do not strike me as “entities”, but rather the invisible is likewise affected by the schedule. All species have shamans, and don’t be surprised who shows up. All species have liaisons , whose skill in life is inter-species contact through telepathy. This is almost always misinterpreted by the casual experiencer and completely denied by the modern “priest class’. They are not shamans, but law makers.

    • The bug eyed aliens showed up in our consciousness with vigor, directly as we pummeled the planet with DDT. Colon cancer also rose, and the message was, if you don’t believe us, check your colon. The zombies showed up in our consciousness, as electronics took over the majority of our interactions. We became absent in the eyes of the life on this planet. We moved from ignoring or excusing, to outright disregard. When the balance tips toward physical pleasure and excessive abundance, the spiritual connection is incoherent. Many communications are attributed to life outside this planet, and that is just another way to ignore what we are doing. Our chair is empty at the table of animals.

    • I’d like to get you and Mike on a live panel one day David, just a thought but the internet needs more stuff like this

    • “Along with improved treatment, routine colorectal cancer screening has reduced death from colorectal cancer by 40% since 1975.”

      The Galactic proctologists delivered a life saving message. Camera’s everywhere indeed.
      I need a better internet connection, and maybe a more constant supply of electricity, but I would be willing to do that. Can we call it the Alien Asshole Hour ?

  2. Elizabeth and Adolph Heseth and that great rock band Chicago and of course that great University of Chicago.
    What happened to Chicago and its great suburbs as I observe on the bicycle trail from the Wisconsin state line how Chicagoans have taken our dearest covid narrative to heart and did you know no beer for you without a vaxx passport?
    Try to buy Gatorade without a mask on as the cops will enforce that yet let the Southside gangs ravage the miracle mile?
    Many mask up outside for fear
    of the rona yet most have taken the so called cure?
    Well, mask up and vaxx up and shut the fock up is the new normal in Chicago.
    Just paid handsomely to observe on my Warbird by OPM.
    Great article Mike and bravo!!!

    • Adolph Herseth? Look him up since he has been canceled and censored for directing the Chicago Symphony from the back row of the orchestra.
      His crime? He was a brilliant white German male who defined what a trumpet was to sound like in great orchestral works such as Mahlar and Stravinski.
      Instead we get limp lipped faggots from Juilliard and Eastman that call themselves principal as art inChicago simply a farce of its former greatness.
      Put your mask on like a good muslem woman covers her face.

    • Jack, chicago is a Spiritual area as I am drawn to it as even their bike trails are works of art and Lightfoot perhaps put there as a mockery to the Great Spirit that resides in the place. Why did Eliade end up there to be buried at one the most historic cemeteries?
      And Adolph Herseth almost banned upon YouTube of the great works with him playing lead trumpet for the Chicago symphony orchestra. It shows how the crones of big tech have no taste or art or for that matter any humanity whatever.
      Lightfoot as a transgender is simply a very visible example of what has happened to that great city of Chicago. She is clowning because we all live in clown world now Jack and Lorie shall lead the charge to rural America.
      Sending in the clowns are you scheduled red yet Jack?

  3. Bravura ! One of the best exposé’s I have come across & read in some time.
    The attributions of Eliade’s magnum opus of contributions are a profound hermetic treasure. Eliade’s interpretations are imo, central concept of the “irreducibility of the sacred” as a plane of reference.
    Human beings necessarily use language to express themselves, and it is the capacity to express things with symbolic language that allows humans to experience deeper meanings & to unify experiences in terms of coherent, symbolic, structural worlds of meaning. As symbolic, religious beings, humans were also viewed by Eliade as “mythic beings.” Myths are symbolic, sacred narratives of what took place in primordial, mythic time. He never got the recognition of a Jung per se in contemporaneous twistory but certainly a intrinsically deep rooted fathomless thinker.
    Eliade’s viewpoint held approaches to myth, symbol, and religion are defined by several key assumptions and principles. They provide exemplary sacred stories that allow religious people to make sense of & deal with their existential crises. I’d agree wholeheartedly. Especially as it pertains to the entheos & eschatological of this epoch.
    Thanks for rekindling & stoking the inner fire spirit that dwells deep within us all.

    • Our best audience is an educated audience VooDoo, this stuff is a lot of work, we just fixed after it was knocked down for a couple of days. This is a 24/7 job, and I can’t speak for everyone but I sure as hell ain’t doing it for idiots…

  4. Eliade might fit the definition of “genius” if one could ever be written. Influenced much of my thinking as undergraduate.

    • Eliade and others were brought to me by the incredible teacher of philosophy and religion at GWU in the late sixties, Thelma Levine. Her lecture classes numbered in the hundreds and no one was denied enrollment. Classes actually spilled into the lobby and anywhere within earshot of her amazing presentations. Not sure that kind of academic experience still available on campuses obsessed with size of football stadiums and cappuccinos in the student lounge. We’ve come a long way down from those great days when you could fell your mind expanding every day.

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