Will CBD Make You Feel High? Here Are the Facts


CBD products have exploded on the wellness scene in the last few years. Cannabis products in general, in fact, have been heavily researched in the last decade to determine their perceived health benefits. Cannabis products have a lot of potential benefits but they aren’t necessarily for everyone.

Some may find that they have a poor reaction to traditional cannabis products, and that’s where CBD comes in. CBD edibles are the most common way to ingest this compound and it should be noted that these products are currently unregulated.

That essentially means that the FDA doesn’t determine what can or cannot go into these products, but it is currently illegal to market CBD products as having therapeutic benefits. We’ll get into that in a bit, but first, we want to address the age-old question; does CBD get you high? To fully understand the answer to this question, we need to understand the various compounds that come from the marijuana plant and what their general effects are.


The marijuana plant produces two main components when the plant matures. Those are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the more infamous of the two and it’s the primary chemical that causes feelings associated with being ‘high.’ These symptoms can include changes in perception, euphoria, and drowsiness just to name a few. CBD, its sister compound, is found to have its own side effects such as fatigue, dry mouth, and changes in mood.

However, CBD does not get the user high in the same way that THC does. In fact, CBD is thought by many to have all of the physical effects and benefits of cannabis without the feeling of being intoxicated. The research is still out as to what these benefits actually are, but we know that consumers of CBD claim it helps them deal with common ailments such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Effects of CBD

The effects of CBD can vary from person to person, just like any compound or supplement we may take. We know that CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system and interacts with neurotransmitters and many say that taking CBD helps them feel more relaxed, and sleep better and when used topically can help alleviate inflammation and tension due to injury or chronic pain.

Again, research is still being done on various forms of CBD and what their actual effects are on the body in the short and long term. It shouldn’t be sought after as a sole form of therapy for any chronic issue, but it can certainly help someone’s outlook and overall mood.

Any therapeutic benefit claimed by a product should be taken with a grain of salt. These products show some promise for therapeutic use but currently aren’t regulated to be marketed as such.

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Common Forms

CBD edibles are the most common form of CBD products on the market today. Second to topical treatments such as lotions, ointments, and creams. CBD edibles come in the form of gummies, tinctures, and oils, but most commonly you’ll find an array of delicious CBD gummies and supplement capsules for consumption.

Gummies are an especially attractive option for those curious about trying cannabis products but who want to avoid the negative side effects associated with THC products. Often, the taste is masked significantly by the natural flavorings in the gummies making it feel more like a supplement than a cannabis product.


The legality of CBD remains in a gray area. At the federal level, any product derived from a marijuana plant containing .3% or higher of THC is considered a Schedule I substance. However, CBD derived from hemp plants containing less than .3% THC is legal because it was derived from a different source.

These kinds of CBD products are thought to be a little bit less effective, but more readily available on the market. In states where recreational marijuana is legalized, CBD products will be more readily available with a variety of extraction methods. CBD edibles are available in various forms all around the country, and you may be able to order some high-quality ones online with a little bit of research. Make sure you understand your state and county’s local regulations before purchasing.


In short, CBD edibles do not make the consumer feel high. They may experience some positive benefits such as feeling relaxed, having an uplifted mood, and possibly drowsiness. This can be a positive benefit for those trying to regulate their sleep patterns and wake up feeling more rested.

CBD products can help patients support a better attitude and a more relaxed state of being, but CBD edibles’ actual benefits are still being researched and they shouldn’t be used solely to treat any kind of chronic condition. Consult a physician for more detailed treatment options for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.


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