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“Russian Soldiers Poisoned in Ukraine with Chemical Weapons Prohibited”. Lethal Botulinum...

Russia is preparing official confirmation of tests taken from Russian troops hospitalized with signs of severe poisoning for sending to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

US Dusts Off WMD Lies, This Time Aimed at Russia

The US is once again waving around accusations against its adversaries of preparing to use “chemical weapons.” This time, the accused is Russia amid ongoing military operations in Ukraine.

Russia’s Strategic Victory and NATO’s Chemical Weapons Psyops

While Russian forces appear on the verge of liberating the port city Mariupol, to claim a major strategic victory in the Russo-Ukraine War, now British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has resorted to the oldest trick in the NATO’s psyops’ playbook of accusing adversaries of staging chemical weapons attacks.

US Deploying Chemical Weapons to Poland for False Flag Ukraine Attack,...

VT has learned that the US, on direct orders from the White House, has begun deploying secret chemical warfare stockpiles from its facility in Richmond, Kentucky to forward areas in Poland for deployment in Kiev or Odessa and to blame Russia, which will assuredly cascade into a full nuclear war. Sourced from highest level intelligence.

Russian Military Has Evidence Ukraine Preparing Provocation Involving Poisonous Substances, MoD...

Sputnik: On Monday, Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia cited a Russian military intelligence report that Ukrainian nationalist fighters transported 80 tonnes of ammonia to the settlement of Zolochev, Kharkov region. The envoy suggested these nationalist forces were preparing a provocation to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons.