How to Make Your Penis Larger: Six Penis Enlargement Methods


With so many boys, girls, and non-binary folks clamoring for a ride on a massive dick, many proud owners of penises might feel the need to lengthen themselves into the hulking behemoths visible in any porn video.

If you cannot wait to experience the thrill of getting choked on, then you can either turn yourself into a grape or make your dick huge.  If you want to obtain an eminently gargantuan dong, then you must conduct various dong-expanding therapies.  If you are familiar with competitive multiplayer in video games, then you may already know that you have a problem.

After all, other players have reminded you how small your dick is, and who is to say that these children are incorrect?  In the interest of your potential predicament, let us address some ways in which to make your dick bigger.

1.   Shave

Shaving is an indirect way of making your penis bigger.  Do not shave your penis off and try to put it back on.  The idea is that pubes are pretty long.  Some are so long as to rival the length of your penis, and this may make you feel uncomfortable if you are especially insecure, though it is slightly amazing that someone who is this insecure about the length of his penis could ever have a partner.  Trimming pubic hair is a great way to make sucking dick easier for your partner, one of the enemy players’ moms, or the luckiest intern in American history.  Also, it can offer the appearance of a bigger dick without requiring anything more invasive to physically increase length.

2.   Lose Weight

If you are overweight enough, more than an inch could be hidden by fat.  Remember: the base of the penis is connected directly to the bone, so the presence of fat is going to have a major impact on how big your dick seems to the naked eye.  Bellies that extend over penises are hiding those penises’ genuine length, so lose weight with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.  Shedding a few pounds will also improve your physical condition such that sex will be more enjoyable and less exhausting.

3.   Medication

While there is no such medication that increases the length of your penis, there are popular medications that allow for stronger erections that last for more time.  A condition known as erectile dysfunction occurs when blood has trouble flowing from the heart to the penis, and there are certain medications that thin the blood enough to give blood better passage throughout the circulatory system.  These drugs stay in your body for a couple of hours, advancing the amount of blood that enters the penis and decreasing the amount of blood able to flow from the penis to the rest of the circulatory system.  In the bedroom, this leads to harder erections that are also much more consistent.

4.   Injections

Like cosmetic injections that increase the size of one’s lips or cheeks, there exist such injections for the penis.  Injecting cosmetic materials into the penis can affect size in that it will increase the girth of your penis.  Such materials take about a half a year to be absorbed into the rest of the body.  No data suggests that a cosmetic material can remain in the penis.  The injections will have to be performed again whenever the previous injections’ effects have worn off.  Furthermore, one major side effect of these injections is a lumpy visual effect on the penis. Who would want to ride a lumpy cock?  If your partner enjoys lumpy cocks, then this may not be as big a deal.

5.   Implants

Implants are curious devices that medical professionals can place immediately beneath your penis’ skin.  While implants have exclusively been a treatment for erectile dysfunction in the past, this is not the case as of the beginning of the 21st century.  As the sleeve is made out of silicone, its price can be as significant as 13,000 dollars, so take your time with your decision.  Primarily, these implants advance girth, but they have an incredible effect on the sex lives of men all over the world.  After getting implants, four out of five men report immense satisfaction in the bedroom.

6.   Stretch With Your Hands

This can be one of the most immediate ways to increase length without involving a doctor.  Simply make a circle with your index finger and thumb.  Place that circle at the base of the penis where it meets the rest of the body.  Tighten the circle until it is just shy of your penile girth.  Acting slowly, slide this circle up the shaft to the head of the penis, but make sure that your grip neither loosens nor tightens.  This type of exercise may actually increase length.


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