Improve Your Sex Life With Natural Lube


If you’re trying to figure out how to improve your sex life, you may be wondering what can make a big difference quickly and easily. Additionally, if you’ve been thinking about getting a new natural lube, you may be heading in the right direction to honor your morals while giving your sex life a boost.

Does natural lube actually make you feel more lubricated? Will adding a natural lube allow you to experiment more and have extra fun in the bedroom? And is it possible that adding a natural lube will actually make sex feel even better than it already does? If you’re looking for more information about the benefits of natural lube, allow us to break down a few of the best parts.

Know What’s Going Into Your Body

One of the best parts about choosing a natural lube is that you know exactly what’s going into your body because the lubricant is likely to be comprised of naturally-derived ingredients. Pronouncing and even recognizing a few of them allows you to feel far more significant relief.

If you are trying to be more conscious of the products and ingredients that are going into your body, deciding to get natural lube is an excellent way to start making positive changes for your personal health. Making this decision helps ensure you’re preventing allergic reactions to ingredients.

Align Your Sex Life With Your Morals and Ethics

If you’re interested in sustainability, you might also want to choose a natural lubricant rather than a more conventional one. Natural lube is far more likely to limit any processing while exclusively using naturally-derived ingredients rather than precious resources.

Additionally, if you’re vegan, you may be looking to switch the rest of your lifestyle to match up with your diet. Natural lube is generally not tested on animals and a majority use plant-based ingredients, making it a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and be kind to animals.

Combat Vaginal Dryness

If you struggle with vaginal dryness and find that it interrupts your sex life, adding a natural lube is a great way to take back some of the control you may have been missing. By adding a natural lubricant, you’re supplementing what your body creates on its own.

As an added bonus, if you find that your body doesn’t always accurately reflect when you’re turned on, this may allow you to get frisky a little bit sooner than you might usually expect. Your body may need a little bit of time to catch up with your mood, and natural lubricant can be a great buffer until your vagina’s natural lubricant becomes sufficient enough.

Add More Toys to the Bedroom

Suppose you’ve had difficulty adding toys into your sexual activity, whether during solo play or with partners; you might find that natural lube can be hugely helpful. By adding a little natural lube to one of your toys, you’ll likely find that insertion is far easier than it was before. This is a fantastic way to boost your experimentation, especially if you want to play with different textures and sizes.

Make Sex Safer

Adding a natural lube to your routine may even help to make your sex life safer. Lube reduces friction, meaning you will be less likely to get rashes or other abrasions on your skin due to sexual activity. In addition, you might even find that sexual activity is more comfortable with natural lube involved.

Further, if you opt for water- or silicone-based natural lube, you may also find that your sex life is safer in other ways. While an oil-based lubricant might erode a condom, adding water- or silicone-based lube can also reduce friction against your physical barrier. This can make the condom less likely to fall off or break, therefore reducing STIs, STDs, and the likelihood of an unplanned pregnancy.

Experiment With Anal Sex

If you’ve been too scared to experiment with anal sex, adding a lubricant to the mix is essential to ensure your experimentation goes as smoothly as possible. Your anus cannot produce lubrication in the way a vagina can, so adding some lube will likely be necessary if you’re aiming to penetrate the rectum. Lube will also make the experience far more pleasurable, help eliminate any pain while you’re adjusting, and allow for a fun and satisfying glide.

Enhance Pleasure

Natural lube may also help you enjoy sex more on a sensory level, not just with experimentation; there will be less resistance whenever you’re being penetrated, allowing for a smoother feeling. You or your partner may also find that it’s easier to experiment with different speeds if you decide to add lube to your sexual repertoire.

Reduce Anxiety

If you’ve been nervous about having sex or playing around with experimentation because of vaginal dryness, you may find that adding lube can help. Instead of worrying about not producing enough lubrication or being scared about pain during sex, you can opt to add natural lubrication.


Many people experience stress or worry around sex, and what ingredients go into their body, so you don’t have to feel alone. However, you also don’t have to wait around for your sex life to improve; if you choose to add lube to your sex life, we hope you find it beneficial. Now, get experimenting and be prepared to enjoy your sex life more than ever before!


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