by Mike Kay

It has been many years now, since the discovery of the oldest swastika in the world. It was found in a long-forgotten place in Ukraine. The swastika itself has been demonized and monopolized by a campaign of terror that continues to this day. Not far from the place of this discovery, another was made; fully formed Europeans unearthed in a dig from 40,000 years ago.

the oldest swastika in the world?

Neither of these discoveries has meant anything to the incessant dialogue of current events. The spotlight-seeking interpreters of modern moments report on the unfolding of the events in Ukraine with an air of disbelief as if they cannot quite account for the nexus of activity that leaves them breathless and puzzled. They too have forgotten, or perhaps never knew that the history of Ukraine is all about origins and endings and is as such a very fitting place for the empire of globalism to crucify itself upon the Ukrainian steppes.

Much has been said of the Ukrainian reinvention of symbols from the Third Reich, made especially famous by the Azovs, a paramilitary organization with close ties to the oligarchy and Israel. Yet no one seems to remember that the symbols of the Reich were themselves returned from the depths of the past and that the images that horrify and mystify so many today have a long and ancient lineage that does not slavishly follow modern political borders or conventional thought.

Ukraine is the homeland of one of the most ancient civilizations, the Trypillian Civilization, which flourished on its territory about 7,000 years ago. To put it into context, recall that we are now living in the geologic time period known as the Holocene.

So, while modern reporters will wring their hands over Stepan Bandera, they are blinded by the bizarre idea that all of mankind must think and behave according to their pre-set beliefs, all the while ignorant of the reality of the deeper forces at play. Deep forces are, as we have previously explored.

The symbols revitalized in the Ukrainian mind are thus not simply the nostalgia for a fascist past. Nor are they truly some sort of an attempted return to the vision of the National Socialists destroyed by globalism. Runes are found throughout the Russo-Ukrainian lands, symbols the modern mind believes are dead, without any potency. Yet the interpreter’s own fascination with their articulated terror and their deep search for any evidence of these symbols currently in use belies their materialistic assertions.

Symbols can carry with them an extraordinary degree of power. The banal and mundane elements of modern society have known this for quite some time. Thus, corporations all sport their symbols, understanding that to the blank acceptance of modern humanity, repetition will train the compliant masses to recognize their brand. Linked to this is the long campaign of subliminal advertising, using hidden images and quickly flashing forms.

What they don’t know, nor can psychology help them, is why certain symbols carry an inordinate authority.

Of course, if the agents of the cash and carry culture could comprehend the why, and put it to use, it would be twisted out of all proportion in the rush to turn it into domination, into control, into hackneyed and debased forms to serve their inhumane purposes.

We aren’t going to help them here. Our purposes are simple; we are going to understand that symbols, the symbols that have stood the test of time, do so due to forces that operate outside of the conscious mind.

Why is this important?

Primarily, it is important because for one it exhibits that supremely important and consistent processes operate over generations of time, and second because it illustrates that the conscious meaning assigned to symbols is secondary to the power of the symbol itself.

In short, such proves that there is a great deal going on in human life that the waking mind is largely clueless about. So, it becomes very easy for the waking mind, dumb to its supports and lifeline, to make all kinds of truly idiotic assumptions, and to believe that they are unalterably true.

Spiritual Swastika On Lotus Background.
The Origins of the Swastika

The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being.” The motif (a hooked cross) appears to have first been used in Eurasia, as early as 7000 years ago, perhaps representing the movement of the sun through the sky.

To this day, it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism. It is a common sight on temples or houses in India or Indonesia. Swastikas also have an ancient history in Europe, appearing on artifacts from pre-Christian European cultures. 

Perhaps the first untruth to consider is that the waking mind is the ruler of itself and its world, just because it can think about things, and supposedly manipulate the body. Yet what exactly is the waking mind, other than a construct designed to operate within the confines of this incarnation? The waking mind is eminently suited to the discernment of a world of things, a subject-object relationship that transfers internal processes to external realities.

What the mind is not-and this is the fundamental mistake of modern thought-is ultimate consciousness.

If one is to truly comprehend the mind, one must come to the conclusion that the mind itself is not absolute. How can this be so? Such is the realization that arrives to anyone who studies and observes the mind. That mind is directly linked to incarnation, the way a flower is linked to its pollen should be completely obvious.

The modern mind is absolutely obsessed with itself. It almost never gives itself rest, constantly mulling over odd memories that pop into awareness seemingly from nowhere, repeatedly hashing out the same thoughts, remembering lost hurts, and engaging in regret. At times, the mind will indulge in pleasurable memories, it will think fondly of good times, or lavish praise upon someone it believes has done a good turn.

However, the mind can never exist in the very present. The mind finds it impossible to think of things until after they occur. Even when considering the future, the mind is actually dwelling in the past, for it is considering what isn’t known on the basis of what is. Time, in the framework of the mind, is something utterly beyond understanding, because the incarnate mind has no ability to sense, observe, note or measure what time actually is. Rather, time is described as an effect, as a force operating on life. As such, it comes as no surprise that much of the effort of modern man is aimed at escaping the power of this force.

Roman Empire Era Mosaic showing Ancient Swastika

Science, as people like to call it, is essentially a careful measurement, and thus the scientific description of time is little more than a careful measurement of celestial bodies in motion. Time, as motion, was fully described as a phenomenon thousands of years ago. Thus, not only has the understanding of time not advanced, but it actually has regressed, as it must to fit into a mechanistic model of the universe.

Most commonly then, the symbols of man are conceived as something arising within time, from the waking mind. They are claimed to arise from the keen use of the senses, and applications of principles of design, proportion, and symmetry. The reasoning goes that some symbols merely embody these principles to a greater degree, making them more successful in a huge field of symbols. This type of explanation prides itself on its rationality, all the while ignoring the fact that it truly explains nothing.

Just as no one in the modern world can present time as an easily consumable entity, no one can describe where the principles of symmetry, proportion, and repetition derive from. Intuitively, the best artists throughout the ages held to such principles, keeping the mind in check to allow a deeper sense to flow into their work. They never sought to explain the exquisite beauty of the fully realized feminine form, for example. Botticelli, in his famous painting of Venus, merely celebrates such an experience.

Similarly, scholars, today look to what they believe are previous symbols, in order to explain the existence of other ones that escape their rather narrow confines of belief. This is a practice of simply pushing back the explanation of origin without answering it, on the basis of classification, or in simpler language; visible characteristics.

The ancient symbol that was hijacked by evil

The swastika discovered in the confines of Russia does not, nor ever has followed this type of mental gymnastics. The Runes cannot be explained as a continuation of an older system with similar features, simply because scholars have no idea of the structures the Runes derive from, or for that matter, the derivation of the older ”parent” script.

Previously, we described natural language and identified the Runes as symbolic forms of this language. We demonstrated how the hybridization with Christian forms followed a hybridization of Goth society and recalled the historic fact that such actions led directly to the fall of Rome, and the annihilation of the Goths.

We pointed out that natural language develops with biology according to the fractal, holographic nature of biological manifestation, and that such manifestation is both seen and understood as developmental in the quantum description. Symbols, however, do not necessarily develop out of a finished language, they can just as easily develop along with it, remaining in place as templates for experience, the way a mannequin is a template for wardrobes.

When we understand this, we will realize that the resurfacing of Runes and Swastikas in Ukraine is hardly explained away as some fascist fantasy. Further, perhaps it is possible to develop some respect for the struggles of a people, and an inkling of the great forces at work, instead of trying to reduce everything to the level of stupidity and banality.

The Swastika was an ancient symbol of peace and abundance, until………The Nazi’s

The highest levels of the mind move beyond the physical, before disappearing completely into the ocean of awareness. It is in this dimension where the Platonic solids and the world of forms work their magic. The highest frequencies of the mind are realized as geometric forms, a crystalline structure open to the direction of Kurt Gödel’s absolute set.

Such is an ancient view of the manifestation of the cosmos, and as such, even the compartmentalized ego tripping of modern science is beginning to return to the root. The Swastika and the Runes are intimately related to the number, in the sense that number is symbolic.

The sages of old studied geometry and number, not merely to build better monuments, but to correlate their inner experience with the outer. They discovered the exact forces that modern science is desperately attempting to master in order to debase and enslave all of life.

Hitler Youth Rally in Nazi Germany where the Swastika symbolized Nazism

To the modern mind, there is no mystery to Ukraine. That which is identified as the source for the symbolic resurgence of forms that currently inspire such strong reactions do not explain this resurgence.

However, the understanding, even topically, of Emanation Science, the quantum explanation for biology, and the parallel development of language certainly do. Further, this comprehension of higher orders fully illustrates the power of symbols beyond locally assigned meanings, which accounts for their resilience and longevity in the human experience.

Mystery Ukraine exists for those who perceive it. Right before our eyes, we can see the deep forces manifesting, passing directly through the materialist reductionist explanation to reveal themselves as the unlimited horizon they truly are.


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  1. VT editors taking liberties with MK`s work meaning comment’s below images that they put in.
    The good news about VT? Their all vaxxed up and yes America is at war. Biowar has been unleashed upon you and may you get what you deserve.
    That bioweapon was developed and deployed by the DOD and its target is the American people because America can not be fixed by fixed elections as only a cull will fix the place and to VT I await you on the American battlefield if I survive what’s comming.
    This is civil war 2.0

    Great work MK

  2. Strictly Swastika is Indian. Europe has nothing to do with it. All modern Historic claims are based on recent Western Imperialism. Sawas = peace and Tika = mark. Both are Sanskrit words. Hindu ladies wear marks on the forehead when married and this is called tika.
    As for the Swastika, its real spokes are opposite to its Western appearance.
    The Myth about Swastika is that anyone who turns its spokes the wrong way to its original appearance will get mangled by it; as it happened to Germans and is doing to Ukrainians.
    European violent Civilisation began with Alexander of Macedonia. He could not believe his eyes when he saw all the Asian cities lit up in the nighttime.40 thousand years …..indeed. ha ha.

    • Nope Sarhan you are as wrong as wrong can be.
      Replacing knowledge with arrogance seems to come easily for you.
      Quite obviously, you assume a cultural superiority which is unwarranted.
      Perhaps it would behoove you to pursue some study before you start typing.
      The Ukraine holds the oldest Swastika in the world.

  3. Official history is not historical.
    Official narratives reduce events to isolated concepts based on a simplistic notion of life.
    In order to maintain hegemony, the simplistic has become a tyranny. Thus any explanation by officialdom becomes reductionist. Stupidity prevails.
    Thus, it makes perfect sense to officialdom to force a conclusion that National Socialists hijacked symbols available to them for millennia, whilst to one who recognizes the machinations of officialdom, such conclusions are patently absurd.
    Thus, in Ukraine, any understanding of an attempt to discover identity according to an authentic past is ridiculed by idiots who bathe in official “explanations”.
    My thanks to those who left comments from outside the prison walls of officialdom, you know who you are.

  4. The Swastika was and is used worldwide. Most likely proof that once a people lived on earth that spread sacred knowledge and traveled wordwide. Images of UFO’s/Flyingmachines also found worldwide. God Apollos said to travel to Hyperborea in the region of the North Pole. Interesting are the findings of a chrystal city under Antartica by Captain Byrd. Not only HItler was besotten by Tibet, also Blavatsky, her book on his nightstand, but also many american politicians at the time. Himmler wanted to reinstate the religion prior to christianity. Christianity forced on people living in the Netherlands, or execution and torture, Accompanied by a genocide of many Celtic Tribes and all tribes thereafter forced to call themselves Germanic tribes. In GErmany even the Friesians are called a Germanic tribe, whilst in the Netherlands they are known to be a separate people with their own language. Frislandt present on the Mercatormap.

  5. You write, “The Swastika was an ancient symbol of peace and abundance, until … The Nazi’s” ?????
    It may be a symbol of peace and abundance for certain cultures but you laugh your chickens off when you include the Nazis as well. That thesis even those cultures would not accept if they knew that no matter what, the Nazis unleashed a WW II with tens of millions dead. And you call that “peace and abundance”?
    I have already written to you, about “Kultura and massification,” that one thing is the people another thing is the psychopathology of Nazi exosterism known only to the Party leadership.
    I am convinced now that under the guise of esotericism and similar-science You are nothing but making apologia for Nazism, and in the Ukrainian case apologia for Ukrainian Nazism and the abundance of peace brought after Maidan and until before Putin started the special war.

    • BP, did you read my previous comments?
      I don’t choose any images for my writing here, nor is it I who writes the text for those images.
      Frankly, whoever did write the text below those images is a moron. No one asked for my input before writing such zingers from the idiocracy.
      If you have something to say, make sure it’s about what I actually write.

    • High time you watch the docus Hellstorm, Europe the Last Battle and the one about the Bolsjevist Revolution. By Juri Lina. Also study the Holodomor in the Ukraine, a holocaust by jews. History was not as i was taught in school in the Netherlands. Miko Peled, son of the general, made a similar painful journey, discovering the history of Israel was not as he was taught

    • To Mike kay
      You yourself say that the person who wrote the subtitle is a moron, and I admit that I didn’t realize that you had already complained about it. You also add that neither were the images inserted by you.
      But does it change anything?
      Isn’t it basically the same that you wrote that in Ukraina Bandera referred to « The symbols revitalized in the Ukrainian mind are thus not simply the nostalgia for a fascist past», while you don’t say that for Nazism, and in Germany, the swastika was an imported symbol and that it was within its right to make use of it?
      By logic, Bandera in revitalizing the deep forces could not have “nostalgia for a fascist past” because Nazism was coeval. “Nostalgia for a fascist past ” certainly refers to the Azov battalion. And is it these deep forces that authorized or were not other reasons in the Ukrainian complicity in the crime of WW II and then Maidan and eight years of bombing of the Donbass?

  6. 1. Despite its origin, the swastika has become so often associated with Nazi Germany that its use today is often controversial.
    Will the ancient sign ever be able to shake off the stigma of Nazism and the negative associations associated with it?
    In the ancient Indian literary language of Sanskrit, “svasti” means wishing prosperity and good luck. This symbol has been used by Hindus, Buddhists and followers of Jainism for thousands of years. Most researchers believe that the symbol itself was born in India.
    In the USA, bottles of Coca-Cola and Carlsberg beer were decorated with it. It was adopted by the Boy Scouts, and the American Young Girls Club named its magazine “Swastika”. Its editorial staff sent swastika badges to readers who participated in the distribution of the magazine as a small gift.

    • 2. American military units used the swastika during the First World War. Her images decorated the wings of some aircraft of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain until 1939. However, the “peaceful” swastika came to an end after fascism came to power in Germany in the 30s of the last century.
      The Nazis appropriated the swastika for a reason. In the XIX century, the French romantic writer and sociologist Joseph Gobineau wrote a work entitled: “A study on the inequality of human races”, in which he introduced the term “Aryans”. So Gobineau called the fair-haired and blue-eyed representatives of the white race, whom he regarded as the highest stage of all mankind.
      The irony is that the European roots of the swastika are much deeper than many people imagine. Archaeological finds have long shown that this is a very ancient symbol, which was used not only in India. It was found in ancient Greece, it was familiar to the Celts and Anglo-Saxons, and the oldest samples were generally found in Eastern Europe from the Baltic to the Balkans.

    • 3. One of the most ancient ornaments depicting the swastika is kept in the State Historical Museum in Kiev.
      Among the most valuable exhibits of the museum is a small bone figure of a bird carved from a mammoth tusk. It was found in 1908 during the excavation of a Paleolithic site near the village of Mizin in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine.
      The bird’s body is engraved with a complex pattern of intertwining swastikas. It is the oldest officially recognized swastika ornament in the world. Radiocarbon analysis showed that the bone bird was carved 15 thousand years ago.
      Single swastikas began to appear in the Neolithic Vinca-Vinca culture in Eastern Europe about 7 thousand years ago. However, this symbol became really widespread in Europe only in the Bronze Age.

    • Whatever meanings and concepts are embedded in the symbol of the swastika, for the Soviet people, the victor of Nazism, it will forever be a hateful symbol of death and suffering of tens of millions of people around the world.

  7. First of all, the Swastika found in the Ukraine is more than three times older than the oldest ones found in Asia. Anyone who takes a little time in research will discover that this region has a long and involved history with this symbol.
    Secondly, one cannot hijack a symbol that is from their own heritage. Historic Germany, or if you prefer the denigrating term assigned to them, Nazis had as much right to the Swastika as anyone else. So the cheap moral grandstanding can stop right now.
    I find it tedious and annoying that popular as in idiotic concepts and beliefs continually take the stage as someone’s type of truth when they are nothing more the lazy and puerile genuflections towards concept control.

  8. Quote from the book The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity
    by David Graeber, David Wengrow

    “Obviously, we have no idea how relatively happy the inhabitants of Ukrainian mega-sites like Maidenetske or Nebelivka were, compared to the lords who constructed kurgan burials, or even the retainers ritually sacrificed at their funerals; or the bonded labourers who provided wheat and barley to the inhabitants of later Greek colonies along the Black Sea coast …..why do we assume that people who have figured out a way for a large population to govern and support itself without temples, palaces and military fortifications – that is, without overt displays of arrogance, self-abasement and cruelty – are somehow less complex than those who have not?”

    •  “Those who know do not tell and those who tell do not know.”

      What ‘They’ tell us.

      The Temple of Understanding dot org
      “WHAT WE DO”

      We advocate for interfaith values in the secular setting of the United Nations in support of peace, justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability. We develop youth leadership and amplify their moral agency.


      777 UN Plaza, 3E
      New York, NY 10017″

      The occult symbolism chosen for the Temple was the same as for the U.N. Meditation Room – the All Seeing Eye of a ‘dying and rising’ Sun god worshipped throughout the world under many different names such as Ba’al, Nimrod, Osiris (god of the underworld), Horus (Osiris resurrected), Dionysus, Apollyon, and Tammuz.

      Who Owns The Future?

      Published by Crown Business, New York, New York.
      CROWN BUSINESS is a trademark and the Rising Sun colophon is a registered trademark of Random House, Inc.

    • Do we even known which peoples lived in that region. Is Tartaria real. Human history hidden from the current human collective. Aryans living in the region. Ancient sites in the region. Arkaim in Russia. Gobekli Tepi in Turkey. How long since there were borders, separate nations in the region. How long since Khazaria crumbled and was wiped of the map.

  9. I hate to have to correct the ones that provide subtitles, but the Swastika did not originate in Asia. The oldest Swastika in the world is found in Russia, the Ukraine.
    Second, I wrote directly that the power of a symbol is unique and independent of whatever meaning or contemporary definition is assigned to it. In this light, saying the Swastika was all nicey nicey until the Nazis is simply stupid.
    Third, this piece is correctly titled “Mystery Ukraine”. It’s isn’t an investigative piece on the uses of the Swastika, it describes the application of natural language, the significance of enduring symbols, and how they harmonize with racial memory, quantum biology, and the absolute set to describe a process that results in this mystery of existence.

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