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NEO – Kamala Harris reveals Washington’s Desperation to Contain China

There is no appetite in Southeast Asia to ally with the US against a regional state and get entangled in confrontation.

NEO – The US has little to offer to Southeast Asia

Jim W. Dean - Is the US military thrust into SE Asia the proverbial 'bull in a China closet' ?

NEO – Is Vietnam gravitating toward a Russian orbit now?

Given Russia’s significant shift eastward, news of new cooperation with Vietnam and other southeast Asian nations bears watching.

NEO – Russia-China switch to counter US-Indo-Pacific-strategy mode

Salman Rafi Sheikh -- The “Indo-Pacific Strategy” is largely aimed at entrenching the US in the region with a view to countering the increasing Russian and Chinese economic and political influence.

NEO: US alone in its ‘Trade War’ on China

Tthe US is obviously heating things up, but it is highly unlikely that the US will have many 'allies and partners’ willing to join the US bandwagon.