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Beginnings are often lost to the mists of time; such is the case with the birth of (hu)man and ‘mother’ Earth (this planet we find ourselves inhabiting). Various disparate cultural beliefs tell stories of how (hu)man ‘evolved’ on Earth, and how this planet we call ‘home’ came to be. They fill countless tombs, that are often contradictory, though many seem to follow a ‘golden’ thread of truth. The telling of those tales is not the story that follows (for such a tale, to be truthful, has been well articulated elsewhere), instead this is the tale of how (hu)man is ‘integral’ to any observation of Earth and likewise, Earth (nature and the planets) are integral to any proper and full ‘understanding’ of (hu)man. We are the story of Earth; this planet tells our tale.

Earthly forces of ‘nature’ are mirrored within us. They take the form of ‘fractals’ (geometric patterns that repeat in/over scale to produce similar, often irregular, shapes and forms), in the same way that ‘sacred’ geometry is present within (hu)man, nature and the cosmos. These fractals are mostly absent within our ‘man-made’ environment(s) (which by-and-large lack any aesthetic beauty, or ‘true’ geometry, in place of only pure functionality), however they are found everywhere in nature (and within (hu)man’s ‘physical’ body). Therefore, they can be said to be part of the ‘foundation’ of all creation, and life (at least ‘natural’ life, not created by (hu)man). There is a view/belief that (hu)man’s ‘observation’ of (particular) fractals produces a ‘beneficial’ effect in terms of our health and wellbeing. It is as if (hu)man has a predisposition towards reacting ‘positively’ to/with nature.

In this ‘modern’ world, exposure to nature has been massively reduced in most of our lives, as a result (hu)man is progressively becoming deprived (removed from) the ‘restorative’ healing and calming effect of nature. We find ourselves subject to an increase in ‘stress’ from the lives we lead, often to ‘unhealthy’ and ‘harmful’ levels. This has a ‘negative’ effect, not only at an individual level, but also across our communities and society as a whole. In fact, there has been a plethora of medical research on this ‘phenomena’ – how prolonged levels of stress causes increased blood pressure, ‘energy’ depletion, decreased cognitive function, even a reduced immune system. But research has also shown that this negative impact from stress can be very quickly reversed by looking at and immersing ourselves in ‘nature’. This is due to the very ‘geometry’ of nature (the fractals), and their relationship within (hu)man. It appears that our ‘mind’ possesses an inherent propensity for recognising and ‘resonating’ with nature’s fractals.

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Nature and (hu)man are more connected than most modern ‘science’ likes to acknowledge. We are a product of our ‘environment’. Throughout history (hu)man has been influenced by the geographical locations they ‘inhabit’. We are literally shaped in accordance with our ‘habitat’ – Earth. We are intimately connected. In fact (hu)man’s ‘physical’ body is similar to Earth in many ways. For a start we are both comprised predominantly of the element of ‘Water’, just as the streams and rivers that criss-cross this planet play an important role in sustaining ‘life’ by carrying this water, so too does the circulatory system (veins and arteries) within (hu)man carry ‘Blood’ throughout our bodies keeping us ‘alive’. We are thus both comprised of the same ‘Elements’, the trees are said to be the ‘lungs’ of the Earth providing the ‘Air’ we breath (as can be seen from the image above), our lungs clearly resemble their ‘Earthly’ counterpart. Unsurprisingly, our life support systems are the same – the respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal, reproductive, digestive, and immune systems of (hu)man, are mirrored on Earth (in one form or another), and both rely on the balance/stability of the elements – Air, Water, Earth (land), and Fire (heat) in order to survive. According to the words of our old friend Paracelsus:

“Medicine rests upon four pillars – philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and ethics. The first pillar is the philosophical knowledge of earth and water; the second, astronomy, supplies its full understanding of that which is fiery and airy nature; the third is an adequate explanation of the properties of all the four elements – that is to say, of the whole cosmos – and an introduction into the art of their transformations; and finally, the fourth shows the physician those virtues which must stay with him up until his death, and it should support and complete the three other pillars”.

Generations of (hu)man, across countless cultures and civilisations, have known this simple fact (living their lives in ‘accordance’ with the Earth and the elements), and have also been aware of the significance of ‘Astrology’ in relation to our growth within the womb, the organs and parts of (hu)man’s body, the food we consume, and the diseases we face, thus resulting in – ‘medicine’. The planets represent forces (or ‘energies’) loose on/across Earth, in the same way that diseases are represented by ‘harmful’ energies loose in this world – as a result diseases came to be understood as the ‘manifestations’ of planetary energies (waves/frequencies). But, after about 1700 the medical profession (and (hu)man in general) paid less and less attention to such matters, and the term ‘Medical Astrology’ soon became debased, linked to occultism, and came into disrepute and was shunned. But applying Astrology to medicine has ancient roots, it is fair to say that Astrology ‘dominated’ practically everything within (hu)man’s life for a long period of time – many systems of knowledge depended upon it, and it would shape entire worldviews. Although today (like the truth about creation), such knowledge has been lost to the mists of time, and no longer form a basis for ‘healing’.

The planets have ‘rulership’ over (hu)man’s physical body. In brief: Our brain and nerves are ruled by Mercury, our heart by the Sun, our arteries by Mars, our veins by Saturn, our respiratory system by Mercury, our digestive system by Venus, our endocrine system by Neptune and Uranus, our kidneys are ruled by Venus, whilst our Liver is ruled by Jupiter, our reproduction system by both Venus and Mars (the testes by Pluto, the ovaries by the Moon), our muscles by Mars, our skin by Saturn (along with our bones and skeletal system), and our teeth and nails are ruled by Mars and Saturn. Ancient Astrologers also assigned the signs of the Zodiac to rule over particular ‘parts’ of the body, although for this story we will focus on the planets.

Hearing these words, we can conclude, that the Sun ‘governs’ the flow of energy throughout (hu)man’s body and does this by ‘ruling’ the heart function, circulation, and vitality. The Moon governs the fluid within our body (in the same way the Moon controls the tides), and ‘influences’ water retention, blood flow, cellular moisture, and digestive motion. Mercury governs mental functions, promoting creative thought and intellect, as well as the ‘calculations’ of the brain (including (hu)man’s automatic body functions – breathing and blinking). It is rational to conclude that whilst the Moon governs digestive ‘motion’, Mercury governs digestive ‘function’. Venus governs our sensory organs, playing a primary function with the ‘pleasurable’ aspects of nourishment through ‘rulership’ of the tongue, taste, swallowing, the mouth and saliva. This ‘sensory’ influence extends to our sensory perception of touch, and Venus assists with the regulation of ‘sweetness’ within (hu)man’s body (the regulation of insulin and the balance of sugars/carbohydrates to use modern parlance).

It is easy to remember the influence Mars has within (hu)man’s body. As the ‘red’ planet within our solar system, Mars governs our red blood cells and the natural oxidation within the body. Jupiter governs (hu)man’s physical growth and assists in the elimination/purging of toxins through its ‘rulership’ of the liver. Saturn governs our ‘structures’, influencing (hu)man’s bone density, and the distribution of calcium and other vitamins. Uranus governs our nervous system (on both an individual and societal scale) and has a role in (hu)man’s respiratory function (our bronchial tubes, diaphragm, lungs, cilia, and trachea). Neptune ‘influences’ the function of most of (hu)man’s glands, governing our endocrine system (the thyroid, adrenal, pituitary glands), and our lymphatic system (although Uranus has ‘primacy’ over this system, with the two planets working in harmony). Pluto has the ‘power’ of renewal, and governs (hu)man’s ability to regenerate and rejuvenate our physical bodies. This role with ‘healing’ also means Pluto has ‘rulership’ over our immune system and governs ‘birth’ and ‘death’ on a cellular level. In the words of Nicholas Culpeper, renown herbalist, physician and astrologer:

“No man ought to commit his life into the hands of that Physician, who is ignorant of Astrologic: because he is a Physician of no value”.

Scientists today would balk at these words; that planetary ‘frequencies’ are influencing the internal organs of (hu)man would be ignored as archaic ‘superstition’, or so you would think… Research into fractal patterns and their role in biology has been very informative (particularly in relation to cardiology), and now doctors/scientists have concluded that (several) human organs have been found to have fractal anatomy (our coronary vessels in the heart, our neurons, bronchial trees, and the biliary and urinary tubing systems within our liver and lungs – to give just some examples). Science is confirming what the ancient mystics, and Astrologers of old have always known – that we live within a ‘universal’ field of energy and are ‘enveloped’ in this ocean of ‘frequency’ waves that surrounds, connects, and forms all ‘matter’. (Hu)man (as well as the planets) are literally composed of the ‘same’ substance, which our conscious ‘mind’ interacts with, sending and receiving ‘signals’ through our ‘brain’ and ‘heart’ (as well as via our other energy bodies).

Scientist Winfried Otto Schumann came up with the ‘Schumann Resonance’ theory to partially describe this phenomena – his calculations showed that electromagnetic ‘waves’ are extremely low ‘frequencies’, and his ‘resonance field’ theory showed that there are a set of frequencies being produced by ‘electromagnetic’ waves within Earth’s lower ionosphere. His research highlighted that (hu)man’s physical body emits vibrations, and that the ‘frequency’ of our planet is increasing, as if ‘evolving’. Essentially, ‘Earth’ is a giant resonator, and the Schumann resonance encircles the Earth, flowing around the planet causing resonance fluctuations in the ionosphere. We are similar ‘receivers’ of this universal energy. As we know from the hermetic principles: the universe is ‘mental’, all/everything is ‘mind’, and everything is in harmony with each other – ‘As above, so below, as below, so above’. (Hu)man’s mind creates ‘matter’, and this reality we experience. Some of the other principles state that nothing rests, ‘everything’ moves, everything ‘vibrates’. And that the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the left is the measure of the swing to the right, rhythm compensates and maintains all.

The wisdom that these ‘principles’ provide, enable us to better understand the relationship between the ancient astrological knowledge about ‘medicine’, and modern science’s take on the matter. In essence, Earth’s ‘heartbeat’ is a wave, a frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is the same frequency as (hu)man’s Alpha and Theta brainwaves. It is at this vibration that we are relaxed, the frequency that promotes cell regeneration and ‘healing’ to occur (within us and on a planetary level). But thanks to our modern way of living these waves are out of ‘balance’, electromagnetic fields are being generated by man-made infrastructure and technology which are (in many cases) more ‘powerful’ and cause increased disease in (hu)man (and nature). Science has demonstrated that only when this frequency (7.83 Hz) is present can new ‘life’ occur, and as such our ‘modern’ way of living is putting ‘nature’, (hu)man, and the future ‘lives’ of (hu)man out of ‘tune’. Our ‘technology’ is not the key to solving (hu)man’s problems, it is more likely to be the ‘cause’ of our ills.

Our physical ‘existence’ here within Earth is comprised of these ‘waves’. Everything vibrating at different frequencies, including different parts of our bodies. (Hu)man’s heart has a ‘sonic’ signature that is different from the lungs. And we have an ‘optimal’ frequency, a healthy state of vibration (believed to be between 62-70 MHz), and when (hu)man’s frequency drops to 58 MHz or below, this is when/where ‘disease’ starts. To complicate matters, our physical body is not stable (much like this ‘reality’ of ours) and our frequency level varies dependent on the parameters of our environment, our physical fitness, the food(s) and substances that we consume, and our levels of stress/anxiety. Research shows that (hu)man’s brain vibrates at between 72-90 MHz (with normal brain resonance being at 72 MHz, slightly higher than our resting ‘healthy’ state), whilst our physical body vibrates at 62-78 MHz (specific frequencies produce effects on our physical body and mind, with 40 Hz being shown to promote ‘healing’, specifically in relation to Alzheimer’s, and chronic pain management, but also Stroke recovery, and Cancer treatment).

Research of the planetary frequencies has also been undertaken and has confirmed what was understood by the ancients, that there is an inherent ‘harmony’ of the spheres. Each of the planets (within our solar system) vibrate (as do their cycles, such that the synodic day of the Sun or Moon produces a different frequency and thus tone than the sidereal day), this vibrating frequency produces not only ‘tone’, but also tempo. For example, the Sun has a tone of 126.22 Hz, which if played as the key on a piano would be a ‘B’ note, and it ‘plays’ at a tempo of 118.3 bpm. When we correlate this with the vibrational frequencies of the organs within (hu)man’s body we can see that the planets are playing a tune through the cosmos, that is picked up by us (as ‘receivers’), together they/we create the ‘song’ of creation and manifest ‘life’. Mercury plays a ‘C sharp’ with its orbit around the Sun and Earth, Venus plays an ‘A’, Earth a ‘C sharp’, Mars’ ‘D’, Jupiter’s ‘F sharp’, Saturn’s ‘D’, Uranus’ ‘G sharp’, Neptune’s ‘G sharp’, and Pluto’s ‘C sharp’. This is the ‘music of the spheres’ and it is the tune sung by (hu)man’s physical body, as we are literally composed of rhythmic frequency waves that produce the ‘reality’ of a physical human being ‘alive’ on/in Earth.

Yearning for harmony is the ‘state’ of the cosmos, and the ‘goal’ of (hu)man. Everything is designed to be in its ‘proper’ place. Each is interconnected with the other, and they function as a ‘whole’. Trouble only arises when this function is inhibited, misdirected, or repressed – that is to say, out of ‘harmony’. When we talk about the language of Astrology, we regard the planets ‘energies’ as influencing (hu)man and nature, however the planets do not ‘make things happen’, do they? They are surely symbolic – the Sun is ‘said’ to serve the ‘function’ in (hu)man’s biology as the heart, similar to the Sun’s function as the ‘heart’ of our solar system. But, we live in (what modern science terms) a ‘quantum universe’, one which operates very differently to the ‘science’ we were taught in school.

We likewise refer to the Sun and Moon as ‘planets’, which often confuses. This is primarily for convenience, but is due to the astrological teachings that have passed down to us. The Sun and the Moon are given special ‘status’ in astrology, they are termed the ‘Lights’, symbolising the life-giving and form-giving ‘element’ of reality/existence. The Sun is the ‘fountainhead’ of all life/energy, representing the will and purpose of all life, whilst the Moon represents the ever-changing life ‘experience’, that gives ‘form’ and nourishes the ‘purpose’ provided by the Sun’s energy. This is evidenced by their operation within (hu)man’s physical body, with the Sun ‘governing’ the flow of ‘energy’, the heart function, circulation, and vitality, whilst the Moon governs the fluid within our physical body, ‘influencing’ blood flow, cellular moisture, and digestive motion. Together they symbolise/are the ‘foundation’ for existence and provide the necessary ‘function(s)’ to ensure ‘life’.

In order to better understand this, we need to take some lessons from Alchemy. The ancient Alchemists ‘observation’ of nature revealed everything moves in ‘cycles’, that there is a ‘rhythm’ to everything, and that ‘vibration’ is a periodic event (that is also cyclic in nature). They understood these ‘sacred’ cycles, and what underpinned them – the ‘Elements’ (by which we mean ‘energetic’ states with their own ‘essential’ qualities, as opposed to the ‘material’ bodies of the same name). They know that the ‘energy’ of life (what is referred to as ‘Niter’) operates through/by the elements of ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’ (which are ‘volatile’ energies active in nature), whilst the ‘energy’ of matter (what Alchemists refer to as ‘Salt’) operates through ‘Water’ and ‘Earth’ (the ‘fixed’ energies in nature). These ‘elements’ are the four ‘fundamental’ forces governing the activity of everything within the cosmos (both macro and micro), and the mixture of these elemental ‘qualities’ is the vehicle through which Alchemy’s ‘three essentials’ operate, that is – how (hu)man ‘interprets’ and ‘manipulates’ this physical reality called ‘life’.

The ‘three essentials’ relate to the ‘alchemical’ principles of Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt (philosophical ‘principles’ active in nature, as opposed to their common ‘materials’). The alchemical ‘Salt’ is said to be the ‘body’ of a thing (the ‘physical’ matter), that provides a ‘matrix’ where the Sulfur and Mercury can act. It is a ‘passive’ medium, often called the ‘Virgin’ Earth, which is said to be influenced by ‘psychic’ forces of our subconscious as well as conditions that affect the various ‘states’ of matter. The alchemical Sulfur is said to be the ‘soul’ of a thing, conducting the ‘volatile’ principles of Fire and Air, expressing itself as intellect, ‘will’, or consciousness. Whilst the alchemical Mercury is the ‘spirit’ of a thing, its ‘vital’ force of life, dominated by the elements of Air and Water and representing instinctual ‘energies’. In the words of Polish Alchemist Michael Sendivogius (from his 1600 work – ‘New Chemical Light’):

“The three principles of things are produced out of the four elements in the following manner: Nature, whose power is in her obedience to the Will of God, ordained from the very beginning, that the four elements should incessantly act on one another, so, in obedience to her behest, the fire began to act on air, and produced Sulfur; air acted on water and produced Mercury; water, by its action on earth, produced Salt. Earth alone, having nothing to act upon, did not produce anything, but became the nurse, or womb, of these three principles.”

Here we come to the crux of things, this ‘Earth’ is the womb of ‘matter’, and thus our vessel for a physical manifestation of life, and it is through the elements (and the above ‘three principles’) that all life exists. To an Alchemist, everything is ‘alive’ and consists of a Body, Soul, and Spirit (Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury). And the Astrologer would add that our body, soul, and spirit are subject to the ‘influences’ of the energetic frequencies of the planets; that our physical body is constructed in accordance with the ‘cosmos’, thus it is governed by the planets (in terms of organs, body parts, functions, systems, as well as lifespan, and stages of existence). There is ‘symmetry’ between the work of alchemy and astrology, both operate with elements and ‘states’ at a fundamental level. All planets have an associated element (and ‘state’) that ‘embodies’ the type and nature of the ‘energies’ they emit over/into Earth and (hu)man through their cycles and rhythms. Everything is ‘evolving’, which is expressed by ‘exposure’ to waves of energies becoming ‘involved’ with/in matter, and as a result (hu)man is subject to hindrances and impurities of ‘matter’, and thus our life ‘energy’ can be either weakened or ‘diseased’ by being out of balance.

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In practice, we can use this ancient knowledge today in order to better treat (hu)man’s condition (and health). Each illness we are ‘subject’ too is a vibrational dis-harmony within our ‘individual’ waveform, which requires working on in order to return it into ‘harmony’ with our ‘true’ selves. Each planet has a ‘sphere’ of correspondence – each is associated with a colour, musical tone, part of the ‘physical’ body, disease/illness, plants/herbs, minerals/stones, and metals. Knowledge of these ‘sympathies’ provides the means to harness the subtle ‘forces’ at work across the cosmos and rectify any ‘energy’ imbalance(s) we have. These ‘conditions’ effect not only (hu)man, but the entire ‘Earth’, nature is linked to/with the life of (hu)man, and vice versa. Thus, in our technologically driven ‘modern’ existence we have lost touch with an essential part of our ‘nature’, and it is therefore unsurprising that we live in a time beset by ‘disease’ and ill-health.

Noted above were the planetary ‘rulership’ of the organs and systems within (hu)man’s ‘physical’ body, the knowledge contained within the ancient field of ‘medical’ astrology also associated diseases with each of the planets, which were characterised as: Heart and spinal disorders being associated with the Sun, along with diseases of expansion/excess (although these were sometimes aligned with Jupiter), menstrual complaints (as well as mammary issues and water retention) are associated with the Moon, insanity (as well as tremors or neurosis) with Mercury, urinary problems and digestive disorders with Venus, cuts, injuries and bruises (as well as fever/inflammation) with Mars, liver disorders with Jupiter, and diseases of wasting (such as poisoning, decline/degeneration, blockages, contractions, and collapse) are associated with Saturn. In order to deal with these issues, (hu)man used to be well versed in the plants and herbs associated with each of the planets, and how to use such to restore ‘balance’ to our bodies.

Encoded within herbs are the same complex ‘personalities’ we find within (hu)man. This is because they grow (develop) under the same cosmological ‘influences’ of the planets as we do. Just like us, they ‘absorb’ these vibrations/frequencies, thus the planetary ‘nutrients’ are contained within the herbs and plants that grow across ‘Earth’ (our natural medicine). The herbs of the Sun are strengthening (and balancing), assisting with general ‘vitality’, nourishment of the cardiovascular system, as well as including some that improve the eyes (vision). The plants/herbs of the Moon act on the fluids of (hu)man’s body (water and blood), often via the stomach and gut – and thus regulate our mood, ‘gut’ feelings, and the digestive activities within the body.

Astrologers (as well as Alchemists) understand Mercurial energy to be focused on clarity, the written and spoken word, and (hu)man’s ‘mind’. As such, the herbs of Mercury are applied to conditions of our five physical senses and can also improve our mental focus. Whilst Venusian herbs work on our skin and ‘outer’ layers, with specific herbs that promote euphoria or boost our happiness. Mars energy is contained in herbs that deal with inflammation or imbalance, as well as herbs that assist us with remaining alert and physical – such as coffee, ginkgo, and guarana. Adaptogens are a ‘special’ class of herbs that provide a great amount of vitality, enhancing our ‘longevity’ in body and mind, as well as having a powerful ability to prevent the ‘damage’ caused by stress (especially on organs). It is no surprise that many of these herbs owe their ‘powers’ to Jupiter, who’s plants/herbs are multiorgan-targeting, and have different ‘biochemical’ effects in different individuals (even being known to affect the same (hu)man differently when taken at different times).

Ruling the ‘inheritance’ of karma, Saturn herbs are associated with the ‘hard’ structures within (hu)man’s physical body – our skeletal system, joints, teeth, nails, hair, and skin, and are utilised to alleviate symptoms in these areas, as well as combating (breaking down) any calcification within the body (particularly in respect to the gallbladder), whilst simultaneously increasing bile production and clearing stagnant ‘toxins’ from the body. The ancient texts confined their study to the planets within the bounds of Saturn. As such, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto energies in herbs were not known/utilised by the ancients, however the archetypical Uranian ‘energies’ are of change and transformation, and thus the herbs of Uranus are (now known) to deal with erratic energy within us, as well as aiding with the ‘electrical’ currents within (hu)man’s body, particularly in respect to ‘breathing’ and nervous conditions.

The herbs of Neptune deal with emotions, dreaming, and delusions, and can dispel (or create) ‘illusions’ of the mind. Lastly, the herbs of Pluto are energetically ‘procreative’. Most of them have an inner ‘strength’ (either from the manner in which they grow, or smell, or the impact they have when taking them), and they are said to cause deep ‘transformation’ in the body. Plutonian herbs are found in anti-cancer medication and have also been used to emotionally ‘shift’ (hu)man’s body into higher frequencies – the herbs of Pluto touch the abyss and thus allow us to fully ‘evolve’ (we will be returning to the individual planetary herbs in future stories).

Healing (hu)man’s ‘physical’ body is of critical importance today, beset as we are on all sides by the ‘negative’ effects of our technology, the food we consume, where we dwell, and the lives we are ‘forced’ to live. Our lives are filled with ‘stress’ and most of us turn to ‘modern’ medicine to alleviate our ills. However, this is a dangerous path. ‘Earth’ contains all the power of the planets (energies); we are modelled in the same manner as the planet we live upon (fractals and geometry), we both ‘evolve’ through the constant frequencies of the cosmos bombarding us, and we live and die in accordance with the same ‘rhythm’ – we are indistinguishable. It is imperative that (hu)man returns to the teachings of the ancients, to a better ‘understanding’ of ourselves through our connection with nature. Only by obtaining balance and ‘harmony’ with/within planet Earth does (hu)man stands any chance of improving our overall ‘frequency’ and thus fully realising our potential, and ‘true’ selves…


In reference to the ‘scientific’ research about nature’s fractals and their influence on (hu)man’s health and well-being, please see the following links:
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Reference to the seven hermetic principles see: ‘The Kybalion: Chapter 2’
Reference to the harmony of the spheres see: ‘Pianopianoforte.com’ for an understanding of the ‘sound’ of the planets (including a lovely ‘Alba Mundi’ recording).
Michael Sendivogius quote taken from: ‘The New Chemical Light: A Text of Alchemy’, published in March 2018 (based on original 17th Century version – link is to obtain a copy of the book – note all alchemical references are also sourced from this book).

Sourced From Opeaus Blair’s Sacred Sequencing | Seraphim | Substack


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