Strategies for Winning at Online Casino Games

What Strategies Can Help You Win in Online Casinos? 


Some good practices can improve your chances of winning online casino games. What are these strategies? Read on, and we’ll share them with you!

If you go to sites like, it is natural that you want to win. Some people may say casino games, by design specifics, are in favor of the house. So, are there some strategies that can help you win?

Yes, there are. However, these strategies are not guaranteed. Online casino games are games of chance, meaning they are randomized. The strategies that will be laid out here are merely ways to improve your odds of winning. 

Strategy 1: Manage Your Bets

One of the things that most casino players do is increase their bets if they win. This behavior is what makes them lose. Maintaining the same bet amount on every round is the right thing to do. 

Why? It is because your odds in the previous round are the same as the current round. In American roulette, for example, the odds for colors are:

  • Red – 47.37% 
  • Black – 47.37%
  • Green – 5.26%  

Let’s say that the red appeared three times in a row. In this case, a gambler may think it will likely be the draw again. This notion is wrong, and it is called the gambler’s fallacy. As you can see, each ball throw is a new round. The results of the previous game have nothing to do with the current ones. 

The best thing to do is to stick with color. For example, bet on red all the time. If you do this, your odds of winning each round is 47.37%. 

Strategy 2: Calculate the Odds

Let’s use roulette again for our demonstration. There are 38 digits on American Roulette. The odds of each digit winning is only 2.63%. The payout ratio is 35:1. 

If you wagered on any digit, the likelihood of the ball landing on the number is only 2.63%. That chance applies to every round. Amateur gamblers want that prize but do not realize that the odds are too small. 

The better strategy is to bet on a color. Going back to the odds, we can see:

  • Red – 47.37% 
  • Black – 47.37%
  • Green – 5.26%  

Now, you have a better chance of winning. If you place your bet on black, you will likely win 47.37% of the time. However, the payout is small. The payout ratio is only 1:1. For every $1 you wager; you will also win $1 on top of your bet. 

By statistical logic, it is better to wager on odd/even than on a single digit. Why? Because your chances of winning are significantly higher. 

Strategy 3: Choose the Right Game

Do not play a game that you do not understand. Otherwise, you will make bad decisions. One good example we can use is blackjack. 

Although blackjack seems easy, you need to understand that you cannot just wing it or take your chances. In blackjack, most people think that the aim is to have a hand that totals 21. While this may sound right, it is actually subtle. 

What you really want in blackjack is to have a hand that is higher than the dealer’s cards. In essence, you must understand that you can win even if you do not have 21. It is why experts or professionals in the blackjack game use what they call basic strategy. In this strategy, they have a specific call or move that depends on their cards and the dealer’s face-up card. 

For example, if your hand is 13, and the dealer’s face-up card is 7 – you must hit. If you play blackjack online, you must use this strategy by keeping a browser open that has this table. Do this, and you will increase your odds of winning. 

Strategy 4: Use Bonuses

Almost all online casinos use bonuses to attract players. While it is true that these rewards might be hard to withdraw and that the goals are hard to achieve, you will never know when luck will be on your side. 

When using bonuses, we suggest that you concentrate on slot machines. There are thousands of the, in online casinos. If possible, get bonuses or free spins that you can use in any slot in the casino. On the other hand, it is also fine if you can only use the bonus on specific slots only. 

Make sure you use the bonus the way the casino intended you to use it. Do not attempt to game the system or cheat. If you do, bonuses can give you an advantage because you can win money even if you did not deposit any. 

Some people say that casinos cheat. No, they do not – it is a very common misconception. By complexity, all the games you will find in online casinos, especially games of chance, might be hard to win. There is even a saying “The house always wins.” The trick here is to choose your game carefully. You must pick a game that has a big prize and that you know how to play. In this case, your odds of winning will be much higher.


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