Learn About Medical Cannabis For Veterans


Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may find relief from marijuana for their symptoms.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does not endorse the use of medical marijuana, and the federal government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug. But the VA acknowledges that some veterans may be using cannabis for medical purposes, and is researching the potential benefits of using cannabis to treat PTSD and other conditions.

Cannabis Studies with Veterans

Studies have found that marijuana can help reduce symptoms of PTSD, such as nightmares and flashbacks, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It can also help with chronic pain, a common condition among veterans. While there is still much to be studied, the evidence shows that marijuana can benefit veterans suffering from PTSD and other conditions.

Veterans have long been vocal advocates for medical marijuana, and many veterans’ organizations are now pushing for expanded access to medical marijuana in states that have legalized it. The American Legion, for example, has been a major supporter of medical marijuana legalization and research.

Opioids Vs Cannabis Use

A recent study from the VA Portland Health Care System in Oregon examined the effects of opioid and cannabis use among veterans in the United States. The study looked at data from more than 20,000 veterans between 2008 and 2018 and found that cannabis use was associated with decreased opioid use. Specifically, the authors found that veterans who used cannabis had a 30% lower risk of opioid misuse, as well as a 25% lower risk of opioid overdose.

The authors also found that cannabis use was not associated with an increased risk of mental health problems among veterans. This suggests that cannabis could be a viable option for veterans seeking to reduce opioid use.

The authors conclude that more research is needed to confirm the findings of this study. Still, the results suggest that cannabis could be a safe and effective alternative to opioids for treating pain in veterans. It is important to note that this study does not suggest that veterans use cannabis instead of opioids, but rather that cannabis could be a viable option for those looking to reduce their opioid use.

Some States Have Laws That Allow Veterans To Use Medical Cannabis

The VA does not currently provide medical marijuana to veterans, but some states have passed laws that allow veterans to access medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries. In some cases, veterans may also be able to access medical marijuana through the VA if their doctor determines that it is medically necessary.

Veterans should talk to their primary care provider or mental health provider before using medical marijuana, as it can interact with some medications and could be unsafe for certain conditions. But for veterans suffering from PTSD and other conditions, medical marijuana may be a viable option for treating their symptoms.

Medical Marijuana Doctor Consultation Required

Every state that has a medical cannabis program has a process that must be followed. The first step is usually a consultation with a doctor either online, in person, or by phone. There are many services online and local clinics available that vary in price. It’s essential to get a consultation with a licensed professional to qualify for medical cannabis.

How to get an MMJ Card Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First, you will need to research local medical marijuana laws in your state to determine if it is legal to receive a medical marijuana consultation.
  1. Once you have determined that medical marijuana is legal in your state, you will need to find a certified doctor to provide medical marijuana consultations. You can search online for doctors in your area who offer medical marijuana services.
  1. After you have found a doctor certified to provide medical marijuana consultations, you will need to schedule an appointment. Be sure to bring all necessary documents and forms of identification to your appointment.
  1. You will discuss your medical history and symptoms with the doctor at your appointment. The doctor will then determine if medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment for you.
  1. If the doctor determines that medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment, they will provide you with a medical marijuana card. This card will allow you to purchase medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary.

Online Medical Card

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