How to Feel Better After a Long Night Out

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A night of adventure and excitement can leave you feeling low the next morning.

We all know the drill: headaches, lethargy, and that “just make it go away” feeling. It’s no wonder why treatments like IV drip therapy are more popular than ever, providing instant relief and a much-needed kick-start.

But what other practices can restore your energy and optimism after a long night on the town? Let’s explore some tried-and-true methods that alleviate the worst hangover symptoms and get you back in the game.

Prioritize Fluid Intake

All those aches and grogginess are signals that your body needs hydration and fast. That combination of alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy snacks will cause your body to recoil, and replenishing fluids is your first order of business.

While a tall glass of water will help at first, advanced hydration requires more complex sources of nutrition and minerals. Electrolyte supplements can fast-track this process, and mixed with water, they can help bring your body back into alignment more rapidly.

A lengthy shower or Epsom salt bath will also hydrate skin and restore critical magnesium, so enjoy a deep clean once you’ve regained some stamina.

Keep the fluids flowing until your aches start to fade and mental processes start ramping up. Just be sure to avoid the “hair of the dog that bit you” by skipping the bloody mary or mimosa.

Smart Supplementation

Is there really a miracle supplement that evaporates hangovers? Not quite, but every small bit helps when climbing out of a rut from the night before.

If your headache is overwhelming, reach for NSAID pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen with plenty of fresh water. Avoid acetaminophen, however, as this can increase toxicity in an already burdened liver.

As for natural energy boosters, a mix of caffeine and L-theanine can work wonders for your mental state in the morning. Green tea is the perfect option here, combining the best of both compounds. A dedicated B vitamin complex will also aid digestion at breakfast time and ramp up your metabolism for the hours ahead.

Enjoy Some (Healthy) Carbs

Speaking of breakfast, what is the best type of meal to eat when navigating a nasty hangover? Experts suggest that complex carbs are ideal for settling the stomach and stabilizing blood sugar levels after they’ve crashed during sleep.

Whole-grain toast or English muffins are great picks here, along with eggs fried in butter or olive oil for choline and reparative protein. With a side of fruit or a healthy smoothie, you’ll be back in the saddle in no time.

While it may be tempting to tackle a stack of pancakes or an extra-greasy fast-food sandwich, these will only provide short-term satisfaction before leaving you in a deeper energy deficit.

Movement and Momentum

Despite your desire to stay in bed or on the couch, your body needs movement to reset and snap back to reality. Once you’ve got some water and food in the system, work up a sweat to release toxins and enjoy an easy endorphin rush.

Stretching or yoga will also help alleviate tension in key areas like the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Target persistent aches with a foam roller or use a pressure-release ball for direct stimulation.

The goal here is not to tire yourself out and crawl back into bed. Simply elevate your heart rate and relieve those aches and pains so you can get on with your day.

IV Drip Therapy to the Rescue

Intravenous methods for fluid replenishment are here to stay, with millions of satisfied customers. This approach is clean, fast, and super efficient, offering a rapid turnaround for the worst hangovers and other conditions.

The best IV drip therapy providers offer a range of services depending on your status and specifications. B vitamins and vitamin C can restore energy and immunity, while amino acids can get you primed for performance at the gym and workplace.

These treatments can be enjoyed at home, or even better when you’re on the road for business or pleasure. IV drip therapists can come to you with a mobile setup and give you exactly what you need for complete rejuvenation.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

If there’s one silver lining to a hangover, it’s the harsh reminder that things can be done differently. You can typically pinpoint where a hangover originated and why informing future strategies when celebrating.

One universal tip is to avoid drinks with excessive sugar or chemical byproducts called congeners. Vodka sodas with lime, for instance, will metabolize better than dark beer, bourbon, or multi-colored tropical cocktails.

A hearty meal before drinking will also serve you well, and try to sip water throughout the evening as you navigate bars or parties. You’ll never regret these simple steps when morning comes.

Conquer the Hangover, Win the Day

Things can seem bleak in the midst of a hangover, but just a few steps can flip the situation around for the better. Keep these tactics in mind the next time you’re up against tough symptoms, then take back control of your day.


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