By E. Michael Jones, Editor of Culture Wars Magazine

“No black man becomes a millionaire without friendship in the Jewish community.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan

“So, fuck them motherfucking Jews, my nigga. Heil Hitler.”

Charleston White speaking in support of Kanye West

“Put yo chain on, nigga. Welcome back.”

Dave Chappelle

The Kyrie Irving incident seemed at first glance to be the classic example of hysterical Jewish over-reaction leading to the exact opposite of what the Jews intended to bring about.

In response to a basketball player recommending a recent movie—From Hebrews to Negroes—which was available on Amazon, the Jewish CHEKA, otherwise known as the Anti-Defamation League , demanded Irving’s head on a platter, leading the NBA to suspend him for five games and to issue a six-point plan which he had to fulfill before Adam Silver, the Jew who headed the NBA, would allow him to return to the league. One point of the plan involved paying the ADL $500,000 in protection money.  Sensing that Kyrie hadn’t groveled enough, the NBA worked out a deal whereby Irving would apologize publicly and donate $500,000 to the ADL, after which the Nets and would add another $500,000 to the pot.

The first result of this shake down was a rise in consciousness. If it weren’t for the ADL, who would have known that the National Basketball Association was a form of social control in which 70 percent of the players are black but 60 percent of the owners, who had appointed Silver as their commissar, were Jewish. The second result was a wave of anger which swept over the black community, which, up to that time, had accustomed themselves to the role of docile consumers by buying shoes endorsed by the star du jour. In response to the ADL’s attack on Kyrie, videos of shoe burnings began circulating on the internet. Adidas, the German shoe firm which canceled Kyrie’s contract, took an immediate financial hit for the Jewish team, and the firms which had been licensed to make the shoes that kept Negroes on the Jewish sports plantation were forced to lay off workers so that the ADL could make its point.

There are a number of explanations for why the ADL would do something this stupid. The most plausible is that the Kyrie incident was an attempt to distract the world from something far worse, which had just happened a few days before, when Kanye West started talking about how Jews literally exercised control over blacks in Hollywood through Harley Pasternak, a Jewish commissar masquerading as the A-Team’s go-to personal trainer. This ball started rolling when Kanye and Candace Owen, the black conservative punditress who is featured on Ben Shapiro’s platform The Wire, showed up wearing matching “White Lives Matter” T-shirts.

Because Black Lives Matter was the most recent incarnation of the sacred cause known as the Black-Jewish alliance, the Jews overreacted to what they perceived as blasphemy. Kanye escalated the attack on the WLM T-shirt by threatening to go “Defcon three on the Jews”[1] and then followed through on his threat when he released text messages from Pasternak in which he threatened to have Kanye drugged and institutionalized so that he would never be able to see his children again.

“I was mentally misdiagnosed and nearly drugged out of my mind to make me a manageable well-behaved celebrity,” Kanye tweeted. After being offered the option of sitting down with Pasternak and doing what he was told, Kanye was offered as a second alternative, “I have you institutionalized again where they medicate the crap out of you, and you go back to Zombieland forever. Play date with the kids just won’t be the same.”[2] This was serious, so serious in fact that it forced the ADL to go Defcon 3 on Kyrie Irving to distract everyone’s attention.

When Marilyn Monroe was the top female star in Hollywood, Jewish controllers were known as psychiatrists. Now they are known as “personal trainers.” Monroe spent years trying to get out of the clutches of her personal psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson, whose sexual relationship with Monroe was only the tip of an abusive iceberg which included drugs that took her to Zombieland and eventually to her death.

According to the standard narrative, Greenson broke into her bedroom by smashing a window to find the actress dead in her bed, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills on her nightstand. Other sources claim that Greenson was responsible for her death by drug overdose after he shoved a needle into her chest.[3] Private detective Becky Aldrige claims that “Box 29” stored at the UCLA library contains evidence showing that “Dr Greenson killed Monroe after she threatened to reveal affairs she’d had with the Kennedy brothers and he remained haunted by the actress.”[4]

Pasternak is the re-incarnation of Greenson. The psychiatrist has morphed into a personal trainer who is associated with Defense Research and Development, Canada, that country’s psychological warfare operation. In the same video which revealed his connection with the Canadian psychological warfare operation, Pasternak admitted that he had access to some very powerful drugs, because “working for the military I wasn’t governed by the same laws the typical person was.”[5]

Back in ‘50s and ‘60s, the DRDC was connected with the Canadian branch of the CIA’s MKultra program. The CIA teamed up with Dr. Ewan Cameron . . . to conduct illegal experiments on the human mind at Magill University in Montreal. Dan Dicks claims that Pasternak is the “intermediary” linking the Canadian psychological warfare operation with the “powerful shadowy forces in Hollywood” that had become suddenly upset with Kanye West.[6] So upset in fact, that the ADL was forced to change the narrative to the relatively unimportant Kyrie Irving story, which did nothing more than unnecessarily antagonize blacks, thereby sabotaging the most successful revolutionary operation in American history.

The revolutionary operation which turned the Negro into a proxy warrior for the Jews is  known as the Black-Jewish Alliance. Murray Friedman, who was once head of the Philadelphia chapter of the American Jewish Committee, chronicled its demise in What Went Wrong?: The Creation & Collapse of the Black-Jewish Alliance.

The Black-Jewish Alliance began with the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in the wake of the lynching of Leo Frank, the Jewish child molester who murdered Mary Phagan, a 12-year-old employee in his family’s pencil factory. The NAACP was the creation of Joel Spingarn, a Jewish lawyer from New York city, and it was a totally Jewish operation which was dedicated to turning Negroes into Jewish proxy warriors from its inception.

The man who discovered this the hard way was Marcus Garvey, the charismatic Jamaican-born, black nationalist leader from Harlem, who was the first victim of NAACP vigilance. After visiting NAACP headquarters, Garvey discovered that there was not one black lawyer in that organization’s employ. The only Negro in the NAACP was its Harvard-educated Communist front man, W.E.B. DuBois, whose main role was railroading Garvey with the help of a Jewish judge as the Jews’ way of destroying black nationalism and introducing “integration” as the only acceptable alternative for American Negroes. Amy Spingarn, wife of Joel, helped create the Harlem Renaissance, another Jewish operation, by becoming the patron of Negro poet Langston Hughes.

The Black-Jewish Alliance reached its high-water mark in the 1950s and ‘60s with the advent of the Civil Rights movement, with Stanley Levison serving as Martin Luther King’s Jewish fundraiser and bagman. Jews like Abraham Heschel were given cultural prestige by linking arms with civil rights leaders as they did in the 1963 march on Washington, which was the high point of the movement, but this high-level collaboration came at a price that was paid by the little Jews in places like Crown Heights in Brooklyn, where they found themselves the victims of Black street crime.

The Jew, of course, earned this odium honestly by cheating the shvartzes who came to his store in places like Harlem, which exploded into violence in 1937 when the blacks grew tired of being cheated. Fiorella LaGuardia—the Jewish mayor of New York with the Italian name—tried his best to portray the Harlem riots as a black-white conflict, but everyone knew it was a black-Jewish battle over what Georg Ratzinger referred to as “juedisches Erwerbsleben,” or sharp Jewish business practices.

The same thing happened in Philadelphia in 1964 when riots broke out on Columbia Avenue in North Philadelphia. The incident which triggered the riot was a domestic quarrel, but the long-term cause was the behavior of Jewish merchants of the sort that Heinrich Graetz complained about in the 19th century when he wrote that the only thing Polish Jews learned from studying the Talmud was how to cheat the goyim.

The Jewish reaction against the Black-Jewish alliance came on the heels of its greatest triumph at the civil rights rally in Washington when Norman Podhoretz, published “My Negro Problem and Ours,” in Commentary, the flagship magazine of the American Jewish Committee, in 1963. Everyone knows that Wikipedia is controlled by Jews, but the question of which Jews control it becomes apparent when we read its entry on Podhoretz’s famous essay:

The essay addresses Podhoretz’s racism, which he calls “the hatred I still feel for Negroes”, based on his interactions with African-Americans while growing up as a white working-class Jewish boy in Brownsville, Brooklyn. In his integrated neighborhood, most people were either African-American or white. The white people were mostly Italians who spoke Italian and whose grandparents had immigrated from Sicily, or Yiddish speaking Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern European immigrant backgrounds. In the essay, Podhoretz related incidents of bullying from African-American children in the neighborhood.[1] He expresses that as a child he felt “puzzled” by the idea that “all Jews were rich”  and that “all Negroes were persecuted,” because his observation was that “the only Jews I knew were poor” and that Black people “were doing the only persecuting I knew about – and doing it, moreover, to me.”

Podhoretz relates an incident where a non-Jewish Black friend hit him and refused to play with him because “I had killed Jesus”; after asking his mother for an explanation, she “cursed the goyim  and the “Schwartzes” in Yiddish and told him to ignore “such foolishness.” Despite expressing disgust for interracial marriage, Podhoretz writes that widespread inter-marriage and the subsequent erasing of racial differences could be a solution to racism: “I believe that the wholesale merging of the two races is the most desirable alternative for everyone concerned.”[7]

This sort of acrimony was never far from the artificially serene surface of the Black-Jewish Alliance. As Jews became more imperious in calling the shots, Negroes became more annoyed at being ordered around. The storm broke in 1967 with the publication of Harold Cruse’s book The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual. Cruse ended up as head of the black studies program at the University of Michigan, but he started out in life as a member of the Communist Party in Harlem, where he and other Negroes grew weary of serving as cannon fodder for essentially Jewish causes.

The same year saw the Ocean Hill-Brownsville teachers’ strike, which pitted black parents who had taken over the school board against Jewish teachers, who got fired because they were Jewish. The final nail got hammered into the coffin during the same year with the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war. At this point, American Jews who had grown tired of the ungrateful shvartzes shifted their allegiance and their money to Israel, inaugurating the rise of neoconservatism as a potent force in American politics.

Neoconservatism was many things, but viewed from an intra-Jewish perspective, it was a protest on the part of the little Jews against the big Jews who got the limelight by becoming part of the Black-Jewish alliance. Little Jews in this instance meant teachers in the New York public school system who got fired when blacks took over the Ocean Hill-Brownsville school board. Al Shanker took up their cause, much to the chagrin of the big Jews who had a vested interest in playing down Black-Jewish animosity.

Just when it looked as if Kyrie’s groveling apology was going to put an end to the furor, Irving got dragged before the cameras once again and opined enigmatically, “When you find your identity, you’re not just walking confused out there. There’s a lot of false information about who we are as black people. The Semitic people are black people, so I cannot be anti-Semitic.”[8]

This statement enraged the ADL even more than the first tweet, causing them to return his $500,000 donation. Adidas then cancelled Irving’s sneaker contract, and other sanctions loomed on the horizon, prompting him to threaten to retire from the game. At this point the ADL re-entered the fray and identified Kyrie’s cryptic remark as an expression of one of the tenets of the Black Hebrew Israelite sect, which:

include claims that Jews have no right to Israel as a homeland, contentions that Israel will not be fruitful until returned to the Israelites, accusations that Jews purposely enslaved Black individuals to steal their identity and assertions that Jews are imposters or Satanic.[9]

This immediately put Kyrie on the defensive by shifting the focus of the discussion from heavy handed Jewish thought control to the bizarre beliefs of a group of black people who felt that they were the real Jews and that those who called themselves Jews were a group of liars who comprised the “synagogue of Satan.” Adherents of the BHI sect love to quote Rev 3:9, in which the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia (not the city where the Sixers play) says that “those who profess to be Jews . . . are liars.”

At this point, the issue of identity theft entered the discussion.  Just as the Black Hebrew Israelites claimed that those who called themselves Jews were liars who belonged to the Synagogue of Satan, the ADL, just as emphatically claimed that:

Black Hebrew Israelites are not Jews and Black Jews are not the same as Black Hebrew Israelites. Black Jews and Jews of color are genuine members of the Jewish faith. Black Hebrew Israelites identify specifically with the biblical Israelites and consider Judaism, Christianity and Islam to be false religions. Many BHI teachers claim that Jews and other white people forced Black individuals into other religions. Extreme factions believe white Jews are perpetuating identity theft. [10]

Both sides, it turns out, were right because both sides agreed that identity theft was the main issue driving the Kyrie crisis. In one of the numerous podcasts that dealt with the issue, Kyrie opined that it was now “Find your tribe season. It’s really about connecting to your lineage and appreciating it. When you find your identity, you’re not walking confused out there.[11]

At this point, the black dude in the Gucci shirt who was interviewing Kyrie nodded his approval with apparently no recognition of the fact that all black entertainers, sports figures, and influencers were complicit in the theft of black identity. That is why they were paid such outrageous sums of money to promote Gucci T-shirts and Adidas shoes. In the same video, Nick Cannon, who eventually got fired by Viacom over the allegedly racist and anti-Semitic comments he made on his podcast, sympathized with Kyrie for being subjected to the same regimen of intimidation and control. “They neutralize me, separate me from my group” because “I just ran down the history given to me by my elders.”

Those elders included Malcolm X, who built a career based on exposing identity theft, by asking:

“Who are you? You don’t know. Don’t tell me Negro. What were you before the white man named you Negro? And where were you and what did you have? What was yours? What language did you speak then? What was your name? It couldn’t have been Smith or Jones. Why don’t you know what your name was? Where did you lose it? Who took it? What tongue did you speak? How did the man take your tongue? Where is your history? How did the man wipe out your history?”

Malcom X felt so strongly about identity theft because he was its victim. We know Malcolm X said “How did the man wipe out your history?” because we heard it from his own mouth on the same video. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about his autobiography, which was written by Alex Haley, who became famous by writing a book which became a mini-series in the ‘70s about Haley allegedly finding his ancestors in Africa. Both The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Roots, which he plagiarized from other sources, were examples of identity theft. The same thing is true of the other famous black autobiography of the 1960s, Soul on Ice, which was written by the Jewish editorial staff at Ramparts Magazine from fragments cribbed from another Jewish source, namely, Norman Mailer’s essay “The white Negro.”

Beginning with the Harlem Renaissance, the Negro became a Jewish sexual fantasy which got used to corrupt the morals of the nation through the promotion of cultural artifacts like Jazz, another Jewish creation, and various films like Shaft and Superfly, under the supervision of quondam Life Magazine photographer Gordon Parks, and novels like Nigger Heaven, by Carl van Vechten and Home to Harlem by Claude McKay. The Negro was a sexual fantasy created by Jews like Mailer for white Catholic boys like Jack Kerouac, who described in his novel On the Road how he wandered through Denver twilight “wishing I were a Negro” because of the “spade kicks” which flowed from that exalted state of being.

Malcolm X played his part in that drama by becoming a male prostitute. But after being overwhelmed by shame at his sexual deviance (and that of his father), he used race to distract himself and his black followers from deeper sexual issues like illegitimacy.

Left alone and adrift after the Jews perpetrated this identity theft on them, the Negro confected a religious identity based on the inversion of American racism. According to Nick Cannon, who expounded this religion to Kyrie on the already mentioned video, Negroes are a superior race because of the abundance of melanin, the pigment in their skin. “Melanin,” according to Cannon, “comes with compassion. . . we call it soul. We [sic] soul brothers and sisters. That’s the melanin that connects us. People who don’t have it have a little less…. They’re acting out of deficiency. We are the Semitic people who they want to be. The only way they can act is evil. We [sic] the melanated people.”

Cannon got this idea from his “elders,” a group which includes former City College of New York professor Leonard Jeffries, who is a proponent of melanin theory, which claims that “greater skin pigmentation makes Black people inherently superior to white people.”[12] Jeffries claims that melanin makes Black people “compassionate and peaceful,” whereas its absence in white people makes them “violent and cruel.”[13]

Deprived of a decent education, often by attending institutions like Harvard University, where they imbibed ideologies like Critical Race Theory as concocted by the Jewish professor Noel Ignatiev, the Negro concocted theological fantasies to oppose the sexual fantasies the Jews had imposed on them. Melanated people, it turns out, are white people turned inside out and upside down. Instead of the rule of the South, according to which one drop of Negro blood disqualified a person from membership in the white race, the Negro has become racially superior because of the melanin in his skin, unaware that he is espousing the same racism he purports to oppose.

In this he is not unlike the Arabs at the time of the prophet, who were hearing miraculous Syriac tales from the Hejaz, where the Bible had been translated into that language. The Arabs then tried to transpose those miraculous tales into Arabic without the necessary philosophical categories that would allow them to understand this strange new religion known as Christianity. So according to this calculus, the Eucharist became a flying table, and Logos became a book.[14]

Similarly, the Black Hebrew Israelites took passages like Rev 3 describing those who call themselves Jews as liars and the synagogue of Satan and created an identity theft narrative around it in much the same way that the Arabs, who had no word and hence no category like Logos in their language, reduced it to a concrete object like a book in order to understand it. The same is even more true about the identity issue which lies at the heart of St. John’s Gospel, when the Jews’ claim to be the children of Moses gets rejected by Christ.

The Catholic teaching that those who belong to the Church are the true Israel underwent a similar transformation at the hands of the Black Hebrew Israelites when it got refracted through the lens of race, which was the dominant category in the mind of black people when these ideas came into being. In addition to identities based on race, Jews and Negroes had competing narratives about the identity of the chosen people. The two parts of this binary weapon remained dormant in their respective ghettos, until they came together in the Black-Jewish borderland known as the NBA, where 70 percent of the players are Black, and over 60 percent of the owners are Jewish.

Murray Friedman died in 2018 at the age of 77 without knowing that his obituary announcing the demise of the Black-Jewish Alliance was premature. Like the light bulb which burns brightest just before it burns out, the Black-Jewish alliance had a brief but spectacular moment in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, when Black Lives Matter wrapped the Jewish revolutionary mantle around its shoulders as it engaged in an orgy of looting, arson, and fundraising in major cities across America.

The NBA was a major supporter of Black Lives Matter mayhem and revolutionary activity. LeBron James was outspoken in its defense. NBA players were urged to wear its insignia because Black Lives Matter was a part of the Black-Jewish Alliance in which Black proxy warriors docilely did the bidding of their Jewish revolutionary masters. BLM was the slave rebellion the Jews had been praying for ever since the lynching of Leo Frank, but it didn’t last long, thanks to Jewish paranoia as channeled by Jonathan Greenblatt at the ADL.

Commentary magazine had opposed his appointment from the beginning because Greenblatt came to the ADL directly from the Democratic Party, where he had devised new fund-raising techniques by using the anti-Semitic card to funnel money from big corporations into NGOs like Black Lives Matter. Within months of the George Floyd riots, articles began circulating on how BLM’s three female leaders had enriched themselves by appropriating contributions which flooded into BLM’s coffers and using that money to invest in expensive real estate. So, just as Eric Hoffer had predicted, the sacred cause known as the Black-Jewish Alliance which began as a movement, became a business, and ended up degenerating into a racket when the BLM ladies started snapping up pricey real estate.

The ADL’s attack on Kyrie Irving was the final straw that broke the camel’s back of the most successful revolutionary movement in American history. So why did the Jews do something this stupid? Was it simply blindfolded synagogue proving that God was in charge of human history via the cunning of reason once again as the Jews brought about the exact opposite of what they intended by alienating their Negro clients and co-belligerents at BLM?

The Black Hebrew Israelite movement in places like New York City had always been a neuralgic point in intra-Jewish relations. At the same time Greenblatt was schmoozing with black power brokers like Al Sharpton, who condoned violence against blacks in Crown Heights, the Podhoretz class Jews were getting beaten up by angry Black Hebrew Israelites who continued to be the main victims of sharp Jewish business practices.

So, the real story is identity theft, but it turns out that the ADL has not only engaged in black identity theft, they’ve been perpetrating it against fellow Jews. The ADL under Greenblatt had sold out little Jews so that he could curry favor with the black power brokers in the Democratic party.  This is what led Leil Leibovitz to call for the abolition of the ADL, because “when it comes to Jews,” the ADL “does more harm than good.”[15]

According to Leibovitz, the ADL is another “a soulless racket which just made it clear that you can say whatever you want about the Jews and buy your indulgences at a discount price.”[16] Jews “shouldn’t want our chief defense group to behave in a way that advances antisemitic conspiracy theories about shadowy Jews trafficking in money and influence for fun and profit.” The bungling of the Kyrie incident forced Leibovitz to conclude that: “It’s time to say goodbye to the ADL. It can’t be killed, so we need to just walk away from this formerly venerable organization, and weaken it before it swerves so far off the road that it takes us with it.”[17] The ADL doesn’t represent Jewish interests. It has become “a partisan attack machine, fueled by corporate cash and increasingly oblivious to any real suffering of any real Jews.”[18]

The crucial turning point came in 2015 when Jonathan Greenblatt replaced Abe Foxman as head of the ADL. Leibovitz refers to Greenblatt’s predecessor Abe Foxman as “a Holocaust survivor who had spent the war hiding with his Catholic nanny” and subsequently “earned his reputation as a serious moral authority who was unafraid to take unpopular positions.”[19] This is another example of identity theft, this time of Abe Foxman’s identity. Foxman’s biological Jewish parents abandoned him shortly before the Nazis arrived in Poland, when Abe was handed over to a Polish woman who adopted him and had him baptized a Catholic. When the war ended, Foxman’s parents returned and demanded that the woman hand over Foxman, but little Abe didn’t want to leave his Polish adopted mother, so a court case ensued which decided that Abe had to return to the Jewish mother and father who had abandoned him.

Identity theft revolves around legitimacy. Leibovitz disguises the fact that Abe Foxman became a Catholic and remains one because baptism leaves an indelible mark on the soul for one reason and one reason alone, namely because his biological parents abandoned him. Foxman had a direct connection to the Holocaust, but Greenblatt’s career had nothing to do with what Norman Finkelstein and others have referred to as “Shoah business.”[20] Greenblatt rose in the ranks of the Democratic Party as the man who figured out how to channel large corporate donations into NGOs which could then engage in revolutionary activity. Greenblatt’s “real skill,” according to Leibovitz, involved “knowing how to launder the expansion of obscene corporate power via costumes of righteousness.”[21] This skill:

made him a perfect fit for the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, a creation of the Obama administration basically designed to allow the White House to quarterback the donations to, and the investments of, a wide swath of America’s enormous nonprofit sector. Rather than having NGOs operate distinctly, the apparent idea was for the administration to issue marching orders, set agendas, and apply enough pressure for corporations and the donor class to follow suit. If you want to see this synergy of corporate America, social causes, and the Democrat Party in action, just look at the Black Lives Matter movement, which has, to date, raised $49.5 billion in pledged corporate dollars without delivering anything by way of transparency or accountability.[22]

The culmination of this arrangement arrived in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death when the ADL, the NBA, and the Democratic Party created Black Lives Matter as their way of bringing down the Trump Presidency.

In order to resurrect the dormant Black-Jewish alliance, the ADL had to change its definition of racism from “the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, [and] that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics” to the formulation Greenblatt and the ADL arrived at in 2020, when they defined racism as “the marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.” Since most blacks and many Jews viewed Jews as being white, Greenblatt was now accusing Jews of racism. The new definition also put little Jews in places like Brooklyn and Newark in harm’s way whenever they made contact with aggressive Black Hebrew Israelites.

The BHI movement was especially active in places like Brooklyn where blacks and Jews met in hostile confrontation over the same issues which precipitated the riots in Harlem in 1937. In places like Newark, black landlords were busy gouging their black tenants by raising the rent to drive them out and replace them with white or Jewish yuppies who had more disposable income. This led to Black Hebrew Israelite attacks on Jews in supermarkets in New Jersey. By this point in time, the ADL had become “an effective and stealthy progressive, partisan operation,” which “actually puts real Jews in danger, because anyone can now claim that talk of antisemitism on the rise is merely political propaganda.”[23]

Leibovitz’s solution is to cut Jewish ties to the ADL.

Let’s accept that the ADL is no longer a Jewish organization and ask for a divorce. Greenblatt can keep everything: His anti-racism, AstroTurf organization and all the corporate money trees he shakes on its behalf. We amcha Jews walk away with nothing—nothing, that is, but our dignity and our safety, both improved by no longer being pawns in a profit game that is endangering us more by the day.[24]

But that won’t solve the problem for the rest of us because the real issue for the goyim is not that the ADL has become an adjunct of the Democratic Party, but that the Democratic Party, like the NBA, has become a Jewish adjunct of the ADL. Leibovitz frames the rationale behind the ADL’s support of the Black-Jewish alliance within the Democratic Party when he writes that “The logic here is that the ADL is 10 times more powerful as part of the Democratic Party coalition than outside it.” Leibovitz claims that this arrangement “works for everyone involved . . . . except actual Jews. Jewish interests are abandoned in exchange for permission to run a protection racket.” Because in return for permission to hold the Jewish card, the ADL agrees to play that card on behalf of the party.”

This means ignoring the “pogroms” of Al Sharpton, because he is part of the Democratic coalition, by selling out the little Jews who bear the brunt of the racial animosity which the ADL generates to maintain its seat at the Democratic table. Leibovitz is forced to conclude that in its latest incarnation “the ADL under Greenblatt may very well be, inadvertently or otherwise, contributing to the growth of antisemitism, not its diminishment.”[25]

But that is only half the story. Missing from Leibovitz’s account of the effect that Democrats are having on the Jews is the effect that Jews are having on the Democrats. Attorney Merrick Garland is a good example of that effect. Garland has turned the Justice Department into the long arm of Jewish vengeance against anyone who opposes the woke agenda, i.e., the Jewish plan for social deconstruction and political control. This is the role which Dana Nessel, the Jewish lesbian attorney general plays in Michigan. Nessel is the beneficiary of money from George Soros, and like Larry Krasner in Philadelphia and Kim Fox in Chicago, Chesa Boudin in San Francisco (before he got recalled), and George Gaston in LA, Soros prosecutors get to turn the legal system against anyone who offends Jewish sensibilities. A good example is Catholic pro-lifers, who are now being treated like dangerous criminals with the FBI showing up in predawn raids calculated to spread terror among the Catholic prolife population.

The main political issue facing America at this moment is Jewish law enforcement. There is compelling evidence for voter fraud in Pennsylvania, where the people chose as their senator a brain-damaged Democrat who struggled to put two sentences together and made Joe Biden look as if he had the oratorical skills of Demosthenes by comparison.  Similarly, voters in Michigan re-elected a Jewish lesbian who felt that every school in the state should employ a drag queen because drag queens are “fun” and a good way to corrupt the morals of innocent children. According to Emerald Robinson at Frank News:

The Swamp was not interested in victories for candidates like Blake Masters and Kari Lake in Arizona, Herschel Walker in Georgia, Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania — and it was not interested in the continued careers of “troublemakers” like Lauren Boebert and Ron Johnson. Notice that almost all of those races are currently “too close to call” this morning — or called for the Democrat long before the votes could be counted.[26]

As long as Jews are in charge of law enforcement, we will never know if these charges are true, because Jews will not apply the law fairly. Josh Shapiro used the law to attack the Catholic Church. Is he going to investigate the process which put him into office? Is Dana Nessel going to investigate the process which enshrined abortion in Michigan. This is the same lady who said that every school in Michigan should employ a drag queen to corrupt the morals of their students because drag queens are “fun.”

Is Dana Nessel going to look into the voting fraud that put her in office? Not according to Robinson, who described “a huge data drop” in Michigan which put Nessel over the top late in evening of election night.[27] Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit concluded his article by stating “This needs to be investigated. This is not normal.”[28]  But neither Dana Nessel nor Josh Shapiro is going to look into it because the problem of Jewish law enforcement.

If Catholics are wondering what to expect after Josh Shapiro takes office, they need to look up Mark Houck, a Catholic prolifer who was dragged out of his home in rural Bucks County by 30 of Merrick Garland’s FBI goons, who showed up with drawn guns in a predawn raid to arrest Houck for an incident which occurred outside of an abortion clinic that was so trivial that even Philadelphia’s Soros prosecutor Larry Krasner refused to take it seriously by filing charges. The effect on Houck’s family, however, was far from trivial. Mrs. Houck told Fox News that “

The wife of the Catholic pro-life activist who was arrested in front of their children by dozens of heavily armed federal agents told Fox News that “the ‘devastating’ raid has left their family traumatized and in need of counseling.”[29] In an earlier interview, Mrs. Houck said that 30 agents raided their home with “guns drawn” putting her husband in “’shackles,’ while her children watched in fear.”[30]

Houck evidently didn’t know that abortion was a Jewish sacrament. Nor did he know that Jewish prosecutors see protest outside abortion clinics as sacrilegious. Abortion turned Catholic women into Jews, which is why, along with uninvestigated voter fraud, the Jew who is now governor of Pennsylvania will enter office assuming he has a mandate to persecute Catholics prolifers.

Houck’s attorney Peter Breen called the raid “outrageous and uncalled for,”[31] but failed to point out that abortion protects the Jews who control the narrative, by allowing them to promoting racial division, because racial division prevents a unified front against Jewish oppression. Kanye West posed a serious threat to the racial narrative when he donned a White Lives Matter T-shirt and proposed Christianity as the source of social unity which could unite blacks and whites across the racial divide the Jews had imposed on them.

On November 12, 2022, Dave Chappelle entered the story when he did an opening monologue on Saturday Night Live which was both a rhetorical masterpiece of stand-up comedy as well as a veiled warning to the Jews to back off.[32] Chappelle’s monologue began with a mock statement of allegiance to the Jewish masters who do not exist but who nonetheless control the narrative from their place of nonexistence. Chappelle then recounted an anecdote about Kanye West rebuking Black millionaires for wearing gold chains, something which was infra dig for Black billionaires like Kanye. Gold chains play an important symbolic role in the black community. They are at once a fashion accessory and a sign that subservience to the Jewish agenda can bring them substantial rewards.

When Kanye said only black millionaires wore gold chains, his net worth was in the billions. When he acted on the belief that his billions made him more powerful than the Jews who controlled him, he lost $1.5 billion over night. This lesson was not lost on Dave Chappelle, who seemed to break every taboo in the book during his monologue but in the end showed himself to be a loyal member of the Democratic Party who supported the war in the Ukraine and attacked Herschel Walker in spite of his blackness because he was a Republican.

Chappelle had been deputized by Obama, who had frequently invited him to the White House, to tell the Jews that he was the Head Nigga in Charge in the Democratic Party, and that if the Jews wanted a seat at the table, they had better pay attention to what Chappelle was saying on his behalf. This also included a gesture of forgiveness for Kanye, but only if he followed instructions, which were as Chappelle put it, “Put you chain on, nigga. Welcome back.” Chappelle’s monologue was a masterpiece of political indirection.

No one has ever described the conditions of Black servitude to the Jewish agenda better than Dave Chappelle. The gold chains which every rapper and NBA player wears as an essential part of his wardrobe symbolize the benefits of servitude as well as the price of independence, which cost Kanye $1.5 billion with a 24-hour period. If Kanye puts his golden chain back on, he is welcome back into the fold known as the Black-Jewish Alliance. This was a gesture of reconciliation with Kanye, but it was also a clear indication that Obama was calling the shots and that Mr. Greenblatt had better pay attention if he wanted to continue to be a player in the Democratic Party.

Chappelle ended his daring monologue by returning to the fold when he said, “I hope they don’t take anything away from me, whoever they are,” prompting Jonathan Greenblatt to respond by tweeting, “We shouldn’t expect @Dave Chappelle to serve as society’s moral compass, but disturbing to see @nbcsnl not just normalized but popularize #antisemitism. Why are Jewish sensitivities denied or diminished at almost every turn? Why does our trauma trigger applause?”[33]

To which I tweeted: “Oy, Jonathan didn’t get the memo. That’s why Dave Chappelle had to tell him that Obama is the HNIC, not the ADL. Why does ‘our trauma trigger applause’? Because everyone now knows that the ADL overplayed its hand. But more importantly now everyone also knows that anti-Semitism is a joke. Good job, Jonathan.”

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  1. Curious these articles showing the egocentrism of americans. No research into the Black People are the True Israelites as i did many years ago. Threats to first kill all ashkenazi jews in Israel and then all white people everywhere on earth, claiming black people owned all the land worldwide. The movement black people are the True Israelites founded by two black Free Masons in the USA, became strong amongst the Bantu people. Who by now have colonized many Afrikan countries as once white people were accused of, marginalizing the indigenous tribes. The civil war in Liberia caused by black returned from America slaves who behave towards the indigenous tribes the same way as white colonizers are. A jewish child adopted, shielded by non jews common practice, also in the Netherlands. A jewish mother not abandoning her child if she chose to keep it safe. Many jewish children in the Netherlands were separated from their parents, to keep them safe??? by the St Hubertus order. Which became infamous with the death of Scalia.

  2. I can understand Blacks wanting to be of ancient Israel. But it was Israelites, starting with Adam who taught the other races all about sin.
    Black is noble and appropriate; And they have their own special place in the world, now and in world’s to come.

    • Can you scientifically prove your thesis? According to Ashraf Ezzat the Israelites were an Arab tribe living to the North of Yemen. According to other research the Israelites captured by the Babylonians were just one small tribe out of many in that region. The Thora, Old Testament are plagiarized compilation with amongst other narratives had ancient sacred Babylonian texts as basis, later based on jewish genealogy. The KJV on which Ronald Dalton bases his faith is a much later human construction. Once extensively documented on the internet and before Google started their heavy censorship easily found.

  3. Any way we ‘slice it dice it’ the Agents of the Israel Lobby-AIPAC and dozens of other JEW-Zionist Organizations, the Enemies Within are dictating, driving, controlling the US Foreign and DOMESTIC Policies (MSM, Entertainment, Sports, Education, Wall Street, US Congress, Dep. of Justice, Executive Branch, Pentagon, CIA, FBI), on down the line America is a “PLANTATION”, owned, used and abused by the Zionist-Jewish Plantation Owners! Our Military Personnel are the ‘SACRIFICIAL LAMBS’ on the barbaric-bloody Atar of Zionism on the World Stage! The US Political Structure, from the Presidents down, are in the SERVICE of the DEMONIC Zionist One World Order CULTURE/Tribe! ‘WEF’, ‘Central Banking’-‘City of London’ owned by the Zio-Rothschild International Financial Crime Syndicate Clique/CLAN, who have with those Tools/Weapons Enslaved Mankind! Jews have been expelled from over a hundred countries in our history, how can we get rid of them? SPACE? Send them to Mars, or one of the satellites of Saturn, Jupiter? We have to find a way out, from this SLAVERY!!

    • As Ariel Sharon said the USA is Israel. As netanyahu was caught to say We can make the USA do anything we want. Docu Europe the last battle shows documents, shares many books, proving worldpower was given to the jews if they succeeded bringing the USA into WW II, Which they succeeded based on a false flag operation.

  4. Based on my reading of Michael Hoffman’s book. “Judaism Discovered”, Where he chronicled the study of the Talmud’s iconic rabbinic hate for Black people. Aka… Lower than any animal is the Black person… Now being a white goy and just considered cattle for the slaughter. The latter, being used by Jews first hand and their ideological Jew first slavery of anyone not Jewish.

    It would seem that as much as I have studied this subject, one can only wonder why most Americans of any color or religion can’t find the crosshairs to aim at throwing these Synagogue worshiping congregational orthodox folks, out of the country, as they are not nationalist in any form save their just prudence of supporting Israeli crimes of geocide etc., Send them all back to Israel and never give them another dime in taxpayer money… In the book “The Jewish Threat”, by, Joseph W. Bendersky, Publish by Basic Books. Which in fact I have a copy… and the ADL’s program of book censorship. The latter book was withdrawn from the Sacramento library!!!! In this book we can see the infiltration of European Asian Jews let into the States at Ellis Island during WWII, and thereafter, without any real scrutiny by the inspectors of immigration… Paid off by New York Jewish sources, when most all other refugees would have been deported back to where they came from, they were allowed to immigrate. Of course, they also has a huge chip on their shoulders and were communist subversives.
    Anti-Semitism is a Joke!

  5. And the great game of chaos continues. Misdirection, lies and collusion are the tools. At the very heart is religion, the bludgeon used to herd people into submission. Be a good Christian, Muslim and treat others by the ‘golden rule’, regardless of any reasoning and you’re good to go. Just how many movements are shams and fronts for chaos/division? If they are well known and influential, they qualify. BLM, the so-called LGBTQ+ ‘movements’ are but more tools of subversion, not even close to being legitimate in representing those so labeled. One sentiment in this article…that none (NGOs) represent those they supposedly represent or champion, I fully agree with. They are just more tools to foment chaos by polarization. The main tool from which all others flow? Religion. I began to watch the TV shows from the 50s as a nostalgic change from the crap of today, seeking to return to a more simple expression of ‘entertainment’. I began to notice the more than obvious propaganda couched in religious morality. The constant pushing of Christianity and it’s golden rule were glaring. The eternal message? Being different/’misunderstood’ was at the root of all racism/social issues…due of course to ‘cultural myths’. This message was ostensibly related to misunderstood cultural differences being the ‘neutral’ excuse, through roles that were most definitely racial/religious.

    • Setting the stage for the rise of the anti-semitism bludgeon was paramount. Examples of recognizable groups ‘wrongly persecuted’ (due to being different) were primarily racial and religious. Promoting ‘Christian values’ of the golden rule in relation to these groups was necessary to promoting the growing ‘righteous’ influence of Zionist Christianity. Promoting Christian righteousness related to persecuted groups was necessary, as the same tolerance was to be expanded to Jews, as an expression of Christian values. While other groups were openly stated, Jews were represented by Jewish actors/roles presented in the same manner, with the term Jew rarely, if ever, mentioned, but merely implied. They were presented as being unfairly singled out, as other groups, but without being overtly noticeable, avoiding scrutiny. Any sort of recognition of this growth of Zionist influence resulted in claims of bigotry, already condemned in the press and politics. With the growth of Zionist influence (control), the birth of anti-semitism as a political (and in some countries, legal) bludgeon was a logical next step. One does have to admire the way the enemies’ control mechanism (religion) was corrupted into a weapon against them by the very enemy they were warned about by their saviour…and whose teachings have to be ignored and violated to adhere to Zionist Christianity.

  6. Connecting the dots. And then there’s Michelle Obama’s book tour and the continuing Blackening of ABC News. Timing is everything.

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