Why Orgasms Matter & How To Close the Gap


Orgasms provide us with some of the greatest physical and emotional pleasure that exists on this planet. Every human is designed to experience this intense sense of pleasure. But sometimes it can be a real bummer when one person in the relationship is able to orgasm much easier than the other.

In fact, a recent study says that in general men will orgasm much more consistently than women. In fact, men can orgasm almost 100% of the time. But for women, it is only 60% of the time.

This is a big gap that has officially been dubbed the “orgasm gap”. It is a real bummer when this happens and can result in both people in a relationship feeling insecure, self-doubt, and unconfident in their abilities. Also, they will likely feel frustrated that both are not on cloud 9 at the same time in the state of bliss that you experience when you do orgasm.

So what can be done about this? A lot, actually!

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You can say goodbye to the days when a partner should feel the need to lie about if they orgasmed. Or feel ashamed because they didn’t.

What Causes the Orgasm Gap?

Everyone should get to experience the pleasure of intimacy. The real differentiator when broken down scientifically is that it only takes men around five minutes to climax. But the average woman can take anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes to reach the climax.

What’s the difference? And why does it exist? Here are the top reasons why men are able to orgasm so much faster than women.

1. Understanding the Anatomy

A female’s anatomy is simply much different from a male’s anatomy.  In fact, many women do not even fully understand their own anatomy and the parts of the body that require stimulation to experience an orgasm.

The clitoris is the key to helping a woman experience an orgasm. But it is not the only organ that needs stimulating. Recent studies are showing that for the female, there are multiple spots on a woman that needs to be stimulated to reach an orgasm.

2. Lack of Lubrication

Another factor is that sometimes women do not have enough lubrication ahead of time to get to their climax fast enough. This is where natural lubricant becomes essential if there is not going to be enough foreplay or you struggle to get lubricated naturally. You need to be lubricated to get to the point where you will orgasm.

3. Inequality in a Relationship

Being intimate takes work. But for there to not be an orgasm gap, both partners need to be mindful of one another and understand what they need to experience the ultimate climax of pleasure. Lack of communication often results in inequality in the bedroom.

4. Endurance for Intimacy

In general, men not only climax faster but simply can not hold on as long as a woman can. As they start to orgasm, it can be hard for them to remain present and hold back while their partner catches up.

How to Close the Gap

So what exactly can be done to close this gap?  Luckily there are multiple solutions that you can try so that your intimacy grows and becomes something that both people can enjoy equally.

1. Get Natural Lubricant with CBD

First, you should consider changing the lubricant you are using. Some of the best options to consider are using a lubricant made with CBD and coconut oil. Not only will it be kind to your skin, but the CBD will help the female’s organs relax and not be so stressed. The more relaxed physically you can be, the easier it will be to reach your orgasm. Many women have found success with this product and you should give it a try too.

2. Learn Your Body

If you do not know how to get your body to yet orgasm, take time to practice with self-pleasure. If you are able to figure out what areas of your body need to be touched to climax, then you will then be able to show your partner exactly what to do. This will not only make it easier for you both to climax at the same time but help enhance your communication—which will only make your intimate connection stronger too.

3. Build Up with Foreplay

Try taking it slow and really teasing one another before you fully get into action. Take your time in dressing down and let your partner warm you up first since you will take longer anyway. Drawing it out and making the intimacy extended will help ensure that you can get there too. Plus, it makes it all the more fun!

4. Talk to Your Partner

Of course, you should take time to talk about your intimate experience during and after sex. Let them know at the moment if you are close or need longer. And tell them what did and didn’t work after the act is done.


What will you be trying first to close the orgasm gap?


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