What makes the Smart Thermostat Different from a Standard Thermostat?


If you wish to manage your house’s heating and cooling system using your smartphone and voice, then with the smart thermostat, you get the flexibility to do so. The programable thermostat which was used earlier was manually adjusted. At the same time, the smart thermostat is controlled automatically. 

Although they both have the same function, i.e. to save energy and maintain the house’s heating and cooling system, they differ in how both are utilized and perform different functions. So, this article will discuss the difference between a programmable thermostat and a smart thermostat.

How Is a Smart Thermostat Different from a Standard Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are much more accurate and easier to control, making them more popular than standard thermostats. Regardless of their convenience, they are much easier to install than the traditional/standard thermostat.

The smart thermostat reduces the consumption of energy and improves the air quality. For all these reasons, the smart thermostat has been considered the essential technological device they may want to have in their houses. Not only does it cut down power consumption, but it also makes the control of room temperature hassle-free. 

The smart thermostat can learn about your day-to-day routine, like when you leave your house and return. As simple as they appear, they can be easily controlled with the help of your phone, no matter in which corner of the world you are. 

The way that smart thermostats use technology to enhance your environment is what makes them unique. The following list highlights four key features between the traditional thermostat and smart thermostat:

  • Programmable

When programming the standard thermostat, it isn’t easy to control it as you have to adjust the standard thermostat every time manually.

On the other hand, the smart thermostat provides the temperature scheduling setting so that the HVAC system runs only during the scheduling time as it works automatically. Not only that, when you are not at home thermostat sensor recognizes it, and the HVAC system stops running. Therefore, in terms of programming, it’s much easier and more convenient to program the smart thermostat.

  • Customizable

Setting the daily schedule is easy, but sometimes, you may forget to reach home on time due to some issues or work. So, then it becomes very important to change the scheduling. Thus, by using the smart thermostat, you can easily change the scheduled time using your smartphone or any other device through which it is connected. The only thing that you require is internet connectivity. In the case of a standard thermostat, it becomes difficult to change the setting as you have to adjust the temperature manually every time.

  • Intelligent

The smart thermostat is designed to learn and adapt to the surrounding temperature and adjust the room temperature. Its smart, sensible technology makes it far better than the standard thermostats.

The smart thermostat notices every change, detects the pattern, and adjusts the temperature. These changes in the surrounding environment make the changes in the heating and cooling system managed by the smart thermostat.

  • Informative 

The smart thermostat contains all the data. With the help of the smart thermostat app, you can get all the updates about the amount of energy consumed and daily reports. As well as, you will be getting information if you need weatherproofing or if any of the systems get damaged, then you will get notified on the smartphone. 

How is the working of the smart thermostat different from manually adjusted thermostats?

All smart thermostat usually works in conjugation with the temperature sensors. The sensor examines the room’s temperature and then switches the thermostat on and off accordingly.

Just connect the smart thermostat to a WIFI or ether cable. The smart thermostat is directly connected to the ether cable or the WIFI to manage and control the room’s temperature. When you use a smart thermostat, they are not linked with any cables on wires; it is operated using a phone. Thus, you can easily track down energy consumption and minimize electricity use. 

Whereas the standard thermostat is operated manually, you must set the program every time. Most programmable thermostats provide both the setting and the schedule feature, which can be operated using a simple processor. The features that make the smart thermostat better than the programmable thermostat are:

  • Geofencing

The geofencing feature is activated based on the presence and absence of people inside the house. You can choose the automatic away temperature or set the temperature manually by installing the Smart thermostat app on your smartphone. When you return, the HVAC system runs again, and the room starts heating again.

  • Device control

Another great application of the smart thermostat is that it can be used by installing the smart thermostat app. Inside the app, you will get the option to set up the temperature of the room. And also get access to set the temperature from anywhere and any other part of the globe. Not only that, but it also maintains the room’s air quality. By setting up the temperature of all zones, you control the room’s heating. 

So these are some of the features of smart thermostats which are not found in the programmable thermostat. Apart from that, there are many other features too.

How much does a smart thermostat cost?

There is a huge difference between the cost of a programmable thermostat and the smart thermostat. Normally the manually operated thermostat will cost you around 60 to 100 dollars. At the same time, the smart thermostat will cost you around 250 dollars. Although smart thermostats are expensive, they are much more accurate and convenient. Thus, investing your money in the smart thermostat is worth it. And most important, the smart thermostat consumes less energy and saves money on your power bill. 

Final thought

In conclusion, we can say that both programmable and smart thermostats perform the same function: maintaining the room temperature. But the smart thermostat is the best thing to buy when it comes to convenience and saving energy. It has many advanced features like the geofencing and temperature sensor, which is far better than the manually handled programming thermostat.  


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