Benefits of Using CBD Oils in the Bedroom


By now, it’s likely that most people have heard about the potential benefits of CBD as a wellness product. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the hemp and marijuana plant that is said to have all kinds of positive benefits, including supporting lower anxiety levels, improved muscle relaxation, and uplifted mood. CBD has been isolated to make all kinds of products,  including edibles, topical muscle ointments, and natural lube for the bedroom.

Using natural lube containing CBD is becoming a hot topic in the sexual wellness industry, and user reviews are raving about the improved experiences many couples and individuals are having. To understand some of the benefits, let’s explore what users of CBD lube have to say about these increasingly popular products.

Blood Flow

One of the things we know CBD excels at is increasing blood flow when applied topically; this is why it makes for a great ingredient in personal lubricants. Users of CBD intimacy oils and lubes are amazed at how well the product works. Keep in mind that everyone is different and everyone’s body may respond differently to certain products, but CBD is extremely effective in increasing blood flow to intimate areas when used in a natural lube product.

Alleviates Tension

CBD is often used to combat anxiety in daily life and can also be effective in decreasing performance anxiety for folks in the bedroom. For one thing, CBD can support relaxed muscles in addition to helping decrease anxiety, which can be a perfect recipe in the bedroom where anxiety can peak for certain individuals. Performance anxiety can affect everyone, and you may be surprised to find out how many people experience anxiety in the bedroom for one reason or another. Having something to alleviate that tension and help each partner relax can be the key to improving sexual experiences.

Natural Ingredients

Natural lube should contain natural ingredients. The best kinds of lube will have a small list of ingredients, like CBD and coconut oil. Remember: our bodies absorb whatever we put into or onto them, so it’s best to look for products that contain all-natural ingredients to help support our body’s functions rather than ingesting toxic chemicals. These natural ingredients are what make CBD lubricants such a special product. Manufacturers are working with ingredients that our bodies tend to respond well to instead of using artificial lubricants to poorly imitate naturally occurring lubricants.

Set the Right Mood

Supporting better sex and sexual experiences, solo, with a partner, or will multiple people, is all about setting the mood. Natural lube helps things move more smoothly and assists with getting us in the mood for the activity. Sometimes, having a product for our sexual experiences helps get our brains into the right frame of mind for sex, which in an important part of the foreplay process.

Lubricants encourage a more intimate and intentional touch, which is something that can be a huge turn-on for all parties involved. CBD can be a wonderfully powerful product for improving sexual wellness, but more powerful than that is the individual intention to make sex an important and intimate act between people. Lube and other products can create a ritual for individuals and partners, the best medicine of all when it comes to sexual wellness.

Research Is Still Being Done

The reality of mostly all CBD products is that research is still being done to determine the full scope of potential benefits with consumable and topical products. User testimonials suggest that these compounds have some amazing qualities that can support certain results, like a more relaxed, smooth, and sensual sexual experience or a reduction in performance anxiety during bedroom activities. More research is being done, and it’s likely that the coming years will reveal more potential benefits from CBD products, but no CBD product should be used with the expectation of curing any health or sexual issue.


Using CBD natural lube can support a lot of positivity in the bedroom. It can help increase blood flow to intimate areas, reduce tension, increase relaxation, and set the mood by adding a layer to foreplay activities. When searching for effective CBD products, look for ones that are transparent with their ingredients. In general, the less that’s in it, the better.

Products that contain CBD extracts and coconut oil, for example, are the best ones to go for since they use natural ingredients. Your body absorbs what you put into and onto it, so make sure whatever you try has recognizable and natural recipes so that your body isn’t ingesting harmful artificial ingredients. Most importantly, when it comes to trying new natural lube, have fun and be safe!


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