How To Store Kratom Products To Enhance Your Shelf Life?


Recently, the kratom industry has become a juggernaut in the marketplace, as experts evaluated that they can use it to treat, cure or prevent diseases like depression and anxiety. In addition, the supplement can also be used as a dietary supplement for individuals over 18 years of age, as suggested by healthcare practitioners. All these pros lead to its craze among customers.

According to the American Kratom Association (AKA), the kratom industry has climbed over 15 million in profits. As the kratom industry is flourishing, kratom vendors are also spurring in the marketplace. As a result, users consuming Kratom are increasing quickly, pressuring the kratom brand to launch strains. Recently, earth kratom capsules are getting a good foothold within its market, as their alkaloids are intended to diagnose, and treat various day-to-day body discomforts. So, if you’re interested in purchasing kratom from earth kratom, you can visit this link.

Now, without delay, let’s explore and know more.

Understanding Kratom Strains

Kratom has been coming up in the alley for the past few years as an herbal/dietary supplement with its potent and unique formulation. Kratom is present in a tree containing Mitragynine extracts, containing a high level of opioids that can help decrease chronic pain.

The leaves of this tree are in use as a recreational drug that can help in addictive chemical withdrawal and help reduce many evaluated diseases.

The leaves can be chewed or consumed Kratom with tea or morning coffee as a recreational strain. Both kratom powder and capsules are becoming popular as kratom products are raving the market. But earth kratom provides top-notch quality kratom powder and kratom capsules.

Where Does Kratom Powder Come From?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa originates in Southeastern parts of the world like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. These following countries grow kratom varieties like white Borneo, red vein Bali, and more.

Both red Kratom and white Kratom belonging to these places are considered potent kratom forms. Moreover, earth Kratom from Golden Monk Kratom is a trusted product.

Can Kratom Cause Trance?

Kratom is a plant that contains psychotropic and pain-relieving effects that can help in conditions like pain, cough, and fatigue. But, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not yet approved its use for treating any concrete health-related condition.

Where Can Vendors Ship In The USA?

Countries like Denmark, Vietnam, Poland, Sweden, South Korea, Australia, and the following counties of the USA like Sarasota county, Union County, San Diego and Rhode Island have banned usage shipping for all ages.

Different Kratom Products

The kratom industry is believed to have an extensive range of products, according to each customer’s liking. Just like this, earth kratom also indulges in shipping and providing various kratom products like:

  • Earth kratom capsules
  • Earth kratom powder
  • Earth kratom extracts
  • Earth kratom liquid extracts.

All of these mentioned earlier products are exclusively available on earth kratom, as they sell a variety of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Different Kratom Strains

There are a lot of strains flowing around the marketplace, and earth kratom has numerous strains presented for their customer’s satisfaction. The following strains are:

  1. White Borneo
  2. White Maeng Da
  3. Red kratom
  4. Red vein Bali
  5. Green Borneo and whatnot.

If you’re interested, check out the earth kratom website.

Kratom Capsules And Earth Kratom

The industry has recently launched a wide variety of popular strains. But, the most popular is its kratom-infused capsule form. Moreover, the earth kratom entertains many strains like Red, white, and green, and their proprietor is Trainwreck Blend, whose products are not intended to diagnose any disease.

The New Entry Super Indo Kratom

The industry is still gaining many opioid users’ attention, but with its new range, those days are not far.

As the name super Indo kratom suggests, its origin is from Indonesia, Bali, and Vietnam, and mature leaves are high in alkaloids, making it a “super” strain among its suppliers.

How To Store Kratom Powder And Other Products To Increase Their Shelf-Life?

When you’re purchasing the kratom strains and the kratom products online, there are things that you need to keep in mind for better and more mindful storage. Like all recreational products, they must be properly stored, or their potency can be at peril. As kratom has active compounds present in its structure, it can be an aggregate supplement, and the customers must store it cautiously.

There is an outrageous demand for information regarding its use. Furthermore, the product provides you with every needed information regarding their product.

●     Typical Shelf Life Of Kratom

Individuals who buy kratom goods know the drill behind its storage and shelf-life. Like every other product, kratom has a shelf life, like every other recreational or herbal supplement.

According to research and several users, kratom powder has no definite shelf-life, as it can go a long way only when stored properly. It can last for months in many cases. However, when kratom varieties are appropriately stored, and if you’re planning to use it within a reasonable time frame, there is nothing you need to worry about now.

Do’s To Increase Kratom Shelf-Life

There are some rationales you need to keep in mind before storing your strain in the wrong place. Moreover, ensure you get the maximum benefit from your kratom strain and do not waste your pennies. Finally, there are a few dos and don’ts you have to follow to ensure its potency and effects.

●     Keep It In A Cool Place.

If you’re storing your kratom in a glass jar and keeping it outside in a humid area, this is the one thing that can vigorously affect your kratom’s efficacy. So, to combat this issue, you need to store your strain in a cool place where humidity is not a problem, as humid conditions can make it contaminated and later make it go wrong. So, considering storing your earth kratom in a cool place will be a wise choice.

Moreover, freezers are primarily dry, cold, and dry, making them perfect for storage.

●     Keep It In The Dark Place.

People are always afraid of UV rays hurting their skin and other things. But do you know these rays can also affect your kratom’s efficacy if kept in direct sunlight? Many users and vendors have revealed that it should be stored in dark and cool places. Suppose you can opt for glass jars that are brown in color or opaque. Solar radiation from sunlight through your curtains or windows can harshly affect your kratom.

●     Check For Airtight Packaging.

Once you’ve bought your strain, consider storing it in an airtight container or jar, where your product doesn’t get to breathe. Once your kratom is out of its tree, it’s susceptible to environmental influences, and the handiest way to maintain its well-being is to store it in a place where the air is all cut off. So, next time consider storing your kratom in an airtight container.

●     Keep Away From Moisture.

As dried veggies, you’ll have to store your strain in a dry place that does not contain moisture, as it can clump your kratom powder and damage its consistency. Not only can moisture clump it all together, but it can also bring mold. Mold can pose a hazard in a strain.

Especially keep it away from rains, as it can make the product soggy, decreasing its quality and potency. If your earth kratom seems to have a little mold, consider discarding it from the jar.

●     Go For Vendors Who Provide Top-Quality Kratom Packaging.

The clock starts counting when mature leaves are harvested, so you have to ensure that your kratom vendors are also shipping the product with caution. Ensure that your supplier is a reliable source. Brand intended to indulge in shipping a quality shipment; it is seen that most customers expect to place their purchase with such brand.

Furthermore, it won’t do any good to store it properly if your product is shipped with less caution.

Don’ts To Increase Kratom Shelf Life.

There are some key points to remember before storing your kratom because if you don’t store it with caution, it can risk its potent alkaloids simultaneously wasting your money.

●     Leave The Container Open.

The kratom leaves are dried and grounded, so the powder doesn’t need any air to breathe. Instead, it’s the opposite; openly storing your strain can lead to contamination and oxidation. The easiest way to combat oxidation is to store it in an airtight jar.

The Bottom Line

As we saw, there are many points before purchasing and storing your strains. Skipping these rationales might lead to the peril of its potent quality and diagnosis or cure.

However, because kratom capsules and other strains can produce opioid-like effects, customers are preferred to use it at their own risk. Furthermore, the FDA has not approved it for any disorder, and Golden Monk does not intend to claim any medical benefits.


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