What are the types of security service?


The security guard industry is a vital aspect of the economy, as well as it has experienced remarkable growth over the last few years. Even with its massive scale, many individuals still believe that the services it provides are all the same. This misconception could not be more incorrect, though! There are many different security guard services to pick from, and each one is better suited for particular needs.

There are various kinds of Personal & Private Security Guard Company services, and it is important to have the proper security personnel assigned to the appropriate security task. Here are a few of the different kinds of security guards and the services they offer.

  1. Unarmed Security

Security guards that don’t carry guns or any other weapons are called unarmed security guards. They are physically present on a property or business. They patrol every area, monitor the security systems, and respond to threats very quickly and effectively. Not having guns does not make the guards less valuable, their presence alone is enough to deter criminals or intruders. Unarmed security guards’ jobs include surveillance, patrolling, access control, policy enforcement, crowd control, searching, and general crime deterrent. More than 80% of the world’s security staff conduct unarmed security jobs.

  1. Armed Security

Armed security service is needed for places that need a tougher security service. Armed security guards are popularly used in high-threat settings where an individual’s life is in danger or if the business or property is located in a high-crime location.

They carry lethal weapons and probably small firearms on the job site. They must undergo additional training and state-mandated firearms certification to get an armed guard license to legally carry a firearm. Armed security guards are often ex-military or law enforcement officers because they know about operating the firearm. Normally, armed security guards are hired by businesses that deal with valuable products or services.

  1. Bodyguards

These are the personal security officers who are assigned to protect a person. They are used for securing the lives of HNIs, dignitaries, celebrities, and various other VIPs such as politicians. These guards are usually well-armed and highly trained. They are also referred to as personal protection agents.

  1. Video Surveillance Operator

Private security firms train their employees in video surveillance tactics and equipment before sending them to the client’s location. The operator might work together with other security guards to review camera footage, conduct surveillance, and monitor the situation. Numerous companies install surveillance cameras around the outside and within the facility to keep an eye on illegal activity.

The CCTV procedure, which mainly requires surveilling activities, operates in a low-risk environment, but it has to notice a significant incident that affects the organization’s operations.

  1. Patrol Guards

Mobile patrol security guards patrol your business and home premises on a dedicated car day and night to check for any suspicious activity or danger. Mobile patrols are not a constant presence. They patrol at scheduled times and during emergency calls. You can employ a permanent security patrol guard/unit to patrol your property at all hours of the day and night, or you can hire a mobile patrol unit to visit your selected location at established times on established days.

  1. Event Security Guards

Event Security Guards are definitely the most widely known in the profession because of their high exposure. They’re primarily in charge of crowd control and maintaining order at events such as concerts, sporting events, and professional conferences.

Event Security Guard’s responsibilities also include making sure that attendants are only in areas where they are allowed and are not bringing restricted items into the venue. They might be summoned to prevent or break up physical fights, particularly during occasions with a great deal of alcohol or where emotions are running high.

The security market offers a wide range of services, yet many people are unaware of their significance to their business or personal needs. When looking for different types of security guard service providers in your area, remember that there might be a range of services available to meet your personal needs or goals!


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