How Does Boxing Betting Work? – A Complete Tutorial for 2023


Are you intrigued by the world of boxing betting tips but need to figure out how it all works? Look no further. This article details boxing betting strategies, from deciphering odds to exploring different types of online sportsbooks and bets.

Whether you’re a casual observer of boxing betting lines or a passionate boxing enthusiast, understanding how boxing betting works adds an exciting new dimension to your viewing experience of other sports and bet on boxing.

How to Understand the Boxing Odds?

Reading boxing betting strategy and odds is essential for understanding the potential payouts, money line odds, and likelihood of different outcomes in boxing fights. The favorite is shown as a negative (-) sign, indicating your bet price to win $100.

Conversely, betting on boxing on the underdog is represented by a positive (+) sign in the example below, indicating the potential winnings on a $100+ bet on boxing. Understanding these different odds formats allows you to calculate potential payouts and compare the likelihood of different outcomes.

How do Wagers on Individual Rounds in a Boxing Match Work?

Wagers on individual rounds in a boxing match add excitement and specific predictions to your boxing betting site and experience. Here’s how they typically work: Boxing betting sites provide a wide variety of round bets, such as:

  1. Over/Under: You bet on whether the fight will last for a long (over) or a shorter time (under) than a specified round set by the sportsbook.
  2. Exact Round: You predict the accurate round in the fight will end.
  3. Round Group Betting: You bet on boxing on a range of rounds that you believe the fight will conclude.

Some Types of Boxing Bets


This type of bet involves choosing which fighter will win the boxing betting odds. Odds are assigned to each fighter, indicating the potential payout if you correctly predict one fighter as the winner.

Over/Under Rounds

This bet involves wagering whether the fight will last in total rounds or longer (over), how many rounds, or in boxing rounds or shorter (under) than a specific number of scheduled rounds the sportsbook sets.

Prop Bets

Prop bets focus on specific events or occurrences during the fight. Examples include sports betting on whether a particular fighter will be knocked down, fighter odds, the number of knockdowns, the moneyline odds or whether the boxing fight will go the distance.


A good bet or betting option combines multiple popular bets into a single wager or straightforward bet with a popular bet amount, increasing the potential payout and the risk.

Live Betting

This allows you to place a free bet on a boxing match while it is in progress, with odds and options continuously updating based on the current state of the big fight.

What Does a 3-Way Moneyline Mean in Boxing?

When placing a 3-way moneyline bet the odds, choose which outcome you believe is most likely and place your wager accordingly. Each result is associated with its own set of odds, which reflect the probability assigned by the sportsbook.

  1. Win: This indicates the odds for a fighter to win the fight night or bout betting the match outright.
  2. Lose: This represents a fighter’s odds of winning bet losing the match.
  3. Draw: This signifies the odds for the fight to end in a draw or a tie.

Final Thoughts

Each bet offers its level of risk and potential reward, allowing bettors to choose based on their preferences and analysis of the fighters and the match. Understanding the different types of bets and reading odds empowers bettors to make informed decisions. Check the latest live bets at Bambet Africa and grab a welcome bonus for free. Step into the ring of boxing odds explained with reliable bookmaker Bambet, and let the excitement unfold with every wager placed.


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