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Regime Change in Pakistan

Pakistan has remained in the camp of the US since 1954 and had become its most allied ally. Pakistan first leaned towards China after seeing the discriminatory behavior of the US in the aftermath of Sino-India border clash in 1962.

Simmering Clash of the Titans, Part 2

Russia has bounced back on the global stage, China is the emerging superpower and the US is a declining power, and its global hegemony is unsustainable. Unipolarism has been replaced by multipolarism. The Zionists, after pitching Christianity against Islam have now pitched USA against Russia, and will soon pitch USA against China in their Depopulation game.

Pakistan: Undiminished Scars of 1971 Tragedy – Part 4

The chipping of the foundations of Pakistan started soon after the Partition.

Pakistan: Undiminished Scars of 1971 Tragedy

India didn’t reconcile with Pakistan’s existence. With so many facts hidden under the massive Indo-Western propaganda having now surfaced, it can be surmised that Pakistan was made the victim of a methodically planned conspiracy.

Baleful intentions of USA – Future of Pakistan-US relations  

The only interest the US has in Pakistan is to make it agree to provide an air base or air corridor to enable the US air force to conduct counter terrorism air operations in Afghanistan. In other words, the US is least interested in peace in the Af-Pak region and is determined to stoke instability and to keep the Chinese, Russian and Iran influences in Afghanistan at bay. If Pakistan relents, it will be tolerated, and if it defies, it will be punished.

Afghanistan yesterday, today, tomorrow Pakistan-US role, Part II

A media campaign has been unleashed to compel Joe Biden's administration to review the Afghan peace deal and delay the departure of troops from Afghanistan. A powerful lobby in the West with expansionist aims is not in favor of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Pakistan: Our Hike in the Wilderness

A worrying development is the presence of 20,000 Blackwater operatives at Bagram airbase.

Pak-Afghan fractious relations

Pak-Afghan relations have hardly remained friendly. It is strange that Pakistan in search of illusive peace is going out of the way to support an Afghan regime which has missed no opportunity to malign and harm Pakistan.

Why the sudden increase in terrorism in Pakistan?

The DG ISPR Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi held a joint conference on Nov 14 in the wake of devastating firing and shelling by Indian forces across the LoC in Kashmir on Nov 14-15.

Race to the White House: Trumpism evaporated into thin air (vital)

Biden has won comprehensively, but he will have a plate full of intricate internal and external problems. He has a huge task to repair the damage incurred, and to restore the US image that has been badly tarnished, and the US is no longer the sole superpower.

Pakistan’s Democratic Movement

Pakistan cannot cope with the perilous agenda of Indo-US-Afghan-Israel nexus, water terrorism, war on terror which has been stepped up, fifth generation war, tumbling economy, second round of covid-19, and now the political instability which is leading towards civil war type situation.