by Mike Kay

Very few today spend any real time with the stars and the night sky. It is becoming increasingly common for mankind to never see the stars. What might be taken for a tragedy is hardly noticed. Few really care that the breadth of the cosmos, and the limits to their perception, are found in the night sky.

For the few who have not forgotten, completely, the dwelling place of the Light, there is the modern astronomical explanation for the stars, just mundane and unimaginative enough to squeeze all of the magic and mystery out of the hearts that once leaped at the night sky.

Despite this lifeless point of view, it is a fact that the ancestors spent much of their time under the stars. Even to a novice sky watcher, the stars reveal themselves as order arising from apparent chaos. The stars never fail, and they display teaching of true motion to all who care to be instructed.

Therefore, today the stars provide us with another paradigm, a metaphor describing the break-in understanding that afflicts modern mankind, the schism between the reality of the ancients, and the phantasie of modernity.

Modern man is severed from the stars, and thus is severed from the source of origin, Modern man does not know the relationship between the stars, nor can he sense the interplay between heaven and earth. Such sensibility only exists sparingly, nor is it common knowledge. Such is the gift of Abraham.

Abraham is, of course, the mythical ancestor of the Jews, and by association, to all three of the great religions in the Abrahamic corpus. According to his own story, he lead his people into turning their backs upon the movements of heaven and earth, rejecting the very relationships that gave their lives meaning, for the artificial liberation of the idea of God.

This idea of God has all the characteristics of a distillation of extant teachings, without any understanding of the ancient theology of the divine. Perhaps the greatest reason for the antipathy of the Abrahamic towards the practitioners of the ancient mystical tradition was that the Abrahamic always sought certainty in the world of things, and stubbornly refused to accept any other explanation besides that which supported their primitive idea of one creation, and one definition of that creation. We continue to observe this process in action today, with the tyranny of the right answer in Abrahamic math, the concept of the correct solution to any dilemma, and the perspective that all things are exactly as the senses perceive them.

Anyone who searches the pages of antiquity will soon realize that this is a new worldview, one not shared in any endeavor other than its own. It certainly was not a Gnostic point of view. Jean Gebser, in his study of consciousness, illustrated that consciousness over time moved to differentiation. In the Abrahamic schism away from relationship and connection, differentiation became the ruling condition of all of the big three religions, and it remains so today.

This differentiation magnifies characteristics and appearances into primary definitions of reality. We see this most strongly in the speech and thought of today’s world, which is by any measure an Abrahamic one. Such a worldview focuses on differences and uniqueness, creating an active disassociation between whatever is perceived, and the environment from which it arises.

Thus, the idea of God popularized by Abraham creates an artificial divide between God and the universe, God and man. It becomes an absurdity to see in mankind any possibility to know the divine. This artificial divide has driven deep into the psyche of mankind, spawning an entire theology of alienation, abandonment, and materialism.

The genius of Abe was to promise emancipation from the unstoppable motion of the cosmos. The philosophy of Abe freezes all of existence into a permanent, unchanging stasis, where what is defined is all there is, all there ever can be. Thus, whatever appears has total ascendancy over the underlying flow.

The progeny of ol’ Abe is just as they seek to be, like children blowing bubbles in the park. They delight in the effect of glycerin and breath, watching the fruit of their efforts float upon the breeze. They know nothing of the process that makes the phenomenon possible, nor do they care. For children, success or failure is utterly determined by the result. No other measure is available, or even possible.

Abe brought forth a consciousness that praised surfaces alone. His dream was that truth was in the object, not the cause, and that the object was eternal. This was a reversal of ancient mystical thought. It denies the silence of the Gnostic, the ether of the Philosopher, and the ascent of the Theurgist. In a bout of almost unimaginable ignorance, Abe took the wisdom of the ages and turned it into nonsense.

Word spread quickly concerning the Abrahamic schism, and the insanity it was bringing forth. Some chose the path of secrecy. They spoke not concerning what they knew. Such were the affairs of the mysteries. Others attempted to teach, and these were the great philosophers, mostly shunned today. Still, others attempted to show the truth, only to have their legacy looted and their ancestry reviled. These last were the Gnostics, and from the fires of book burnings, the death camps of Scythiopolis, and the buried remnant of ancient speech, their voices are still heard.

Some modern intellectuals claim that this journey into a differentiated consciousness was one mankind needed to take. In this claim, however, is no explanation for such a point of view. This then leads merely to excuses for the continuing damage done by the big three in this world. It is a dismissal of the fall into illness, a cheap justification for an endless array of dehumanizing, brutal, and senseless events.

The allure of the idea of God lies in the apparent freedom it brings. God, as an externalized concept requires no elucidation, no explanation. One is confronted with a simple on/off switch. On, the idea of God as something greater than everything, He simply is. Off, the idea still channels thought, organizes concepts and leaves one in the world of things to navigate. Again, this is a debased concept from the native mystical tradition that was old before the idea of God ever took form.

God according to the idea made all of creation, with its own laws, and as such his laws compel obedience. Suddenly, Abe provides us the justification for the religious war, that the Abrahamic invented. The Witch trials, the deception and annihilation of the Templars, and the extermination of the Cathars, all are historic gems brought to the world by the so-called light of the idea of God.

The freedom from having to understand one’s relationship to a teeming cosmos on the move quickly transforms into a prison for the soul. God as the idea, separate and distinct from creation becomes the single most oppressive force in his universe. The schism of ol’ Abe allows for no healing through the rediscovery of creation. The schism only allows for an ever deeper immersion into the concept, and especially the emotion that surrounds and upholds the idea of God.

The upstart Abrahamic now seek to usurp the authority and truth of the ancient ways, by claiming that they were the first. Yet their most well-constructed efforts are mere debasements of beautiful truths that existed long before they ever pounded the Ankh into the cross. Their mangling of the ancient ways to fit into their perverse ideal, sacrifices the comprehension brought through the focus, discipline, and purification of that tradition, all for a dime-store novel level of ignorance that now proclaims itself as the first and only.

So it is that the Abrahamic and their dissociative idea of God solidified their rip-off of eternal truths welded into something they call Christian. Lacking understanding on any but the most puerile levels, the truths they stole became calcified irrational beliefs. Thus their idea of God cannot be good, for he created evil. So it is then that we come to the truth, that the theft of Jesus was never orchestrated to redeem mankind. Jesus was appropriated to salvage and redeem the idea of God itself.

The true Jesus arrives via a heavenly descent, to teach and to show those who would know the divine. His tradition, of bringing balance to the world, is far older than the figure himself, as we see for example in Osiris. However, the Abrahamic Jesus, while deriving from this tradition as yet another distillation, another errant Abrahamic appropriation functions not in the world of things, but in the direct mental imaging of this idea of God.

Jesus personalizes and softens the psychopathic actions of the Abrahamic god. Jesus restores a place for mankind in a world doomed by the creation of evil, and through his very existence affirms that the idea of God can still have some good in it. The question of evil has dogged the Abrahamic from the first day they split from the river of wisdom, to take their own faltering path in the world of things.

It is thoroughly Abrahamic, that the redeemer of an externalized idea of God must himself be external, separate. In truth, this heals and redeems nothing, simply affirming a worldview dominated by concepts, while achieving no return to the state it broke off from.

The idea of God arose from a fundamental reduction of an extant, expansive cosmos, to one which was designed for the small mind.

Thus the Abrahamic schism did have its antecedents, yet it stands alone as a movement of consciousness toward an ever-calcified object-oriented worldview. Augustine quipped that the religion he was shaping was superior to the ancient ways because it featured a man, and all men could identify with that. What he was claiming was that differentiation would be increasingly more popular than connexion, and in this, unfortunately, he was correct.

Today, this process of differentiation has become increasingly dysfunctional. The mania to create ever more categories, explained by nonsense, permanently removes mankind from reality and becomes ultimately self-destructive. This stands in polar opposition to the goals of Gnosticism, and the ancient mystical tradition in which it participates with. The essence of the Abrahamic is sorrow, a forced abnegation of that very self it upbraids. The success of Abe is the degree to which one can follow those ostensibly divine commandments. As such, this represents the real fall of mankind.

The essence of Gnosticism is far different. Mary Magdalene instructs the apostles to find their master in the Silence. She shows that awareness of the vast reaches of consciousness is where the ultimate has always dwelled. The healing is with the melting of all the distinctions, fears, and lies that cloud the psyche. Her words, even in fragments, show the way to knowledge, in the arms of the starry night.


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  1. Contemplation and searching for a divine connection is a lot like cooking. Everyone wants to think they are good cooks. They are not. If I go to a friends house, and the people have cooked all day, it is rude to say the food sucks, but it is the truth (often). People get offended and none more so than religious zealots with an adopted narrative. All species, have unique tasks suited for individuals in their group. Each town of 2000 has a few good cooks, a few good hunters, a few good builders, and a few who exhibit the inclination to connect. This is through all species. What the triumvirate of control did, was to view itself as a branch of Monarchy and proved useful for conquest and assimilation. That is no longer needed and it damages our species to pursue anything harmful. In many ways, organized religion and Trump are soulmates, and they share an outsized view of their usefulness and talents.

    • Both astronomy and understanding of the divine was greatly harmed by the advent of modern religion. The self appointed pushed the narrative of the divinely anointed. In nature, gifts and talents are diverse and are received at birth. They did not accept this, so they installed themselves as (the power of god). There is no humility or wisdom in any of it. One could say, that it is fine to be agnostic and still have faith in the christian jesus, but this is not possible. It is apologetics smothered in cult gravy. The stories in the bible from front to back, have fingerprints that can be positively identified, but it is like telling your mother-in-law her cooking sucks. The fingerprints are Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Egyptian, and Mayan, as well as several other unique tribes of people from around the globe.

    • Astronomy is a correlation to our clock, but modern astronomy is a broken clock if they say we are entering the time of Aquarius. The pole star is a convenient excuse but nothing more. The way to tell time is to observe. Then we set the astronomy clock, but like Mike says, everyone wants to be first and front. None are greedier with less talent than the aforementioned abrahamic triumvirate. Their end is near, and they know it, however they do not share this with their minions or even the high courts of their materialistic preachers who are not much more than short order cooks at a truck stop. Their food is terrible and not good for our bodies.

    • In the past, trust was earned by demonstration. The demonstration was not one of power, but place. “You do not go to her, but she comes to you”. We cannot say, “we can never understand”. Particularly, when wisdom is constantly given to humans all over the planet, but much is ignored due to fragile emotions. Even more, is when the generations of the wise, are slaughtered for being inconvenient to the monarchs and the self anointed god kings.
      There is much to do,…thanks for the good words Mr Kay.

    • Thank you for the well developed comment, David, and for reading this piece.
      There seems to be some rather intentional efforts to lie about the history of Christianity, and to relegate the ancient mystical tradition, that Gnosticism participated in, as some sort of off shoot, or side show of that Christianity. This concept is ridiculous, and further, it only works on the ignorant. Admittedly, ignorance is de rigeur today, therefore this piece is one small effort to counteract the toxic effect of lies.
      The west today has rejected all aspects of anagogy. Like some kind of creeping, self loathing toxic sludge, the leaders of the west can only cook up different ways to cut their civilization down.
      However badly they might want you to believe it, Christianity is not the purveyor of mystical truth. It is in fact, little more than a political exercise taken way past its legitimate areas of expertise. That mystical tradition which was old when Abraham made his unholy pact has no died. Despite their best efforts at murder, genocide, and forced insanity it still lives. This piece pays homage to that truth.

  2. Difficult to tell whether you are looking at stars or satellites now.
    Satellites that are between you and the cosmos.
    Satellites that are forming life to fit a pattern, a normal, a new normal.
    One which fits the Plan of the Ancients.
    The Ancients that gave us the Abrahamic History.
    The history showing human evolution moving towards the recognition of Gods chosen nation becoming the master of the entire World.

    • It is clear by now that the plan is to cut off higher functioning, to concentrate upon the lower order, so that the real revolutionaries become Gods. They have said as much, multiple times. It all sounds perfect for the hopelessness that is abrahamic thought. For those not so limited, such goals are infinitely backward.

    • Satellites are the number one identifier of what time it is. In the pantheon of animals and time, the vulture flies the highest and does not flap its wings. It lives by surveilling all beneath it, and is a partner to the jackal. Between them, they find the dead and clean it up right away. We went through the industrial revolution (Wagon- 2nd decan aquarius) and we now enter the age of Vulture (1st decan Aquarius). Everything will get cleaned up and everything will be exposed as the eye of the vulture relentlessly searches, and survives by finding and consuming, that which is no longer useful. We went from horses to moon rockets in 100 years, and now we will clean everything. Humans, should assimilate the nature of vultures, which have a skin around the head and neck that repels harmful bacteria.

  3. Very profound Mike, you keep outdoing yourself. In truth, the original homeland for Aryans is beyond the stars. The late, great, Robert E. Miles often wrote and spoke of this. In the Abrahamic/Materialist world view, what cannot be seen, that of which everything in the cosmos is ultimately composed, are merely units of matter or things. To the ancient Aryan Hyperboreans, these “things” were magical and spiritual in essence. Master Miguel Serrano put this forth so eloquently.

  4. A note to Tommy and anyone else who is convinced that I support and embrace the Abrahamic world view: I most certainly do not. Thus while what is referred to as God is today just an idea, and as such unfathomable, the Mystery is available to be met in other ways. The premise of the Gnostic has always been that the divine is immanent and available. That premise has never changed.

  5. String Theory suggests that there are at least 11 dimensions, most of which we don’t have a clue about. That’s why only agnosticism explains how ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and probably unknowable. Like Socrates said, “I know that I know nothing.”

    • I knew a physicist who was fully immersed in string theory. He knew nothing of the higher functioning of human potential. His idea of God was in need of redemption through the Christian Jesus, as I wrote above. String theory relies upon the Einstein universe, which cannot explain what it describes. Like all institutionalized science, relatively is cold, dark, lifeless, and thoroughly abrahamic.

    • One can have faith in the Christian Jesus and still be an agnostic. It is presumptuous to think that our puny brains can understand ultimate reality.

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