Guidelines for Ensuring the Safety of Sex Toy


At Inyarose, we hold the belief that any reputable and contemporary sex toy manufacturer bears the duty to produce products that prioritize safety. After all, the purpose of sex toys extends beyond mere sexual pleasure to encompass sexual well-being. The presence of bacteria breeding grounds and potential cancer risks is not conducive to anyone’s notion of well-being.

While numerous mainstream sex toy manufacturers prioritize health and safety, the overall sex toy industry remains largely unregulated. If incorporating sex toys into your intimate activities is part of your routine, we strongly recommend adhering to the sex toy safety guidelines that we have meticulously compiled here.

How to purchase safe toys?

Navigating the realm of secure toy acquisitions requires careful consideration. Given the insufficient regulatory oversight within the sex toy industry, selecting an appropriate toy is a pivotal aspect. Amidst the proliferation of subpar, budget-friendly, and novelty items, identifying products that merit inclusion in your intimate collection can prove to be a daunting challenge.

When in the process of toy shopping, seek responses to these fundamental safety inquiries.

1. What is the retailer’s reputation?

The online realm has facilitated the proliferation of sex toy vendors, leading to an overwhelming number of options. Navigating through this vast landscape can be a challenge when seeking trustworthy adult stores. Prioritize shops with substantial followings, sterling reputations, and a clear commitment to safety and well-being, such as Inyarose. Exercise caution in your shopping endeavors, as even reputable platforms like Amazon can occasionally harbor dubious products.

2. Is the price unbelievably low?

While there are indeed budget-friendly options available, a significant portion of inexpensively priced sex toys may not meet safety standards. When making a purchase, opt for reputable and secure products rather than merely focusing on cost-effectiveness. Familiarize yourself with the appropriate price range for a premium item.
In the realm of personal and intimate items such as sex toys, cutting corners is not advisable.

Premium sex toys offer longevity, minimal safety risks, and a more gratifying experience.

Enhance your playtime with dependable, top-notch toys that contribute to a fulfilling encounter! Using toys in a safe manner.

While embracing your adventurous side is perfectly fine, it’s essential to bear these queries in your thoughts.

1. Should I share toys with my partner?

For many people, the act of sharing significantly enhances the enjoyment of sex toys. If you’re inclined to share, you’ll find an array of extra safety measures to consider. Are you familiar with your partner or playmate’s STD status? What about your own? Have both of you undergone recent testing? Are you utilizing a sex toy that is non-porous? If any of these questions yield a negative response, you and your partner might want to consider using new condoms when
engaging with the toy.

2. Am I using the toy for the right purpose?

Toys should be used for the right purpose. For example, sex toys created for vaginal stimulation might not be appropriate for anal use, and vice versa. Moreover, it is a wise safety precaution to refrain from using the same-sex toy for both anal and vaginal play unless you undertake a thorough cleaning between uses.

3. Is the storage of my toys safe?

Keep your toys in a spot that is clean, dry, and away from direct sunlight. A suitable location could be a drawer or a closet. For optimal care, consider storing each toy within its own pouch to prevent dust and bacteria accumulation. This is especially important for items like our Thrusters, which feature intricate folds and components that can attract dust.

4. Which lubricant ensures the safety of sex toys?

Despite the multitude of choices available, determining the appropriate lube is less complex than it might appear. When it comes to lubricants, there are three primary categories to consider.

Employ silicone-based lube for glass, wood, steel, and most other materials; however, refrain from using it on silicone toys unless they are explicitly designated as medical-grade silicone like our Inya rose toy.

In contrast, water-based lubricants offer universal compatibility with all sex toys. If you desire a luxuriously silky massage encounter, opt for oil-based lubricants – yet be mindful that they can be challenging to clean and are unsuitable for use with latex condoms. Prioritize selecting lubricants crafted from non-toxic, natural substances to ensure gentleness on your skin.

Have you experimented with incorporating lubricant into your toy experience? If not, we suggest giving it a try! Lubrication enhances mobility and heightens sensations for a more enjoyable encounter.

Cleaning your pleasure tools

Maintaining your personal well-being requires a dedicated focus on the cleanliness of your intimate devices. Whether they are insertable or non-insertable, regular cleaning of your sexual aids is essential to ensure your safety and health. While cleaning may not be the most enticing task, it undoubtedly provides a sense of security—well, as much security as one can feel within the context of intimate activities!

To ensure the cleanliness of your sexual device, refer to the cleaning guidelines provided with your purchase. And if you happen to misplace that manual or were never provided one, don’t worry! We have compiled a selection of secure, swift, and effective cleaning methods for your convenience.

1. What’s the proper way to clean my toys?

For non-battery-powered toys made from silicone, wood, stainless steel, or glass: Give them a wash with soap and water, just as you’d wash your hands. Allow them to air dry. To ensure optimal sex toy hygiene, especially for shared use, consider boiling them for 3-5 minutes.

If you have a battery-powered toy: Gently clean the toy with a damp, soapy cloth. If you prefer a more thorough wash, make sure to remove the battery-powered component first. Non-penetrative items like whips, clothing, and furniture: Wipe down materials such as leather and vinyl using a slightly damp, warm cloth.

2. How frequently should I clean?

It is recommended to cleanse penetrative toys after each use and attend to non-penetrative toys whenever they appear less than pristine. Developing a consistent cleaning routine requires commitment, yet it is an essential practice to ensure the safety of your sex toy.

3. Are there any alternative methods?

Absolutely! For the majority of toys, a comprehensive wipe-down using a heated towel should suffice for cleaning purposes. Should you desire a more thorough cleanse, consider exploring specialized cleansers. Sex toy manufacturers have introduced a wide range of products specifically designed to facilitate regular toy cleaning, catering to the busy demands of modern-day users. Visit your local sex toy store to discover non-toxic cleansers or wipes for a hygienic solution.


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