5 Unique Ways To Use Lube


Using lube in the bedroom is a fun way to make things a little more interesting and enjoyable. While lube is typically used to make vaginal and anal sex more comfortable, it’s not the only way you can have some fun with it.

When you opt for a natural lube, there are tons of creative ways you and your partner can connect during sex and a few ways that don’t require sex at all. Read on to learn how you can make the most out of using natural lubricant.

1. Enhanced Foreplay Fun

Don’t put aside your lube until you’re ready to engage in penetration. Use some lubricant while you and your partner enjoy foreplay, whether you choose to use your hands, toys, or other body parts.

Using your hands to pleasure your partner can feel dirty yet intimate. Add a natural lube into the mix and it gets even better. Place some lube on your fingers before penetrating your partner, or apply some to their genitals to engage pleasure points like the clitoris. Apply some lube to your partner’s shaft before using your hand to reduce chaffing and deliver exceptional pleasure.

Toys are always a great addition to the bedroom but don’t forget to include some natural lube. Not only can a lubricant make insertion more comfortable, but it can enhance the experience. Apply a little lube onto the tip of the toy and tease your partner before penetrating.

Lube isn’t just for the genitals. You could use it anywhere on the body. Apply some to the breasts for not only an appealing glistening glow but to touch each other in a way that feels extra naughty. Cover your hands with it as you explore every inch of your partner. The feeling of the lube against your skin as you touch sensually will feel erotic.

2. Turn Your Body Into a Dessert

When you opt for a natural lube that’s safe to consume, like Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD, you can make oral play even more tantalizing. Performing a blow job on your partner can sometimes be uncomfortable. Consider adding a bit of natural lube to your lips to make the less work for your mouth and jaw. Plus, your partner will love how it feels.

Lube isn’t just for male partners during oral sex, though. A natural lube can make cunnilingus an enjoyable experience for both partners. The added lubrication can enhance arousal and the taste of a natural lube mixed with the taste of your partner can increase your enjoyment.

3. A Sensual Body Massage

A massage is a great way to relax. When you and your partner engage in a massage before intercourse, it can prepare your bodies for that relaxed state that leads to a heightened experience. A relaxed body makes penetration less painful, especially when engaging in anal sex. A natural lube that contains CBD like Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil can deepen that state of relaxation. But a massage can lead to much more than a relaxed body.

A sensual massage with natural lube allows you to engage with your partner, explore their body, and increase intimacy. If you’re feeling a bit disconnected from your partner, starting with a massage is an effective way of deepening your connection and allowing yourself to find each other in new ways. As you begin exploring with the lube, you’ll feel compelled to explore other areas that lead to intense pleasure.

4. Slippery Shower Sex

Shower sex with natural lube is a game-changer. You may not usually choose to bring anything with you in the shower, because the act of having sex in the shower can feel erotic enough, but bringing a lubricant along can intensify the experience.

Sex in the shower can sometimes feel uncomfortable, and not just because you have to get creative with positions. Water tends to wash away a woman’s natural lubrication which can lead to painful penetration. Using a natural lube makes penetration much more comfortable and keeps you wetter so you can enjoy the benefits for as long as you wish.

5. Non-Sexual Lube Hacks

Sex with lube is nothing short of incredible. The benefits of a natural lube go beyond a sexual experience and some of these lube hacks could help make things more comfortable in the bedroom.

A natural lube can work great as an alternative to shaving gel, especially a product like Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil that’s all-natural and free of added chemicals because it tends to be healthier for the skin. Natural lube can also deliver a closer shave for a smoother finish. Your partner won’t be able to keep his or her hands off your legs.

Do you find your body chafes on your thighs, upper arms, or nipples? It’s the worst and it can lead to incredible discomfort that might make you want to skip sex. Luckily, using a natural lube before an intense workout or whatever activity causes chafing can protect you from friction.

So, what are you waiting for? You need to include natural lube in your sex life. The intense passion and desire you can enjoy are well worth it.


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