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Sixteen Pillars of American “Democracy”

Why do we tolerate such a corrupt, undemocratic, exploitive, elite-dominated system? . . . Isn't it obvious that we need an alternative economic system...

The Top 3 Tips to Refinancing Your Student Loan

Millions of people have taken student loans so they could afford higher education. This also means that millions of people have found themselves in...

The Civil Rights Movement and the Collapse of the Black Family

The prevailing notion that bad schools are the results of slavery or poverty or even racism is simply historically false. Those who propound these ideas have never heard of Dunbar High School.

Math is racist!

Gutierrez wants to keep minority students under her rule and dictatorship. She wants to manipulate naïve students so that they cannot think through serious issues.

Jay Jackson – Veteran, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Coach

Jay Jackson was honorably discharged from the U.S. Airforce after ten years of service and since then, he has become a global businessman, investor, and philanthropist. 

Research: How U.S. Veteran Parents Influence their Children’s Education

If you are a student, how does your U.S. Military Veteran Parent influence your education? Let’s read the article and find out!

Pros and Cons of Online Education for Veterans

Online Education is fast growing into a prominent option at numerous major higher education institutions.