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“As far as I know, no one has ever come up with an effective solution to the Jewish problem. Solving the riddle of the Sphinx would be easier.

Part 1:  A Problem without a Solution

by Lasha Darkmoon

Why all attempts to solve the Jewish Problem have failed

The Jewish Problem, more commonly and euphemistically known as the “Jewish Question“, has agitated the minds of political analysts throughout history but has remained unresolved to this day.

For centuries, a ready and makeshift solution to the problem consisted of the mass expulsion of the Jews.

“Wherever the Jew is found he is a problem, a source of unhappiness to himself and to those around him.” — Maurice Samuel, You GentilesJust get rid of the Jews, it was thought, and the problem would go away. This didn’t work. The Jews simply migrated and created problems elsewhere. And then, after a few years, their descendants came trickling back into the same countries from which their ancestors had been forcibly evicted.

Here is Queen Maria Theresa in a decree dated 1777, during the heyday of the Enlightenment period. The Queen of Austria-Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Galicia, Parma, and the Austrian Netherlands had grown weary of the Jews and the never-ending problems they had caused in her extensive dominions.

“Wherever the Jew is found he is a problem, a source of unhappiness to himself and to those around him.” — Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles

Her expulsion order is typical of the many others  issued by other countries before her time, so we shall quote the angry queen in her own words:

“Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury, and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently, they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”  (See here)

Timeline of Jewish expulsions

Though Jews have been expelled from 109 locations from AD 250,
expulsion failed to solve the Jewish Problem.

The next attempted solution to the Jewish problem, primarily advocated by the Jews themselves and their philosemitic supporters, was complete emancipation of the Jews.

It was widely believed that if their crippling disabilities were removed, and if Jews were made equal citizens, the Jewish problem would just “disappear” — especially with assimilation. The Jew’s antisocial behavior, it was argued, was the natural result of his unfair treatment. Treat him well and he would behave properly.

It was always understood that assimilation was a necessary precondition for Jewish emancipation. In order to become equal citizens, Jews had to promise to fit in with the society around them and become part of a happy and homogenous whole.

They were told: to intermarry with the natives, convert to Christianity, learn the language of the country, dress like other people, adopt the manners and customs of those around them, and, above all, take a back seat and keep out of trouble.

It was a rare Jew who followed all these instructions to the letter. Some refused to follow any. As for the final injunction — take a back seat and keep out of trouble — most Jews found this impossible to keep. It ran against the grain of their nature. It was almost like expecting a cat not to kill birds or a fox not to raid the hen house.

The Jews received their first emancipation in France. This was in 1791 after the French Revolution, a catastrophic event engineered by Masonic secret societies in which the Jews featured predominantly and wielded the most influence. Several other revolutions were to follow in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. All of these, without exception, were masterminded by Jews.

“At the front of every one of these revolutionary movements for the destruction of authority, nationhood, and religion,” noted an eminent elder statesman, “you find a Jew.”

These inflammatory words were written by Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England, himself a Jew who had converted to Christianity.

Emancipation proceeded at a rapid rate in the country after country throughout the 19th century. Far from “solving” the Jewish problem, this merely made matters worse. This was because Jewish emancipation inevitably led to Jewish supremacy.

Every single country that emancipated its Jews was soon taken over by Jews.

In Russia, the Jews took their emancipation by force. This was in 1917 after the Bolshevik Revolution: an event carefully planned, financed, and largely administered by Jews from New York. Communism was then ushered in, the Pale of Settlement abolished, and Jews thereafter emigrated in swarms to the United States, Canada, South America, various other European countries, and, finally, to Palestine — where they immediately began to make themselves a thorough nuisance to the Arabs.

Did emancipating the Jews in Russia solve the Jewish problem? No, it did not. It made matters infinitely worse: not only in Russia but in every single country to which these refugees from the Pale of Settlement came with their beaky noses under black hats, their raggedy beards, their wild eyes, and their clack clacking Yiddisher tongues.

The Red Terror was soon to follow. The Russian peasants, who constituted 90 percent of the population at that time, were massacred in their millions, with Jewish commissars in the vanguard giving the orders to kill. Blood ran in rivers through the streets of Moscow and St Petersburg, much to the delight of psychopaths like Leon Trotsky, Lazar Kaganovich, and Ilya Ehrenberg — all of them Jews with lots of blood on their hands.


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  1. To John P Allen, GM (VT). To be quite blunt without being rude ….given that, VT control what is published and what is not; you don’t really need my help. I would suggest that you raise your publication standards and avoid allowing anti-semitic, Khazar-Jewish Origins and conspiracy / fake-news writers from publishing unless you also approach the true experts in the field whom can provide counters based on fact, and include their comments / claims as well.

  2. It would appear that there is a small and powerful group of people pretending to be Jewish, but they aren’t and never were, who have either attached themselves to, or have created Judaism at the start, and who have been using normal every-day real-people Jews as human sandbags for many centuries.

    That’s how I see it.

  3. The “Jewish Problem” is not genetic. Saying so is what the true definition of “anti-semitism” is. The problem is behavioral and is based on the Jewish ideology, which is fundamentally a theology, in the negative sense of being anti-Christian and and even anti-God, even if they are Orthodox Jews. As Dr E Michael Jones points out in his monumental The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, the Jews by rejecting the true Messiah and preferring the revolutionary and murderer Barabbas and calling out in unison, “His blodd be upon us and upon our children,” they put themselves under the power of the Evil One, and many of them even admit that their god is Lucifer.

    The Catholic Church from the early 600s A.D. had the only workable solution to the Jewish Problem, which was to forbid any harm t be done to the Jews but also forbid Jews from undermining the faith and moral and social order within the Christian realms where they lived. The principle was formulated by Pope St Gregory the Great in his edict called “Sicut Iudeis non.” See Dr Jones’s discussion of his book in various interviews, some even on the highly censorious youtube, but mostly elsewhere where free speech is more highly valued.

  4. Aggghhhh…
    lasha…where are you…I miss the site…

    such honest and intellectual articles….and huge debate…obvious the scum would kill it.

    i must add that those people who think they are not racists are utter clowns.

    we are all racists…its an inborn instinct….( although the (((filth))) are not a race) and never will be.

    Me …anti-semitic ……………(ridiculous description…totally absurd english)

    You bet i am….and will be until the (((filth))) are all united with their chosen god.

    That scum have created the biggest open air concentration camp ever.

    Mr Allen….amazing that you can be so indifferent and polite to your peoples sufferings…maybe the true semites…in Palestine.

    i would be a screaming rage foaming at the mouth.

    But then….VT….nicely,nicely does it.

  5. Snookie makes a very good point “Most Jews were not Zionist when it first became vogue. But now the majority of them are.”

    In politics people use any means to attain more power and money. If politicians didn’t have ignorance, fear, bigotry, far right nationalism, fear of the unknown, basically everything that the progressives reject, they wouldn’t be able to get ahead.

    Zionism is a political movement who has banked on the ignorance of people to get ahead and in doing so has shifted to the right like many political movements.

    Basically Likud with its fear driven methodology to gain power stays at the top. Ask Donald Trump and he’ll tell you if there is any honesty left in him, how jumping from left to right has brought him so much power.

    And then go see what AIPAC had to say lately about George Soros and put two and two together.

    Incidentally I was traveling my home country of Iran a few weeks ago and I visited the Tomb of Esther and Mordekhai (which is not recognized by the Zionists outside of Iran) which sees thousands of Iranian Jews every year, like the 62 operating synagogues of Iran. Lol because it puts a lot of what’s written in this article to question. You have to rethink the entire equation as to how the Iranians coexist.

  6. TO John Allen,

    The point I was trying to make was that there is powerful entity above all of those who are of the Jewish religion. That is that there is a powerful entity at the head of them that has turned them into a brainwashed army for the purposes of building and protecting their fiefdom using the monetary and financial system as their means of control over the world. And the higher they are in this entity the worse they are. As I said before many Jews are not Zionists but the Zionists claim to speak for all Jews. In the 1930’s, 1933 I believe, it was the Jews who declared economic war against Germany. Possible not all Jews followed this war but the elite Jews who control finance and big Corporations surely did. By identifying with them, the Jews who did not were counted n the Jewish economic war party.

    But, the main point is that monetary and financial systems need to be destroyed to destroy the power of the Jewish religion.

    You notice I called them the Jewish religion. They are no different to me than Buddhists, Baptists, Orthodox, or Catholics. And all of these are not a race. And as far as I am concerned, neither are the Jews. They are just a captured religion of the devil.

  7. I am a German native from 1947
    My Godfather was Prof. Karl Brandt – something like Anthony Fauci in the US today – so he had to be in the NAZI party SS.
    My mother from Guatemala was partly a jew & married to my father Dr, med. Bernhard Mollmann – who was fundamentally opposed to the criminal NAZI-government – but my Jewish mother & my Anti-NAZI-father became very best friends to this NAZI-minister of health, as both were excellent surgeons, and Karl Brandt even saved my Anti-NAZI-father’s life, when he rescued him out of Stalingrad in his Junkers JU 52 plane.
    So I was named Karl Bernhard after both of them – and that’s why I call myself “Kalle” – as I am neither one of them!
    What I have learned from the Nuremberg-process against my Godfather by the American judges – is, that they were as CORRUPT back then, as they are today – when they utterly FAIL to establish the truth around the well ORGANIZED CRIME around the global Corona-Scam, Made in USA.
    As my father Bernhard ended his life in 1963 by suicide – I refused to go into the medical-school – but spent my life in figuring out WHY the medical profession does NOT want to find out anything about the MENTAL root-causes of depression and other so called “diseases”.
    My personal conclusion:
    With pure & simple HONESTY in health-issues, you can not SURVIVE in “progressive” America!
    Would love to be proven wrong.

  8. I agree with Lasha. The things she says are history. The rest of you can call it whatever you want. You all use those silly catchwords of racism and bigotry which leads me to believe that many of you are Jews. Most Jews were not Zionist when it first became vogue. But now the majority of them are. The top Jewish Zionists are few so they need an army. This is the role played by the regular everyday Jew. They are the Jewish army grunts in the trenches to do the dirty work for the top level Jews who want power for their master the devil. And by the way, they are the chosen people by their father the devil as Jesus himself said inJohn 8:44. Christians are the chosen of their Father, the creator of all things.

    I will say something that all Jews will hate. And that is to do away with any and all monetary systems and the complete world financial system. Money is what they use to control the world. Enough said.

    • Snookie, my mother was born in Haifa, Palestine 1939. She was a Christian Arab; a Palestinian. Our family traces from Haifa all the way to its modern founding in the early 1700s. Before this time, our family came from Assyria, what is now called Syria. I speak fluent Arabic. So when you say I am Jewish? Well, there are Arab Jews. But we are NOT Jewish. In 1948, the Zionist, took our family home by gunpoint. Our family became Palestinian refugees in Lebanon until 1961 when my mother was able to emigrate to the USA. I am far from being a Zionist snookie. Nevertheless, I do NOT hold all “Jews” responsible for Zionism, a political movement that many Jews find abhorent. In the end, we gotta find a way to live peacefully and racism and bigotry, on either side, wont’ get it done. We must do better than our ancestors who failed us all.

  9. Of everything I read I hear only that the poor Jews are God and everyone else is Goym. And that this has been certified for millennia!
    W propaganda.

  10. The Jewish people I know and am friends with do not have the kind of genetic defect that seems to be implied by this article. That being said I would not discount the fact that amongst a controlling fearful elite there would be a propensity to hold the power they have and to pass on to their offspring a chosen or superior attitude. Most Jewish people suffer the rathe of those elite. As an ex-christian I do not hold all christians responsible for the genocides committed in their name.

    • VT takes the position that Zionism, a 20th-century political movement, is responsible for the modern strife against the indigenous peoples of Palestine. Those who peacefully and private break bread with Judaism or any other religion, in our view, are not the issue.

  11. Ah, those chosenites… Historically they were the Ashkenazim who were actually converted Khazars from what is now Ukraine. If there were any Semite chosenites still around they have long since converted to Islam. Present-day chosenites have mostly latched onto the USA where another breed of chosenite had come into being. Certain Europeans considered themselves “chosen” by God to come to this continent, displace and murder the indigenous, steal their land and resources, and give it a fancy name, Manifest Destiny. If this sounds a lot like what the Ashkenazim are now doing in Palestine, it’s supposed to. Chosenites all, they murder millions because God told them to.

  12. Obviously Wikipedia won’t be changing this description:
    VT is an American anti-Semitic and conspiracy theory website. It describes itself as a “military veterans and foreign affairs journal”, but the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) had said “the anti-Israel bent on VT can slide pretty quickly into overt anti-Semitism.”[1] Multiple sources describe it as a pro-Kremlin outlet.[2][3]

    • Being labeled an “Anti Semite” by the ADL should be considered a badge of honor and courage. It displays one’s awareness, a cognizance of the true world in which we live?

    • All Arabs are Semites but NOT all Jews are. VT takes the position that ZIONISM, a 20th Century political movement with an agenda, is responsible for co-opting the definition of “Semite” and turning it into a marketing ploy for their advantage. We hold Zionism responsible for the strife, not Jews, and therefore wholeheartedly disagree with the premise of this author. Yet, we extend her right to express her point of view.

    • ADVISORY:  The contents of his article are extremely controversial dealing with racism and bigotry. VT supports independent open media and author Lasha Darkmoon’s right to express her controversial extremist views even if VT disagrees with them, and we do! The subject matter demands smart intelligent and responsible discourse so that our collective global world moves forward for all; no matter race, color, or creed. Thus we welcome your sharp important thoughtful comments. If you clicked on READ FULL ARTICLE at the bottom of this article you would have seen this ADVISORY. Nevertheless, I added it to the top of this page now! I hope this is very clear. John Allen, General Manager, VT

  13. Truely the JEW is a vile and despicable race unfit to live within a civil social order. Let’s hope the Syrians or Iranians can cleanse the planet of these foul parasites? We pray thee oh Lord make it so….

  14. Talk about antisemitism and complete and utter fiction (Myth)! Beisde all the other false claims, it reaks of “blaming the victim”.

    • The old “blame the victim” card huh? I think the author only mentioned the Palestinians once who are actually the true victims here. Also I find it interesting that both Hitler half Jewish and Disraeli fully Jewish would warn us of their corrosive influence. Personally I have nothing against Jews and even have Jewish friends. It’s their criminal class I have a problem with.

    • Being anti-jew is a good and noble attribute for all non JEWS. It’s normal, natural, and appropriate for people to act in their own self defense. However, you speak as if this is a bad thing?

    • VT takes the position that ZIONISM, a 20th Century political movement with an agenda, is responsible for the strife against the indigenous peoples of Palestine. We completely disagree with this author’s open racism and bigotry and are offended by it. Nevertheless, we extend her right to express her point of view no matter how vile.

    • Adair Brion. Firstly, the claim of A Hilter being half Jewish has been investigated by scholars and proven false on a number of factual grounds (PS – he would have been only QUARTER Jewish from his Grand-fathers side if the rumours had been correct). Secondly, most of the “sources” quoted to show a hidden global Jewish conspiracy have been extensively & repeatedly investigated by scholars and authorities, and found to have zero factual basis behind them; only rumours, hear-say and misinformation with malice intent. This is well documented and the above article is just an example of a few of these. To automatically assume that the claimants of such are speak the truth, is simply short-sighted and foolish. In conclusion, given that there is no factual basis for a Jewish conspiracy (only rumour and misinformation), where does that leave the claims that there is a conspiracy regardless? Only one, namely “blaming the victim” approach – as typical of the Nazi “stab in the back falsehood”. Hence, my claim.

    • anthem37, so you openly support a lifestyle consumed by hatred and malice. You realize that you have sold your soul for hatred and it will eat you alive.

    • John P. Allen, VT is not anti-Jew? Nonsense! The fact that you support claims of a global Jewish conspiracy (that have been extensively & repeatedly investigated by scholars and authoritiesand shown to be false) and make no distinction to the majority of Jews and “those who peacefully engage in faith” proves otherwise; as do the constant support VT shows for the disproven “Khazars origins” claim as well as repeat cases of Holocaust denial (despite the mountain of factually and documentary evidence for it). This is further illustrated by your extensive misrepresentation of the ideology and nature of Zionism a political ideology and concept. Lastly, I have not expressed my opinion in my above reply on the Palestinians or their plight. Your choice to include them in your reply is simply an attempt to distract from the real issue I raised and to justify your dismissive labelling of myself (ie. “if I so label him then I don’t have to adequately counter his claim … we can simply dismiss everything he said as racism / bigotry”).

    • Tiger, There are definitely racist and bigoted writers and commenters on VT. We are an open forum for every voice. But, at every turn, VT will put advisories on their posts and make sure readers are fully aware that the content contains racist and bigoted content and to read carefully. We take the position that it’s better to have an open net, even for racists and bigots. We just need to make sure their voices are denounced and called out.

      You can assist. When you send a racist comment or bigoted post, send me an email to Remember, there are over 100,000 posts on VT. I can’t read them all. I miss some of them. So help me out! Thx

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