by Mike Kay

The modern mind has a warm place for a revolution. Revolution, it is said, sweeps away the old, the jaundiced on a new and exciting energetic wave. Some revolutions are idealized as moments of great human triumph, while still others are painted as essential icons of progress, relating to the achievements of western civilization. It was the west that nurtured Marxism, invented religion devoid of spirituality, and has now ushered in a new revolution, some might say the ultimate one.

This new revolution is hardly noticed or identified, although it has been described in lurid detail by its organizers. It follows a form of esoteric thought based upon the arrogance and certainty that characterizes the western approach to the phenomenal world, as it stems directly from materialist scientism that has dominated the west for centuries.

This revolution is current. It is sweeping through the west, that oft-cited geopolitical alignment that was the result of WW2. It is a wrecking ball storming through the social, economic, and political spheres. Despite the inability of people of the west to understand what is happening, it is impossible to not feel its impact.

The west, it is said, is characterized by a unique character, an exception to the rule, a place where the impossible becomes possible. Certainly in the west today few imagine it possible that they are living through an epic, orchestrated, civilization-ending event that has been in the works for decades, if not centuries, and is designed to usher in a world that will be unrecognizable by those who don’t believe it is happening.

However, the orchestration of this revolution is clear to see. We will assign the onset of hostilities to the year 2019, which saw event 201, a self-described “prescient” event predicting and coordinating policy for a worldwide pandemic, followed closely by the actual rollout of Covid-19.

Event 201 was orchestrated by the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, both prominent entities throughout the so-called pandemic. The WEF bragged that it was the entity that coordinated the worldwide pandemic response, and Bill Gates himself, despite possessing zero medical credentials, appeared across television land lecturing the public on the need to develop a vaccine that was already patented.

The Gates Foundation was renamed from its previous moniker, which proudly stated its purpose as population control. In 2012, gates himself gushed that vaccines were a new avenue into population reduction. Gates, smirking and chuckling as he paraded himself before the camera during the planned chaos of 2020 never missed a chance to promote the vaccine as the solution for the crisis postulated and some might say launched, via event 201.

The World Economic Forum is official, a non-governmental organization, which apparently has not stopped them from doing everything possible to control and manipulate governments across the globe. WEF-trained politicians have infiltrated every “democracy in the west, and unfailingly are at the center of the current crises, the visible face of the unfolding revolution. This fact alone explains the why and how of the WEF proclaiming itself as the force in pandemic coordination.

The WEF prides itself in fulfilling its own prophecy, a condition that might make some ask whether it’s really prophetic at all. Yet in the west, there is no fear of anyone asking such questions. The populous has been carefully trained to avoid asking them, a training they most dutifully follow, with an air of authority.

The WEF recently sparked a discussion with the release of their latest prophecy; the 4th industrial revolution. An event to usher in totalitarianism based upon unprecedented control of the populace, a transhuman paradise with chips in the brain, and the first fusing of the biological with the artificial. Unsaid here is that the concept of a 4th revolution is obvious plagiarism of the works of Aleksander Dugin and his fourth political theory.

Certainly, the Gates Foundation and the WEF are merely the visible arms of a much larger effort. The revolution has always been a behind-the-scenes affair, orchestrated by those who act in secrecy. What truly characterizes the revolution designed to destroy western civilization are a number of errant reverse-spiritual ideas that are predicated upon a conventional understanding of existence. Perhaps more so than with any previous revolution, the thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions of an entire society are being used as weapons to destroy everything they have originated from, and everyone with it.

The vision of the future we are presented with is one where devastation affects all, yet the ultra-rich will continue to enjoy the unhindered privilege. Transhuman masters will rule into perpetuity over their genetically modified slaves. There will be no need, nor any reason for innovation, creativity, or change. The masters of this new paradigm will be the new gods, and their pronouncements will cause the whole of mankind to respond in obeisance, to their every whim.

So it is that treasonous forces gut the civilization from within, while war is agitated in order to destroy the society from without. Some have looked at the current condition with disbelief, unable to comprehend the motive and design behind the apparent suicide. Yet no aspects of the crises that now dominate the west are organic. Not one has arisen due to conditions people are unable to devise a strategy to meet. All of them, from supply to food, to military and especially economic issues, have been intentionally contrived by the highest officers of western civilization. The pandemic was obviously orchestrated, the vaccine a lie, meanwhile the goals of revolution continue to be manifest on the world stage.

The very structures of the political and economic system are captured and weaponized. The American supply chain crisis began immediately upon the Biden administration assuming power. Inflation likewise, was skyrocketing before any Russian-led war. The war itself is an excuse to deliver punishing destructive policies upon the populace of the west because their civilization must be annihilated in order for the new transhumanist totalitarian state to take hold. Every move the populace now makes to reassert the rule of law merely strengthens the position of the revolutionaries bent on destroying it. An overwhelmingly arrogant and ignorant populous devours the lies concerning their current condition. Attacked with a bio-weapon masquerading as a virus and vaccine, their cognitive capacity, already in decline, plummets to levels of purely primitive functioning.

How is all this possible, that a revolution bent on annihilating the very presence of western civilization could be orchestrated and launched from within that very edifice, and yet be invisible to most, if not all? We could trace the effect of social engineering, mind control programs, the use of wave technology, and aerosol heavy metals to interfere with the basic building blocks of life. We could compare the patents and the timelines, and decry the failure of the media to truly inform. However, such will forever be symptoms to a cause. A fundamental decision has been made, a fundamental choice accrued, one to which you were not privy. It is nothing less than to cut off the entire planet from any evolutionary role, sever the Daemon from the Eidolon, turn a spiritual dynamic into its reflection, an upside-down reverse manifestation where the ultimate gods reside here, and you are their plaything.

Certainly, it took decades of consistent work to reach this point. The Rockefellers had first to destroy naturopathy, and replace it with petroleum-based medicine and the cult of “vaccines”. Christianity had to turn the human soul into a physical idea, something so stupid that it became universal. Politics had to mock the law of the land as geriatric and out of touch. Corporations had to move into realms they didn’t belong in, with an agency and secrecy that enabled their lies to go unchallenged.

Yes, it took decades to fully prepare for this moment, and while it wouldn’t have been possible without the willing, even avid participation of the everyday people, and their mindless follow-the-leader antics, the truth is that this has been made fully possible through the duality of the Lady of Light, and the Dark Goddess rising. It was foretold in the stars, and understood by the sages of old who knew the nature of what we call time and existence.

Unbeknownst to most, who are seduced by the hard edges and bright glare of manifestation, the ultimate agency does not belong to life. Life has its sphere of influence and extant limits to its power. Life is magnificent, mysterious, and seemingly unending, yet it is the great power that works through life, not life itself that is the great power. Thus, ultimate agency is not given to life, yet to the child’s mind, it appears to be this way. There are good, solid reasons for this, but such is a discussion for another day. For now let it be understood that the decision to sever existence upon this earth from its source and origin is predicated upon the new myth, of agency belonging to the manifest. Further, it was only possible to conceive of such a decision because of the very myths and concepts of western civilization. In a very real sense, western civilization is the mother of its own demise.

We should recall that the regression of intellectual and spiritual capacity in mankind has generally speaking been an ongoing affair since the waning of the 19th century while accelerating rapidly since the close of WW2. Avenues of the study were closed down in the post-war period, and the time required for mental faculties to find rest and repose was cut off as unnecessary to a society single-mindedly focused on its own material opulence. The resultant decline in cognition has been a boon to the would-be gods: their carefully chosen idiots have regularly been advanced to high positions by their unseen hands. Their mental midgets are honored for a drooling, troll-like degeneracy. But you the people can all have two cars and a color TV.

Thus the development of the manifest-first mode of belief, the one that promotes devastation on all levels, became the dominant opinion in the post-war west. The popularity of the new model of toys and diversions achieved great and willing participation by the vast majority of the populace. Stupid is easy, and the opulence built petulance and an expectation that formed the structure upon which the cloth of revolution was pinned. This was the environment that spawned today’s transhumanists, and globalists, thus was built the Abrahamic structure of scientism, all nurturing the tenets of an imagined world of slaves ruled by a cadre of machine gods, the mission statement of today’s revolutionaries.

Thus we discover that the fundamental premise to the revolution is the fundamental premise of western civilization; one is one’s body. Consciousness, such as it is, and if it exists at all, erupts out of a series of bio-mechanical operations which are primarily responses to the exterior world. Thus the brain is where identity, thought, and emotion originates. Even spiritual experience is nothing more than the stimulation of sections of the brain.

The vast majority of modern westerners agree with this hypothesis. It is unquestioningly internalized, absorbed, and treated as unassailable. This is the sober, rational position according to societal leaders. Anything else is simply ridiculous. Yet this popularity is exactly why the new revolutionary is so powerful. The idea of life extension, mobile consciousness, and merging with machines is hardly strange if everything in life originates bio-mechanically. Further, there is no morality beyond the survival of a species, no genuine ethics. Such are the foolish imaginings of an out-of-touch wish-fulfillment fantasy.

Carl Sagan, with his creaking mathematical models of a closed universe, helped to craft the ideology of the lump of life with no destiny, and his protests against the logical conclusions his model brought forth became a microcosm for the wider condition of the revolution today.

The fundamental premise is energized by its adjuvant, one which is closely related, yet in itself is central to the justification of the fundamental premise; the understanding and describing of existence through the mind. It should be more than obvious that this is the stuff of majority opinion in the west. The ego, identity, and memory are all conceived as the workings of the mind, and as such are the trappings of the experience of life. Further, it is the mind that is the method by which all understanding and all expression occur. This means everything that is can only be described by the mind.

The idea that the mind is the gateway to life and the universe has no detractors in the west. Thus it is that mind, and matter forms the two near universal assumptions from which derives the corpus of esoteric thought that explains the revolution.

We can and should refer to this esoteric thought as reverse-spirituality, due to its stance as a reflection, an abrogation of genuine spirituality. Thus we have been treated to the new revolutionaries assailing us with statements such as mankind is a” hackable” animal, that spirit or soul is a quaint idea that has outlived its time, and that the merge of man and machine is the evolutionary advance.

The essential western concept of material existence in a material universe has thoroughly paved the way for and justified the existence of transhumanism. The reduction of all life to mere material existence explained by the mind justifies the advance of genetic modification. Currently, the Covid-19 vaccines genetically modify the recipient, and they are the first widespread experiment to fuse the biological with the artificial and mechanical. This is not new, as other means of delivery have already pioneered this technology, yet the transhumanist globalist agenda continues from behind the veil.

A material-based entity has no actual need for choice, nor is there any particular reason to secure its consent. Spokesmen for the revolution have made it abundantly clear that they will pursue their transhuman agenda, and the ignorant masses will be their test subjects.

Nothing here is true all that radical, in terms of historic practices and perspectives, as well as current ones, in western society. The points of view that support the revolution, those that call for complete destruction of the civilization, in order to install the machine dictatorship, are actually quite close to the ideas of Marx and Engels, two very popular figures in the revolution, and hardly unknown figures in western thought. The everyday people adopt the trappings of this ideology with little resistance.  Body-consciousness is the norm, and modifying one’s form through surgery, and drugs is so ingrained in the west that it hardly deserves comment. Concepts, which are figments of the mind, are as central to the description of anything and everything as clothes are to the body. Ego and self as extensions, even as expressions of physical form are ubiquitous, while the severe limitations of the mind are hardly even recognized, let alone admitted.

Ultimately, elements of western civilization have declared extinction upon themselves. There is no confusion here, no sense of lack of comprehension to those who lead the revolution. They understand their agenda is not popular, and so they hide it behind terms and conditions they create for a willing public to consume. Reverse-spirituality is fundamental to western civilization, as much as it is a central tenet for those foisting the current revolution upon the western world.

There are ways to free oneself from the clutches of the reverse-spirituality disease, yet the revolution, birthed as it is from the very civilization it is dedicated to destroying will continue until it is forcibly stopped, or its means are exhausted. This televised revolution has more to say about the level of mankind’s development than anything else, real or imagined.


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  1. Darrell,
    I’ve heard this theory for years now, about the “real Christianity” vs. the popular version. I understand that this theory is attractive because the dysfunctional and negative aspects of Christianity can be dumped upon a convenient scapegoat, without the requirement to understand what the genuine role of Christianity is in western civilization.
    This popular theory provides a justification for the continuing dominance of key political and social ideas that support the televised revolution, without the assumption of any responsibility for this state, or condition.
    The problem with the “real Christianity” theory is defining exactly what this is, a feat which is beyond the fervent faith of believers.

  2. mike kay replied…

    If you don’t understand the allegory of the Eagle, you don’t understand.”

    Mike…is that the best u can do…..wave esoteric arrogance.


    • Kevin,
      So you have arrived at a point where you believe you are owed an answer without any engagement. That the providing of a direction for your own enquiry is arrogance, that the only energy you need spend is minimal.
      Any actual discussion here is not owed, it is freely given according to energy and time.
      The powers and principalities that orchestrate the revolution are exactly those who tell the visible what to do, and how to say it. You already know their hand. This is so obvious.
      Who controls the world economy?
      Who sets policy?
      Who has the controlling interest in the 148 corporations that are at the center of every major decision made in the world?
      Nothing here is truly central to my piece. The purpose of this essay is to expose a condition, to explain symptoms, and to illustrate how they inform each other. The spiritual, as it is ham -fistedly called, has an agency that is largely ignored, but that doesn’t negate the spiritual, it only makes it invisible to those who ignore it.

  3. Mike kay replied
    I thought I made it clear.”
    In the candyfloss of words u alluded like a pondskater to all possible mechanisms touching here and there.
    All of those points have some relevance….
    Charlotte Iserbyte…nailed a large segment of how and why..…as did Nester Webster…Nietzche and people like Achara S, Elizabeth Dillings…
    They all identified patterns of behaviour deliberately financed and promoted by the same filth…
    and rather like a funnel eventually creates a directional force …we are now in the receiving/destruction phase…
    whether by vaccination, 5G, nuclear, haarp, mass media…”governments”, military and finally the destruction of any judicial systems.
    Camps have been built
    The filth have control….
    We know who the filth are
    Our problem is….the masses havnt dragged them into the streets……yet.
    So they will continue to murder our children……until….
    Eagle therapy doesnt quite cut it for me.

  4. Rhetoric in ancient Greece developed (for many scholars) as a source of Democracy.
    Should one say what Democracy was in the Greek Polis (and especially in Sparta), and then, equal to Florence, Siena etc., of the 1300s (albeit with the limits of Greek slavery and urban remnants of Serfdom in said cities)?
    Over time, it will be agreed, Rhetoric has degenerated to whoever “infiorates” his discourse the most.
    Dr. Barrett has written things. To my interpretation words have power.
    I’ll give an example: Maxime Rodinson in his 1967 “Muhammad” (a book that in these politically correct times would struggle to be published) tells how the stylistic perfection of the Qur’an is considered inimitable. But in the Middle Ages some people drafted imitations. One of them was objected that his text did not have the same appeal as the Koran. That one replied, «Let it be read for a few centuries in the mosques and then you will see!»
    Can’t the same be said for the description of organized and premeditated chaos without offering a why?

    • Yet there is a why, a very clear why. It is the esoteric thought of localized life as the terminus and final arbiter, the exact world view that is forced upon unwilling children in every school across the west. It is from this presumption that men conceive themselves as gods, and that all their actions are free from any cosmic responsibility.

  5. I believe that the eternal values that humanity has accumulated-they are eternal. Traditional family values, for example, the same commandments from the Bible and much more. Has anyone been able to come up with something better? And now in the West there is a destruction of the last human norms, values, and the moral compass is knocked down and spinning like crazy. Perhaps in 100-200 years the world and society will be transformed. But, while in the USA and Russia (for example) generations of normal people who were born and lived during the Cold War are alive, we do not allow to destroy eternal values and confuse the new young generation, trying to pass on the best to them. Everything else is from the evil one. At least in my country.
    Thanks for the article!

    • Andrew,
      Thx for reading.
      The current condition in the west cannot be explained by Christianity, or the Bible. It really is a condition of severance from the higher octave, and it is intentional.

    • @Mike and Andrew
      The current condition in the west can be explained by the progressive loss of authentic Christianity. Authentic Christianity is the traditional, pre-1958 enemy takeover Catholic Church, the Church Christ founded upon His Apostles and continued under their successors, some great sinners, some great saints, but always guided by the Holy Spirit which Christ promised “who will guide you in all truth.” The “Catholic Church” one has seen since the Judeo-Masonic usurpation of the papacy in 1958 is what the mystic Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich foretold would be a “counterfeit church of darkness.” The authentic Catholic Church of tradition which rejected the revolution in doctrine, worship, and practice is now a small but growing “remnant” faithful to Christ and Apostolic Tradition. A good representative is Bishop Donald Sanborn, whose sermons on youtube are powerful, learned, and unforgettable. A good website is Novus Ordo Watch. See also the crucially important Message of Our Lady of Fatima, which was also hijacked by the enemy colonizers of the Vatican and Church structures. They even “disappeared” the one living visionary, Sr Lucia, and replaced her with an impostor to prevent her from revealing the “Third Secret of Fatima” which exposed their diabolical plans.

  6. Basically u hav given us 2600 word dissertation on PREMEDITATED deliberate organized chaos
    …and wondered how and why they are doing it.
    Why is irrelevant….
    Who are “THEY” is the REAL question
    When a tank rolls through a city and completely destroys everything…
    does the tank commander ask …”why”
    Heres the thing…
    Total destruction and obliteration creates a new horizon…
    Whoever/Whatever died and reasons why…etc…is irrelevant
    Rock the boat all u like about ….how did we get here etc…its irrelevant
    We are here…who made the bullet, who fired the bullet…is all irrelevant.

    U gotta duck the bullet and hang in the streets on lamposts the knts responsible.
    I doubt there is any spirituality in ducking a bullet

    I noticed u missed the bit about who are the knts responsible…

    • Responsible?
      I thought I made it clear.
      I remember a story; An Eagle in the sky, exclaimed the one. Where? Asked the other. Flying very high, said the first. Still don’t see it said the other. Eagle=metaphor for spirit.

  7. Certainly it is that it is televised.
    The Tavistok praises this “short” route via TV to Western (and especially European, the richest in culture and acculturated nations) human brainwashing. After radio, Television was since Hitler’s Third Reich.
    Turning off TV is salvation.

  8. In the beginning was the Word. But, it’s ringing spiritual radiance has been muffled by all the forces described in this piece. Still, it’s always there for those who can attach their soul and leave the mind behind. Otherwise, death may be final. Individually and collectively.

  9. Destroy a nation by weaponising convenience. Shower it with the latest technology, the best of complex tools. Spoil it with the economic bounty to ‘improve’ its quality of life.
    Reward the spoilers.
    Create a bureaucratic and technocratic workforce in which fitness designated by biological characteristics is replaced by fitness designated by behavior.
    Build a War Machine that is the violent apparatus of Empire able to provide spectacle of hopeless massacre and generate representations that normalize the state of war in everyday life
    then distribute as a ceaseless barrage of visual stimulation from which there is no escape for the individual from one waking moment to the next.

    Socialize new generations of individuals into their machinic roles and identities.

    And watch as it devolves into species destruction.

  10. Avenues of thought being closed off is exactly right, be it Maxwell, Tesla, Schauberger or German Physics. The corridor of public discourse as narrow as it has ever been, exchange degenerated to shouting or worse, silence.

    Disconnected from ancestor’s wisdom of the ages and shared remembering, every pursuit of knowledge has become political, ideological, power. Material all there is and the masters of the Material world claim godhood as they give us circus clowns to gawk at. Fauci or Lauterbach, French Eggheads as examples of expert rule. Russell, Kurzweil along with billionaires posing as enlightened kings. Please, it’s an insult to insight. Spiral, dizzying towards a crescendo, I suppose we’ve seen nothing yet. Well done, Mike, on point

  11. Great piece. You sum it up forcefully, Mike. They won’t give up before they run out of steam and it will be on a knive’s edge. But in the end this world’s destiny is light and darkness will be just a fractional experience. I hope very much that everyone around here won’t see too much of that side of the goddess. At least not more than he can cope with.

    • Georg,
      The choice lies with mankind, which road to take. There is the standard option, a follow the leader pointlessness, which is only going to result in extinction. Then there is the option that is scary and risky, but follows the spirit. It should be an easy choice.

  12. Brilliant article MK and combined with the Gorgeous editing provided by VT staff this is a home run.
    Perhaps those in America’s power structure will read this and ponder this and perhaps rethink their policies as currently from my perspective every American knows that the ship of State is way off course.
    We have drifted far from our founders maxims of not to be entangled in foreign intrigues like being linked to that UK State and those dreams of world empire.
    As a little man in flyover country I am choping wood to feed my stove to keep warm for that coming winter.
    Well done Mike!!

  13. It’s a good thing that the elitists didn’t go for plan A which was a devastating nuclear war giving us an opportunity to fight back against the encroaching technocratic state.

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