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Russia Announces Ceasefire around Steel Plant in Ukraine’s Mariupol to allow...

Russia’s Defense Ministry has announced a ceasefire around the giant fortress-like Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine’s port city of Mariupol to allow a civilian evacuation from the flashpoint industrial area, almost a week after Moscow said it had fully seized the city.

Update Ukraine: Lira Found, EU Complicity in War Crimes and Reprisals

Russian President Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the European Council Charles Michel. Oligarch Igor Surkis was detained on the border with Poland. American and Chilean journalist Gonzalo Lira, who was thought to have been killed by the far right, was found alive.

First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Mariupol (Special Report)

Who controls Mariupol controls the Sea of Azov. A humanitarian corridor for civilian evacuations was set, and Patrick Lancaster does brief interviews with people on the street.

Volunteers helping Donbass refugees shine a light on the human cost...

Bringing basic supplies to civilians fleeing the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone. Learn more..

Liberation of Ukraine: Russian Advances and Delays on the 18th Day

The technical pause taken by Russian forces has ended. The mass civilian evacuation from the cities in eastern and central regions of the country failed. In many cities, evacuation is only possible after Russian troops take control of street by street.

Russian MoD: Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

In Kharkov, militants hid bodies of civilians killed during a punitive operation against persons who did not support Kiev.

Ukraine War Day 10: Tens of thousands of hostages held by...

Soldiers of Ukraine nationalist battalions completely blocked the exit for civilian evacuation from the cities for thousands of local residents.