8 uncommon exercise routines you should start today


Are you looking for a new workout plan? Are you sick and weary of the same old workouts? Here are a few unusual exercise routines you can incorporate into your daily routine. They will also aid muscle growth if you use them as your go-to routines.

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That said, let’s get back to the business of the day: the unusual exercise routines that will change your fitness game.

 8 uncommon exercise routines you should start today.

The following are the types of uncommon exercises that you can try out:

Suspension Trainers

When next you go to the gym, search for a piece of equipment resembling a belt hanging from a pole. Because so few people utilize it, it is frequently empty. These belts, commonly used in TRX and requiring you to swing in them, let you alter the belt’s resistance by adjusting your body position. With the aid of suspension trainers, you can work out your entire body quickly and efficiently.

The figure-eight

This training program will benefit your internal and external obliques, putting you on the fast track to a six-pack. This exercise routine will tone your waist while working your obliques and abs.

Follow these steps to carry out this exercise routine:

  • This can be done by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your knees bent.
  • After that, move your hips in an “8” motion to the side.
  • Start by bringing your right hip up, around, and in the middle. Then, bring your left hip up, around, and in the middle.

Playing music in the background while performing this task could make it more enjoyable. 

Swimming Dragon

This workout can decrease your hunger while helping to speed up your metabolism. This movement, similar to belly dance, encourages the removal of belly fat.

Follow these steps to carry out this exercise routine:

  • As closely as possible, place your ankles together while standing with your feet. With your palms facing inside and your fingers pointing upward, raise your hands over your head. Keep your palms firmly clasped throughout the entire workout.
  • Keep your head, and upper torso straight as you inhale and move your waist to the right. At that exact moment, move your right elbow to the right so it rests at shoulder level.
  • Keep your head and upper torso straight as you exhale and move your waist to the left. At shoulder height, simultaneously move your left elbow to the left.
  • As you lower your complete body into a squat, bend your knees a little more each time your waist moves to the right. Multiple times, repeat this motion. Make sure to maintain a straight upper body and head.
  • Keep your palms together and your fingers facing upward as you lower your hands with each proper movement. Turn your fingers toward the ground as your arms reach your chest and carry on moving.
  • You ought to be squatting when your arms are at your knees.
  • As you continue, raise yourself with each proper movement until you stand. Change the direction of your fingers, so they are once more pointing up when your arms are at your chest.

Note: Your body should perform a rhythmic belly dance while performing this exercise with your hands in the shape of an S. Do not forget to inhale when moving to the right and exhale when moving to the left. You should start the exercise routine cautiously and increase your speed gradually.

Offset Dumbbell Lunge

This exercise’s main objective is to strengthen your quadriceps. The weight-bearing portion of this exercise puts more strain on your core due to supporting the weight on one side of your body. Along with improving balance and burning calories, your hips and abs will have to work harder.

  • Start by bending your arm and holding a dumbbell in your right hand adjacent to your shoulder. As you move your right leg forward,left knee is almost touching the floor, and your right knee is at least 90 degrees bent. The following are the steps to take to achieve this routine:
  • One rep entails pushing yourself back to the starting position. Perform as many repetitions as you can while holding the weight in your left hand, then repeat with your left leg.

Plank Work

You will need to employ some cons for this practice.

The following are the steps to take to achieve this routine:

  • Start in a plank position to the cone’s right. Reaching across your body, raise your right hand, and tap the cone.
  • Once you’re near the opposing cone, move your hands and feet to the right. Use your left hand to tap on this cone. Repeat as quickly as possible, maintaining abdominal tension to prevent your lower back from sagging.

Side Scissors Crunch

This exercise targets your hips, legs, and stomach.

The following are the steps to take to achieve this routine:

  • Lay on your back, knees together, and arms overhead.
  • Lift your legs straight over your hips while contracting your abs.
  • Stretch your hands through your legs while crunching up and lowering your legs to the sides.
  • Bring your legs back together and your upper body down. Aim for 15 repetitions.

Donkey Kick

The following are the steps to take to achieve this routine:

  • Three feet in front of your toes, lean over and place your palms on the ground.
  • Stretch your left leg as far behind you as you can.
  • Pushing off your right foot as if attempting to kick into a handstand, flex your right knee just a little. Allow your body to swing upward before returning to the ground.
  • Make a proper foot landing. Kick for a total of twelve times, then switch sides and repeat.

Extended range one-arm dumbbell floor press

On the ground, you are lying. Your body is in a posture that is foreign to you while you work one side at a time. By itself, this will turn this movement into a tense duel that defies all of your expectations upfront. And if you want to make it even more challenging, just switch out the dumbbells for kettlebells.


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