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NEO – Kamala Harris reveals Washington’s Desperation to Contain China

There is no appetite in Southeast Asia to ally with the US against a regional state and get entangled in confrontation.

NEO – Is the “3 Seas Initiative” the West’s answer to...

Jim W. Dean - Now we are told that Russia is the big bad wolf despite having been providing cheap natural gas reliably to the EU for decades.

Might Russia-China-USA Alliance for Space Exploration Define New ‘New World Order’?

Whatever forces are behind the current spread of the coronavirus justifying the shutdown of major nations across the globe, one thing is increasingly certain: a new system will absolutely emerge from the currently collapsing one. What remains to be seen is whether this new system will be shaped by those fascist crisis-loving technocrats pushing for a unipolar world order, or whether it will be organized by sovereign nation states working together under a multi -polar community of principle.